Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Engagement of Fate ❯ "We're what?!" ( Chapter 6 )

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Two years later
Ray woke up to the sounds of birds chirping outside the window of his hut. Ray sat up and looked over to his right, laughing when he saw that Alice wasn't there. He got up from his bed and made it neat. He then walked to the window and looked out to see his little kitten training, as usual.
Byakko came up beside him, in human form. "They've been at it since three in the morning."
"What time is it now?"
Ray stared at his friend, "Are you serious? She's been training that long?" He looks at her retreating figure as she ran with tremendous speed. "She doesn't normally train with that much force. Can you detect why, Byakko?"
Byakko looked at Ray, while turning into his tiger form. "It's not my business to go through Master Alice's mind. I do that and she'll know that you're worried. Besides . . ." He started to walk out, Ray followed. "She'll be mad."
Ray turned to Alice and saw her fall to the ground. He winced. He knew he should make her stop, but even Aurora's afraid to say those words to her.
"Why does Alice have to be so stubborn?" He asked himself.
All of a sudden a blast comes charging at him with such speed. He quickly dodges to the left and looks towards Alice, who was staring at him with disbelief.
He smiles and waves politely, "Good morning, Alice. You look lovely today."
Alice turns to Aurora. "Take five, Aurora."
Aurora nods her head and disappears with a smile.
Alice then turns back to Ray and with a smile of her own, runs to him, soon enveloping him in a strong hug. Not like her mother's but it'll do.
Ray wraps his arms tightly around her and fall to the ground. He starts kissing her face.
Ray doesn't listen. He let's his kisses do the talking. His lips land softly on hers.
When they broke apart Ray hugs her again.
"Ray, what's up?"
Ray looked into Alice's blue eyes, loving the way how they sparkled in the sunlight, and sighed.
Alice blinked a few times before reaching up a hand to gently touch Ray's cheek. "What's wrong, Ray?"
Ray shook his head a few times, "I don't know. It's just that something about today seems different. And I mean seriously different. Something is making me love you more- I just don't know what it is yet."
"He loves you too much. Is that enough information?"
Byakko chuckled and vanished.
"What did I tell you? Brutally honest."
Alice smiled. "But you do love me right?"
"Of course. It just feels like something's about to change. I don't know what it is."
"Can we think about it later? I'm kind of hungry."
Ray smirked and stood up with Alice's hand in his. As they started to walk he scoffed, "You've been training since 3 this morning?"
Alice winced. She was busted. "You're right. Brutally honest."
Ray smiled and waved to the rest of their friends as they neared the breakfast table. Alice laughed as she watched Lee and Gary have a grape eating contest. Gary was ahead by five. Lee? Alice just wishes him luck.
What Ray and Alice didn't know was that Ray's suspicions were right on target. In fact their adventure was just about to begin when Alice's parents needed to speak to them.
* * * * *
"We're what?!"
"Yep!" Katherine exclaimed. "We decided that it would be best if you two were engaged!"
Alice couldn't speak but Ray snapped her out of that as he lifted her up into his arms. He was overfilled with joy.
"Didn't I tell you there was a reason for me loving you like that?!" Ray hugged her tight.
Alice was still in shock, but recovered soon after. "Oh my God! This is great!" She hugged Ray with equal force.
"We begin rehearsals ASAP!" Katherine exclaimed.
"We do what?"
Josh looked at the new couple. "Yeah. Why not get married right away?"
Ray looked at Alice, "I don't mind. I've wanted to marry you anyway. But for the heck of it," He placed Alice down and bent down on one knee. "Alice . . . will you marry me?"
Alice looked at Ray, shocked. "Oh, Ray . . . I would-"
"Oh, Alice!" Katherine chimed in. "There's no need for that! Ray, you know she'll say yes!"
"Yeah." Ray stood up and took Alice's hand in his. "I love you, Alice."
Alice was hesitant, "Yeah, Ray, I love you too."
Ray smiled and grabbed her in an embrace again.
Alice smiled and hugged Ray back, realizing that this didn't seem right.
* * * * *
A few weeks
"Master Alice you look lovely. I approve."
