Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Alarming Attachment ❯ Chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Alarming Attachment

Summary: It was suppose to be a relaxing vacation, but for Ray it’s anything but. Meeting a girl called Asia who annoys him and dealing with Kai who appears annoyed with him, what’s a neko to do? And what is it that Kai is hiding?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Arista “Asia” Rainstorm. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else’s character, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warning: Usage of a female OC. She is not the hero of the story, and the fic will not be centered on her. Any fans of OC pairings should leave now. Do not ask me to turn this fic into a Ray/OC or any other canon character/OC as I cannot stand such pairings. I have no hesitation in bashing my own created characters.

Another warning; I have turned a male character into a female disguised behind male clothing. The character’s identity will not be revealed until later on in the story.

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“I’m going for a swim, Asia,” Ray said with a tired and weary voice. He muttered darkly under his breath in his native tongue as he tried to make a break for it to get in the pool with the rest of his teammates. But a certain brunette with a peculiar nickname wasn’t letting him. She had his arm grasped in her two hands, her barely covered breasts rubbing at his bare skin.

“This is the reason I came here,” Ray continued, his patience all but gone. “To go swimming.”

“But Ray!” Asia’s high-pitched voice rung out and she let go of his arm to place her hands on her hips to give the disgruntled Neko a disappointed look. “Sun baking together is so much better. I want you to put sun screen on my back!”

Suddenly, Asia turned around to present her back to Ray. She then placed her hands at the back of her neck to seductively lift her hair up to show off her smooth and flawless back. “Don’t you want to?” she asked as she fluttered her lashes at him from over his shoulder and gave her butt a little twitch.

Ray abruptly turned away and pinched the bridge of his nose. “If I put sunscreen on your back, will you let me go for a swim in peace?”

Asia giggled. “When my sunscreen dries, let’s use the spa together. I’ll be so romance, don’t you think?”

Spa? Ray can’t help but cringe at the thought of being in a tiny tub of water with only Asia as company. She’ll try to…

He shuddered again. “After the sunscreen melts in,” he murmured as he reluctantly grabbed the sunscreen bottle and made his way over to the young woman, grumbling all the way. He pressed his lips into a thin line when Asia practically squealed with delight and moved to lie on her on a sun chair.

Ray cursed again in his native tongue as he moved to knee by the sun chair and squirted a large amount of sunscreen into his hand. He put the bottle down and turned his attention to Asia’s back. His eyes widen when he realized that Asia had just undid her top and she was now practically naked.

“Be gentle,” Asia giggled as she rested her head on her arms. “I’m very ticklish.”

Ray’s eyebrow gave a violent twitch. He gave a guttural sigh as he very reluctantly placed the hand with the sunscreen on Asia’s back, cringing when Asia giggled again. This was torture; he had no idea that placing sunscreen on someone’s back was so cinge-worthy.

Suddenly, he found himself imaging that he was placing sunscreen on Kai’s back and realized that that thought wasn’t so disgusting. Actually, it would be kinda nice. His thoughts then drifted to the bandages that Kai had around his chest and wondered if he was alright after Tyson and Max threw him into the pool. When he broke the surface of the water, he immediately crossed his arms protectively over his chest.

If he’s not hurt, then why was he guarding his chest like that? Dammit, it was driving him insane!

Hilary giggled to herself as she watched Max manage to dunk Tyson under the water, only to have him break through the surface a moment later. His arms flailed about at his sides as he coughed and spluttered comically. These boys are insane, but funny!

A content sigh passed her lips as she stepped out of the pool and moved over to the sun chairs to retrieve her towel. She dried her hair quickly and placed the towel over the back of her neck as she stretched. It felt so good to go swimming again. It’s been ages!

“There, you’re covered in sunscreen,” Ray’s voice caught Hilary’s attention. “I’m going swimming now.”

A bit of sympathy etched in her chest when she noted how desperate Ray wanted to get away from Asia. Hilary didn’t know Asia very well, but to her she seemed to be nothing short of a brat.

But she really shouldn’t cast judgment so quickly. It’s not right.

