Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ False Friends ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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False Friends

Summary: Crystalia “Crystal” Pond is a beautiful young woman who has spent time in the Abbey and is Tala’s best friend! However, her versions of events differ greatly from what the Blitzkrieg Boys can remember…

Pairings: None, really.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Crystalia “Crystal” Pond. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is of my own and not based on anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental. I would not stoop to such a level as hunting down other’s OC to mock them. I only mock story clichés, not the characters themselves.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to. Some swearing on the OC’s behalf as well.

AN: This story came about by an anonymous email (meaning, the one who informed me of it kindly requested that I don’t mention any names in fear of reprisal). Our anonymous friend here hated this cliché to the death, but was afraid that it could lead to flames for me.

However, I don’t care about that ^^ I purposely write Mary-Sues so I can bash them. If anyone finds one of my OCs to be like your own and is offended, then I’m sorry to say, your OC is a Sue. There’s no other way to put it, I’m afraid.

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Chapter 1:

Glancing up at the impressively huge Beystadium in Beycity, Japan, a young girl near the age of 18 listened closely to the two bumbling security guards at the entrance. She was only mildly interested in which teams where currently residing in the stadium, using it as their personal training arena. She held no interest in any of the teams as she felt they weren’t worth her time.

And as far as G Revolution went, she felt that they didn’t deserve the title of being world champions. Tyson Granger was a terrible champion; fat, fugly, stupid; she could easily defeat him. She and Gallivant, a black fox coated in silver armor and had the power of the black ice, were unbeatable.

Suddenly, the mentioning of a team called the Blitzkrieg Boys caught her attention and she lifted her head in mild interest.

“So, this is where they’re hiding,” she muttered to herself as she effortlessly slipped past the security, using her amazing skills to almost disappear within the shadows of the long hallways.

A smirk of confidence appeared on her lips when she realized that the guards had no idea she got by them, not that it was a surprise to her or anything. Due to a past she would rather not speak about as it’s far too dark and painful for her, she gained skills that could only be described as amazing. She was almost like a cat burglar in her talents; stealthy, swift and precise.

With a flick of her wrist, she casually brushed her wavy hair that was snow-white, and tumbled for a few inches past her shoulders behind her ear. Icy blue streaks highlighted her hair, enhancing its mesmerizing quality with one long braid, which was blue in colour on the left side of her head, near her ear and effortlessly reaching below her bust.

Her eyes were a clear crystal blue, orbs that drew you in and then froze your soul. Her eyes only gave a mere tantalizing hint to the power she held inside. Her eyes matched perfectly to her creamy white skin, which appeared flawless and beautiful.

She was wearing black jeans that hung perfectly off her hips held there with a black studded belt and a tight black t-shirt that hugged her chest and her sharp curves, showing off her toned stomach, which was decorated by a navel ring in the shape of a silver fox. She wore thick heeled boots on her feet that were drawn together tightly with large silver buckles, appearing almost as if they were indeed biker boots, to which her jeans were tucked into.

She had a figure that girls any age envied and because of that she was the object of lust for all men, no matter what age. She could not even count the number of times she literally had to beat men off with her blade. Her beauty was a curse.

As is her intelligence and skill, both of which she inherited from her mother.

Her mother was an amazing scientist who studied the dynamics of Beyblades and was worldly known for both her talents and beauty. However, that came at a price; Boris Balkov got wind of her mother’s, Hadara, which meant ‘adorned with beauty’ in Hebrew, amazing breakthrough with Beyblade technology as well as her own skills with a Beyblade.

So, the abusive and evil bastard kidnapped the two of them! Boris made her mother work for him in the labs while they experimented on her, confining her to a lab to find out how she was so powerful for someone so young. They were keeping her confined to use at a later date, as their secret weapon.

That was how she met Tala and became best friends with him as well as the other Blitzkrieg Boys. He was in awe of her skill as she was the first person to ever defeat him and when he learnt what Boris was doing to her, vowed to protect her no matter what.

They were very close friends, Tala leaning on her when things became too hard. She was his rock, his focus in a world gone mad. She was everything to him, which he reminded her constantly.