Alice looked at herself in the full-length mirror, gazing adoringly at the wedding dress her mother made for her. Her mother had done a lot of things for her and Ray, but the dress was too much. She smiled as she remembered the many times she protested about the dress, how her mother was over working herself and how it was unnecessary for her to practically do everything there was needed to be done. She shook her head and stared at the dress. Aurora was right; it was lovely.
The dress looked more like something you'd wear outside on a summer day than something at a wedding. It was still white, but it had patterns that she didn't quite understand yet. They looked like roses or some kind of flower. It was a mystery. The dress was only a little wide, not really wide like some other dresses, but just wide enough to make it seem like you were holding it to do a small but respectable curtsy. There were no sleeves, much to Alice's relief, but it was a little bit puffy at the shoulders. The back of the dress had a really long train behind it and was silky smooth to the touch. The veil was a nice touch up as well. Her mother made it so she could see where she was going, but impossible for Ray to see her face until the end. Her mother had also straightened out her hair to where it touched the mid section of her back. Her blue eyes sparkled when she imagined how Ray would look.
"Aurora I'm so nervous."
"There's no need to be, Master Alice." Aurora stood next to her. "You'll be fine."
"Thanks, Aurora." Alice smiled.
"Can you believe that this will be the last dress rehearsal? Then tomorrow morning you and Master Ray will be declared husband and wife! Isn't that just exciting?!" Aurora was surprisingly happy today.
"Aurora I think I made you train too much this morning. It's now in the middle of the night and you're hyper? Are you okay?"
"I'm just happy for you, Master Alice!"
Alice smiled, now understanding the double meaning to her words.
"Believe me Aurora. You and Suzaku would've had an amazing wedding as well."
Aurora blushed, "I'm sorry I'm thinking about Suzaku on the night before your big day, Master."
Alice brushed off the apology. "Don't worry about it. You love him right?"
Aurora smile was small, "Yeah, I do."
Alice smiled.
"Master, can you believe that it was only a couple of weeks ago that Master Ray even asked you to marry him?"
Alice smirked, "Yeah. I could still remember the words I said when I-" Alice stopped short.
Aurora, already sensing the sudden nervousness, looked toward her. "Master Alice?"
Alice stared at the wall in front of her, suddenly feeling scared. She couldn't remember the words she said to him when she accepted his proposal.
"That's because I didn't." She whispered.
Aurora was still looking at her, "Master Alice?"
She looked at her friend, "Aurora . . . I can't do it."
"What do you mean?"
"I can't do this last rehearsal. You're right. After this Ray and I are getting married first thing tomorrow. I can't do it. I feel like I'm living a lie."
Aurora still looked confused.
"Don't you remember? When Ray proposed to me I couldn't say a proper reply. My mother intervened. Don't you get it? I never said 'yes I'll marry you'. Those words are important. As a matter of fact not only did my mom interrupt me but she also said 'yes' for me!"
"What are you implying?"
Alice looked at Aurora, "Help me escape."
"Yes. Help me leave."
Aurora shook her head, "No. What about Master Ray? What about Byakko?"
"What about Byakko?" Alice gasped. "Aurora you aren't implying that you're in love with Byakko now are you?"
The refusal was too quick. Alice frowned.
"Aurora, please help me!"
"Master Alice keep your voice down!" Aurora hushed.
Alice had forgotten that she wasn't the only one there. She pressed her lips in a tight line before looking into the mirror again. She saw her reflection and felt the happiness rush back, but she looked at Aurora in the face and frowned. "Aurora, I'm not asking you for anything else. I'm just asking you to help me escape."
"Yes, I understand, Master, but why would you want to leave? And even if we do go where will our journey take us?"
"Right now, Aurora even I'm not sure. If I stay here I'm gonna be forced to marry Ray. Even if I come up with an excuse my parents are gonna want to know why and soon they're gonna make me marry him anyway. If I'm gone however then they can't do anything to stop me. Cause I'll be far away. Plus, who knows Aurora? On our journey we might find . . . Suzaku."
On the hearing of his name, Aurora shot a glare at Alice, knowing now that she was caught in an eternal struggle for life . . . again.
"Master Alice I-"
Aurora gasped and vanished. When Alice turned to see the door open her veil covered her face and she was surprised to find Ray on the other side.