“The water’s great, Ray,” Hilary told him as Ray moved past her and he gave her a very forced smile. Poor Ray…

“A one piece?” another female’s voice scoffed. “Please, that is so last season.”

Hilary blinked her chocolate brown eyes, slightly startled at the harsh, mocking tone of the only other female of the group. “Excuse me?” she said as she turned to face Asia.

Asia tied her top and adjusted herself, her breasts seemingly a cup size larger than the swim top.

“Don’t you follow fashion? The low cut string bikini is in this year,” she said with a sneer as she climbed to her feet. “But I guess some girls -like yourself- simply don’t have the body for it. It’s probably best that you stick with the one piece. After all,” she flicked her hair over her shoulder and gave Hilary a smirk. “They’re great for covering all your flaws. Well, most of your flaws, anyway.”

Hilary was shocked at Asia’s audacity before she felt angry. “Grr…” she growled as she curled her hands into fists by her sides and her body trembled with suppressed rage. “Is there a swim suit that can cover that mouth of yours?”

This time Asia was the one who looked shocked before she too turned anger. He huffed and placed her hands on her hips, appearing haughtily. “Humph! I’m merely stating facts. You don’t have to be such a bitch, you old hag.”

“Old hag!?”

Asia then turned back to her and gave her a very spiteful sneer. “The only reason the guys have you anywhere near this team is because they feel sorry for you. After all, it’s not like you can blade or anything.”

Hilary reeled back in shock. “What?”

That wasn’t true, was it?

Asia smirked and folded her arms under her breasts. “Hit the nail on the head, didn’t I?” she snickered before turning away and waved her arm excitedly in the air. “Ray! Let’s use the spa together! Just the two of us, ok?!”

Hilary gritted her teeth together in sheer anger. “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” she hissed before she abruptly turned on her heel and practically stormed away. She curled her hands into fists by her sides as she headed inside the hotel. There, in the dinning room, she saw Kai sitting at one of the tables with a cup of coffee.

She managed to growl out a quick greeting as she walked over to the kitchen and ordered a bottle of water. Gwad, she was so pissed off! How dare that bratty little girl tell her that?! What the hell would she know, the brainless twit?!

“I thought you went swimming,” Kai’s voice cut through Hilary’s inner rage like a knife through butter.

“I had enough,” Hilary replied harshly as she grabbed her water bottle and held it in a vice like grip.

Kai raised the eyebrow at the obvious anger and seemingly murderous rage in both Hilary’s voice and profile. “…Ok,” he murmured as he took a sip from his coffe.

Hilary sighed and walked over to the same table Kai is sitting at and threw herself down onto a chair. “So, um, Kai?”


Hilary chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. “What do you think of Asia?”

A look of sheer and unadulterated annoyance appeared on Kai’s face and he also snarled. “I can’t stand her,” he hissed with narrowed eyes.

Hilary blinked at Kai’s answer for a moment than she felt elated. “Whew, thank god! I can’t stand her either!” she practically cried as she leant over the table and slammed her water battle down hard on the surface. “Do you know what she said to me? She said the only reason why I’m with you guys is because you feel sorry for me.”

Kai also choked on his coffee and frowned. “When did she say that?”

“Just now,” Hilary replied as she crossed her arms over her chest and leant back in her chair to stare moodily out the window, a pout on her lips. “Jeez, she can be such a bitch. How does Ray put up with her?”

“Didn’t the others say anything?” Kai asked as his dislike toward Asia steadily grew into sheer hatred.

“They probably didn’t hear a word,” Hilary said after a moment of silence, a part of her wanting to be angry with them for not coming to her aid, but another part said that Asia wouldn’t have said those things if any of the guys were within hearing range.

“They were too busy having a good time,” she muttered. “I seriously don’t like her.”

“No,” Kai muttered as he took a sip of his drink. “Neither do I…”

He and Ray need to have a serious heart to heart about Asia. She’s been nothing but a pest since they arrived at this hotel. She’s a bitch and a bit of a whore; pure and simple. There was no other way to put it.