That’s why she was here, effortlessly sneaking through the hallways of the BeyStadium. She knew Tala was missing her, as she missed him too. Still, she was rather pissed with him for leaving her alone in the Abbey, where she was forced to escape herself. She had to literally blast her way out of the Labs with her blade and make a break for it, and for some reason she could not comprehend, Tala didn’t agree to come with her.

In fact, the stupid arsehole actually challenged her to a battle!

She just could not believe he would betray her like that, after everything she’s done for him, so she had a few questions that he needed to answer before she would give him her forgiveness. She was weary of people, and rightfully so. She’s been betrayed one too many times to be even remotely trusting.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Spinning around, the young woman felt her eyes widen in surprise for a fraction of a moment before folding into an expression of annoyance when she recognizes the group of teens before her. It was none other than Ray, Tyson, Max and Hilary from the Japanese team, G Revolution. How utterly irritating.

Oh well, it’s not like they’re a threat to her, or anything. If they do challenge her to a battle, she’ll win without even letting her blade touch the dish. She’s not egotistical or anything, but she was that good. After all, she was the only person Tala couldn’t defeat in a Beybattle, or hand to hand combat either.

“Well?” Ray Kon said as he folded his arms over his chest and tilted his head to the side in question. “Who are you? You’re not on any of the teams here.”

“As if I would lower myself to such ridiculous standards,” she said with a sharp tongue, her own arms folding under her bust. “My name is Crystalia Pond, but everyone calls me Crystal.”

The brunette, Hilary, suddenly furrowed her brow in mild disbelief. “Crystal…Pond?” she repeated.

Next to her the blonde male suddenly grinned and leaned toward her. “Heh, I bet her middle name is Clear,” Max sniggered to her, which made Hilary deadpan and Crystal to stiffen in surprise.

“Crystal…Clear…Pond?” Hilary said slowly as if she could not comprehend the greatness of her name. “That would be too lame, right?”

Crystal immediately felt invisible hackles rise up on the back of her neck when Hilary called her name ‘lame’. She had a great name; it was so unique and different. The name Hilary was so boring and stupid, it was clear that she was jealous.

“Whatever, don’t mock my name, you stupid bitch,” Crystal quickly snapped at her, immediately falling defensive as it was the only way to deal with brainless, jealous fools like Hilary was here. She was sure that the obnoxious brunette’s companions would agree with her as it was obvious that Hilary was a bitch.

Really, it wasn’t a hard choice to make between the two of them. Why would they choose a whiney old bitch who couldn’t even blade over someone as hot and talented as she was?

However, to her surprise, the three males accompanying Hilary frowned at her in disapproval, Ray actually having the audacity to glare at her.

“Don’t call me a bitch!” Hilary yelled at her, her own anger bubbling over. “I’m not the one who’s sneaking around the Beystadium, which is off limits to non-participants.”

“Oh, me?” Crystal said as she flashed them a smile, appearing cute and innocent, yet an underlying sense of mischievousness in her tone. She doesn’t want them to know she’s Tala’s best friend, but it was obvious they wouldn’t leave her alone until they do.

Besides, she knows the guys are just looking for an excuse to chat her up. And as soon as they find out she has a past connection to Tala, they will no doubt try to stop them from meeting again.

Typical males just want her for themselves while Hilary here wants her gone as she was a rival of hers. Well, a one-sided rival anyway. It’s not like Hilary was even remotely close to her level of beauty, wit and talent.

It almost makes her want to laugh out loud at the sheer thought of it.

“I’m looking for a childhood friend of mine,” she explains quite simply. “I haven’t seen him for years, I just thought we could have a reunion, you know, for old times’ sake.”

“I don’t care if you’re a Princess from a country I’ve never heard off, you’re not allowed in here!” Hilary continued to yell like the deranged cheerleader she truly was.

“Calm down, Hil,” Ray whispered to her, placing a hand on the young woman’s shoulder.

Crystal found Hilary’s outburst to be utterly annoying. How could anyone put up with a twit like her? Then again, she was on the same team as useless and stupid Tyson Granger. Boy, didn’t Kai lower his standards when he was kicked out of the Abbey for being weak?

