Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Engagement of Fate ❯ Aurora and Byakko ( Chapter 4 )

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Aurora looked to her left and saw Byakko coming toward her, he was still in his human form.
"Hello, Byakko." Aurora replied, looking back up to the sky.
"Are you thinking about him?"
Aurora looked at him, "No. I was just thinking about how Young Master and Master Ray make such a cute couple." She smiled at him. "I'm happy we did what we did."
"So am I." Byakko nodded his head. "Before coming here I checked on them and just as you assumed Master Alice had moved over to Master Ray's bed. They looked really comfortable together."
"Did anything happen between them?"
Byakko smirked and shook his head, "They're both too young, Princess."
"I know. Maybe that's what Suzaku and I were. Too young."
"So you were thinking about him." Byakko smiled. "I knew it."
"It's been about say 15 years on Earth yes, but I still think about him." She turned to him. "Byakko? I feel so . . . odd now that I'd finally taken a life. Does that mean that I might turn into something horrible?"
"No Princess not at all." Byakko stated. "You're still the sweet girl I've always knew."
Aurora smiled, "Thank you."
"What else do you want to say about him?"
"Byakko . . ."
"Please, Princess. I would rather have you say it now then let the pent up emotions fill up within you."
Aurora hesitated and then yelled, "Did Suzaku not want to be my friend anymore?! Is that why he changed the order of us?! Did he not want to be with me anymore? I have to know! I loved him so much!" She latched onto him and cried. "I loved him, Byakko! I loved him . . ."
Byakko made her loosen her grip and turned into his tiger form. "Come, Princess. I'll give you a ride."
"A ride? You mean like the rides I would get back then?" She asked teary eyed.
Byakko nodded his head.
Aurora smiled and sat upon the white fur. "Thank you, Byakko."
"I would do anything to please you, Princess." He replied as he started to run.
"You run so much faster then how you usually would."
Byakko jumped from a tall cliff and started to run through the clouds. "Thanks to the training, I've been able to run 10 times as fast."
"10, huh? That's cool." Aurora then held onto him tighter as he started to go down to the ground.
"Hang on tight, Princess."
Aurora started to laugh as the wind blew into her face and her dark hair waved like a curtain of night behind her as Byakko touched down.
"Was that fun for you, Princess?"
Aurora nodded and gently wrapped her arms around Byakko's neck.
"Thank you, Byakko. That was the greatest fun I've had in years." She rubbed her face unto his.
Byakko took the rare chance and decided to lick Aurora's face.
"Byakko, you crazy tiger!" Aurora laughed.
Byakko smiled and changed into his human form. "Princess?"
Aurora looked at him. "Yes, Byakko."
Byakko then pushed Aurora to the ground and kissed her neck. "I still have feelings for you."
"I pretty much figured that out." Aurora muttered.
"If so then why don't you stop me?"
"Because you aren't really doing anything wrong."
Byakko nodded his head and kissed her neck again.
"Byakko . . ." Aurora was still unsure.
"I will never hurt you, Aurora."
Aurora stared up at the sky. "How long has it been since I last kissed somebody, I wonder? 20? 30? Maybe even 100 years." She smiled. "What about you Byak-" Aurora was stopped as Byakko pressed his lips against hers.
Aurora wasn't responding. At first it looked that way but looks can be deceiving.
Byakko was all of sudden turning beastly. He then started to rip her clothes and started kissing the bare flesh.
Aurora was frightened now. Anymore and she was- She wasn't even going to think of the consequences that lay ahead if she let him continue. She summoned up her strength and said with a deafening scream, "Spirit Control!"
Byakko was blasted off her and he landed to the ground. He stared at Aurora in disbelief. She attacked him?
"I'm sorry, Byakko. You were just far too in. I didn't even want to think about what would've happened if I let you go on."
Byakko bowed his head, "You're right, Aurora- I mean Princess. I shall never do that to you again. It was unforgivable of me."
Aurora shook her head, "You are indeed correct, Byakko. It was unforgivable, but you are my friend and I'll always forgive you. But, if you ever even think about doing that again I will be forced to strike you with much more power."
Byakko lifted his head up and smiled, "Thank you, Princess." He turned into his tiger form. "Shall I carry you home?"
Aurora went over to him and sat down and pet the fur gently, "Sure, Byakko."
When they arrived they saw Ray and Alice sleeping. Both were purring silently and both were relaxing in each others arms. They both entered quietly, but stopped short as Alice started to whimper. Ray then opened his eyes a bit and wrapped his arms tighter around Alice's waist and kissed her forehead. After Alice had calmed down he closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.
Byakko and Aurora sighed as they entered the room the rest of the way. Aurora then got off of Byakko and pet him on the head.
"Thank you for tonight, Byakko."
"You're welcome, Princess."
"Oh, Byakko?"
Aurora smiled, "It's Aurora, okay?"
Byakko smiled. "Yes, Aurora."