Ray had on his normal outfit, and Alice looked at him with suspicion. Though Ray couldn't see her face he smirked.
"Your mother is seeing if there was anything else that needed to be done with it."
Alice nodded.
"You look beautiful." Ray walked over to her. "The most beautiful thing I've ever seen."
"Thank you, Ray."
Ray smiled and took the veil in his hands, pulling it back to see her face and the blue eyes he loved so dearly.
"I'm so happy that you said yes." Ray placed a tiny kiss on Alice's lips.
Alice felt a shiver crawl up her spine and she remembered that exact day too clearly.
~"Yeah. Why not get married right away?"
Ray looked at Alice, "I don't mind. I've wanted to marry you anyway. But for the heck of it," He placed Alice down and bent down on one knee. "Alice . . . will you marry me?"
Alice looked at Ray, shocked. "Oh, Ray . . . I would-"
"Oh, Alice!" Katherine chimed in. "There's no need for that! Ray, you know she'll say yes!"
"Yeah." Ray stood up and took Alice's hand in his. "I love you, Alice."
Alice was hesitant, "Yeah, Ray, I love you too."
Ray smiled and grabbed her in an embrace again.~
"Ray, I'm very excited too." Alice lied.
"I'm happy you are." Ray looked at the clock. "I'd better go and see if my suit is ready yet. I'll see you in a few?"
Alice hid her fear beneath a smirk, "Ray . . ."
"I know, I know. See you." He walked out with a smile and closed the door behind him.
"Bye, Ray." Alice waved her hand.
"Master Alice?"
Alice turned to see Aurora, she looked serious. "Made your decision yet? 'Cause I'm running out of serious time here."
Aurora looked at her, "I will help you escape if only you help me in return."
Alice smiled, "Find Suzaku and ask him why he changed the order of you, Byakko and himself. Gotcha."
Aurora smiled and handed her some clothes, "You're not an actual runaway bride so you can at least change into some normal clothes."
"Thank you, Aurora." Alice quickly changed.
"Yeah," Alice was just pulling her hair up.
"I'm gonna make sure if it's safe first." Aurora was checking outside.
Alice was about to sit down and rest, while Aurora looked, when all of a sudden . . .
"Alice? It's mom. Are you ready yet?" She started to turn the knob.
"It's clear!" Alice yelled as she went through the window and bumped into Aurora.
"Let's go! My mom was there! I wasn't going to explain the problem to her!" Alice was running.
"I understand." Aurora muttered.
However when Katherine opened the door and found nothing but her dress there she ran to her husband and Ray.
"Josh! Ray! Alice isn't in the room!"
"What?!" Josh asked.
"Where could she be?" Ray asked.
"I think I saw her and Aurora outside." Byakko explained, staring out the window.
"Let's go then!" Ray exclaimed running outside, Byakko behind him. (What has gotten into you, Alice?)
"Aurora push the boat, please?"
Aurora pushed the boat into the water and Alice paddled as fast as she could. When they were far away from the village and as Alice turned her head to look, her heart stopped as she saw Byakko's face.
"Where do you think you're going?" Byakko asked.
"What do you think you're doing?"
Byakko shook his head and grabbed the boat, "Let's go home, Master Alice." He started to pull the boat towards shore.
Alice gasped and tried to pull the boat in her direction, but it was useless. Byakko was a spirit, he was too strong.
"Aurora, please help!" Tears started to stream down Alice's face. Not only did she not want to go back but she was scared too. "Please, Aurora help me!"
Byakko turned towards Aurora and smiled, "Hello, Aurora. Lovely night isn't it?"
Aurora stared at him and rose up her hands in a familiar position.
"Aurora?" Byakko looked at her in shock.
"I'm sorry, Byakko." She powered up. "Spirit Control full blast!"
A big blast of energy hit Byakko, sending him flying towards the shore and into the sand. The blast also sent Alice and Aurora back. Taking the boat with them, they started their journey to who knows where.
Ray and Alice's parents stared in shock as they watched Alice's boat leave. Katherine cried in her husbands arms, Josh held onto his wife, burying his face in her dark hair and Ray kept staring ahead realizing that not only did he lose his one and only love, but his adventure was just about to begin.