“Oh, please,” she snorted in amusement. “Since when do I pay attention to rules and regulations anyway?”

“What are you doing here, anyway?” Max asked, an unusual frown marring his features.

“I already told you,” Crystal said as she rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. “I’m searching for Tala; I’m his best friend from the Abbey, after all.”

A stunned silence quickly followed and Crystal felt a smirk appear on her lips. She knew what was going to happen next. They were going to ask her all these questions about her relationship with Tala, how close they were and what he was like when he was younger.

They will also try to talk her out of seeing him, telling her that she should join their team after learning how he betrayed her all those years ago.

“Ah, no you’re not,” Ray suddenly said after a moment of silence.

Crystal literally snapped her attention to him, a look of surprise on her face for a fleeting moment before fading into an incredulous look. Did Ray just say she wasn’t Tala’s best friend? What the fuck?

“Excuse me?” she snarled at him.

“Yeah, why would you be?” Max suddenly asked as he tilted his head to the side in confusion. “If Tala did have a best friend, wouldn’t it be one of the Blitzkrieg Boys or Kai? I mean, he’s known them for years. They’ve been through a lot together.”

“Well, I was obviously the first girl to have ever defeated him in battle, genius,” Crystal quickly informed him as she sent a vicious glare in his direction, inwardly livid that she had to explain herself to a pack of idiots. She really couldn’t understand why they were even questioning her in the first place. “It’s rare for a powerful blader like me to make her presence known, after all.”

“Why would Tala become best friends with someone like you because you supposedly defeated him?” Tyson asked her, surprising her for a moment as he didn’t sound stupid for once. “No offense, but what makes you think Tala would be interested or in awe of a girl? Tala was trained to be a soldier and to control his emotions. He wouldn’t be impressed just because you're a girl.”

Like fuck he wouldn’t be impressed! What the hell could this pudgy idiot know?! He was only treating her like this because she was a girl and he was intimidated by her. What a sexist little pig!

“Wasn’t Tala the strongest blader in Russia?” Max went on to question. “I mean, he was quite well known in the country, if you defeated him, wouldn’t you be famous as well?”

Crystal gritted her teeth in annoyance. “I prefer to stay in the shadows,” she told the stupid blonde.

“So does Tala,” Tyson informed her with a shrug. “But the media still got to him.”

“I’m stronger than him, so that means, I’m better at hiding them him,” Crystal explained through clenched teeth, speaking slowly for it was obvious she was dealing with a group of idiots.

Where the hell do they get off questioning her like this? Honestly, they were treating her with suspicions. She was the one with the dark and tormented past; she was the one who had to treat everyone with a weary outlook, not them.

They were really starting to piss her off.

“Jeez, you know, it’s better to let someone think you’re an idiot then to open your mouth and remove all doubt,” she snapped at Tyson with her sharp tongue, knowing that her quick wit will leave Tyson flailing.

However, Tyson gave her a look that said he was less than impressed. “Yeah, that stung,” he said as he gave his head a little shake.

“Hmm, I think I read something like that on a car bumper sticker somewhere...” Max muttered as he tapped his cheek in thought.

Crystal was aghast by their reactions to her. They were so infuriating, brushing off her remarks like that. They probably think they’re so cool; like hell they are!

“You really shouldn’t let your mind wander, little boy,” Crystal hissed at Max. “It’s too small to be left alone.”

There, that should prove to them that she’s no push over. She was sick to death of guys like Tyson and Max here underestimating her because she’s a girl.

“Now, that one I remember reading somewhere!” Max said with a grin on his lips.

“I really don’t see how or why you would be Tala’s best friend,” Ray said to her, his face still creased in annoyance and suspicion. “Besides, wasn’t the Abbey for boys only? It’s common knowledge.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Max said as he nodded his head in agreement to Ray’s statement. “How can you be Tala’s best friend if he was raised in the Abbey?”

“Obviously, I was in the Abbey as well,” Crystal quickly informed them, her patience quickly turning into anger. “Fuck, you lot are three different kinds of stupid.”