After he heard what else Asia said to Hilary, Kai promised the annoyed female that he would talk to Ray about Asia. He might be the only one to pull her into gear. Kai feared that if he tried to have a talk with her, he’d end up murdering her with his blade. Dranzer won’t like her blade to be covered in blood, but he’ll make it up to his beloved bitbeast somehow.

The moment Kai stepped outside; he spied his dark haired teammate leaning up against the side of the hotel, his index finger and middle finger on each hand massaging his temples as he muttered under his breath.

“Ray,” Kai said which earned him an annoyed grunt from the neko. “I want you to do something about Asia.”

Ray seemed to bristle at the name and gave a feral hiss. “I can’t drown her in the pool, Kai.”

Kai blinked. “…That wasn’t what I had intended to ask.”

Ray snapped his head up when he realized what he said and felt foolish at his suddenly outburst of violence. He’s usually so patient. “Oops, sorry.”

Kai looked amused for a moment, the corner of his lips twitching ever so slightly as he tried to suppress a smile before he shook his head and his expression turned serious again. “I’ll put this bluntly, Ray. Asia, she is a bitch, a rude and arrogant bitch.”

Ray sighed and moved to rub his temples again. He had a feeling this conversation was going to come up eventually. “Kai…”

“I don’t care if she insults me,” Kai said, then paused as he recalled all of Asia’s insults and rolled his eyes. “Well, tries to anyway,” he muttered, less than impressed with Asia’s witty remarks before he shook his head and gave Ray a serious look again. “But I won’t stand for her insulting anyone else.”

Ray looked concern and then a little annoyed. “Who else did she insult?”

Kai folded his arms over his chest in a way that presented to Ray that he was getting increasing annoyed. “She called Hilary an Old Hag and told her the only reason why she’s on this team is because we feel sorry for her.”

“What?” Ray’s eyes widen in alarm and he pushed away from the wall. “But that-“

But Kai cut him up by lifting his hand to silence him. “She knows that isn’t true. Don’t worry.”

Ray regarded Kai for a moment before he clutched at his head again and groaned when he realized he was getting a headache. “Urgh…” he muttered as he rubbed his forehead wearily. He then gave another cry of annoyance when a voice he had come to loathe rung out.

“Ray, there you are!” Asia said as she appeared from inside the hotel. She looked annoyed, even more so when she saw Kai was there as well. She turned to sneer at him before turning her full attention to Ray. “You said we could have a spa bath together after you finished putting sunscreen on my back.”

Kai suddenly looked repulsed at learning that fact and he gave Ray a very blank stare. “You put sunscreen on her back?”

“Asia,” Ray said, sounding stressed. “Can’t you see I’m busy at the moment?”

“Ray!” Asia whined. “You promised!”

“I made no promises,” Ray retorted as he patience wore thin.

“You would rather talk to Mr. Goth here than spent time with me?” Asia stated more so than asked. She gave Ray a horrified look when he didn’t immediately answer. He was supposed to say that wasn’t true and that he would rather spend time with her because she was so much cooler and stronger than Kai.

“You’re… argh!”

Kai’s eyebrow twitched suddenly. “Mr. Goth?” he muttered.

Asia spun around to face him, her long hair flowing down her back like silk. “Why do you wear black all the time? Are you an emo or something?”

“No,” Kai said slowly as if he was talking to a slow child, and with someone like Asia, that sounds about right. “I wear black simply because it’s a more durable material. Besides, I guess it’s really good for covering all of my flaws.”

Asia turned to him with a genuine look of surprise on her face before a look of defiance took over and she stuck her nose into the air. “What I said was true. Can’t kill anyone for speaking the truth, now can you?”

Ray looked confused but before he could question either teen Kai suddenly threw his arm forward and grasped Asia by the hair, causing her to cry out in surprise.

“Too bad hiding your blatant personality flaws won’t be as easy,” he hissed with so much venom that Ray felt a cold shudder race down his spine. Kai then pushed her away and he stalked off.

Asia stepped back in shock, her body shaking from fear as tears poured from her eyes. “He…” she stuttered. “He’s such a bastard!” she cried as she buried her face in her hands and fled back into the hotel.

But Ray ignored her, instead watched Kai’s retreating form with concern. “Kai…?”