“Weren’t you listening?” Hilary suddenly piped up, having stayed ungodly silent through the majority of the confrontation. “The Abbey was for boys only.”

Crystal felt her blood boil. “I was kept hidden deep within the Abbey’s wall in a secret lab, you idiot,” she hissed dangerously. If that doesn’t convince them she was in the Abbey, nothing will.

“Then how can you be Tala’s best friend if you were hidden away?” Ray quickly interjected, a smirk appearing on his lips as if she had somehow slipped up.

She could not believe the treatment she was receiving. Honestly, she was close to showing them how powerful a girl like her could be.

“I don’t know why you're giving me the third degree like this,” Crystal suddenly said as she clenched her hands into fists, her knuckles turning white from her inner frustrations and disbelief. “Shouldn’t it be enough that I am Tala’s best friend and share a past with Kai?”

“Oh, so you share a past with Kai now?” Max asked her as he raised an eyebrow in mocking disbelief. “I thought you were paired with Tala?”

Tyson gave a large shrug and turned to his teammates, a half smile on his lips. “You know how fanbrats like to share themselves around.”

Crystal felt herself bristle when the teens before her sniggered at Tyson’s statement.

“How dare you!” she yelled at them. “What are you saying? Why are you even questioning me? I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“Yeah, probably not, but we’ve met way too many ‘girls from the Abbey’ to not be suspicious,” Ray explained as he gave a shrug as well. “So tell me, what makes you so special?”

“Listen closely, you fuckwit,” Crystal hissed with so much venom she just knew that her tone sent shivers down their spines. “My mother and I were kidnapped and sent to the Abbey to work for Boris. My mother was a scientist and had created a new and highly advance type of Beyblade, which Boris wanted.”

Crystal suddenly paused as she grimaced, the memories of being stuck in that damp and dingy hole they called a lab came rushing back. She didn’t want to remember these memories. After this is over, she’s going to make Grev pay for all the pain they’ve put her through. First, she’ll get revenge against Tala, join the Blitzkrieg Boys, which she will rename as the Blitzkrieg Bladers and then get her revenge by taking Tyson’s title as world champion, defeating him effortlessly at the next world championships, gaining many admirers in the process.

Ray, Tyson, Max and Hilary are forever going to regret doubting her.

“I was the test subject of the new blade, which was why I was in the Abbey,” she explained further. “I just so happened to have been hidden in the lab that Tala frequented and that is how I became Tala's best friend. Do you understand now, or do I have to explain it with visual aides?”

Another stunned silence followed and Crystal began to suspect that maybe her words were finally getting through their thick heads when Ray suddenly shook his head, almost sadly.

“I just can’t imagine Tala befriending someone with such a bratty attitude,” he said as he narrowed his golden eyes in annoyance. “He wouldn’t put up with such shit.”

“You don’t know him,” Crystal found herself hissing at him. “Don’t pretend that you do.”

“You’re right, I don't know him,” Ray quickly said as he gave his head another shake. “But I know enough. If you were Tala’s best friend, where the hell have you been all these years? Answer me that.”

Crystal squeezed her eyes tightly shut, in disbelief that they were still arguing with her. She has never met a more annoying, stupid or plain arrogant group of people in her life!

“You obviously weren’t listening,” she said with a slow hiss. “I was hidden in the Abbey, you idiot.”

“Didn’t the abbey close down, like, three years ago?” Max stated. “Don’t tell me you were only recently released?”

“Oh, she was released from something, alright,” Ray said with a snort that was half amusement, half irritation. “But it wasn’t the Abbey.”

“How dare you?!” Crystal screamed when the others sniggered at what Ray said, she was quickly losing all patience. She has had it, she was now going to teach them a lesson they will never, ever forget. “Listen here, you fucking-”

“Hey,” a voice suddenly interrupted and everyone turned around to watch a certain redhead appear from one of the many doorways littering the BeyStadium. His blue eyes were narrowed in annoyance, his brow furrowed in confusion and he appeared irritated by all the loud noise. “What the hell is going on out here?”