Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Taurean ❯ Welcome Tyson act II ( Chapter 2 )

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We move back to the studio

Welcome Back Bladebreakers

Act II

We move back to the studio.

Taurean: Welcome back to day 1 of Beyblade week here on Taurean. Today we're here with Tyson getting the lowdown.

Here's a viewer's request from andy55.

Do you feel Robert reminds you of Kai?

Tyson: You know I never noticed that before but you're right, though Robert has changed a bit Kai has too but after the championships were over he hid it all.

I knew it was only a matter of time but it was quite sooner then I thought.

Taurean: Thank you Andy55 for your request and if you want to ask a question or request who we talk to next e-mail us at the end of the program.

Now it's time for our audience shuffle, when the audience members enter the studio you were given a data card, we pick the I.D number on two cards and who ever numbers match the one we call out will win a chance to ask Tyson here two questions each.

As well as be entered in a drawing to win a 32 inch plasma screen HDTV.

The runner up will receive the new Tomb Raider Angel of darkness for the PS2.

Those who don't get pick today don't throw out your cards you can win big all week but remember there're only good for Beyblade week so even you can't make it in person if we pick your number your a shoo-in for tomorrow's interview.

We'll send our prize wagon which is a vintage Woody Wagon to your home and bring you here in style.

Does everyone know the rules?

Audience: Yes.

Taurean: Come on I can barely hear you.

Audience: Yes!

Taurean: Come on ounce more with power!

Audience: YES!

Taurean: All right then let's see who today's winners are after these commercial messages.

Commercial # 1

Ash and Misty are in a forest

Ash: If you've heard the saying that you can't have one without the other you must be talking about Pokémon Estate for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Take your data from Pokémon Diamond and send you pokémon on powerful vacation.

Get 1-on-1 personal with each of your pokémon using the matrix microphone voice-recognition system.

Misty: Beautiful water physics, revolutionary 4d graphics

And visuals, and mini-games galore!

Both: Here it's not about catching them all but about improving your team and having fun!

Pokémon Estate

Only for the Nintendo Gamecube

Rated "E" for everyone

Pikachu: Pikachu,


Commercial # 2

Join us this Saturday for Bladestock right here on Taurean!

Commercial # 3

Return to the digital world but this time get personal.

Play as a boy or a girl

Chose to play 90 different stories or just play around in a simulated universe

Create and meet characters and digimon from all 4 seasons of the TV show.

Photo realism cell-shading

4d graphics and visuals

Use the Xbox live communicator to interact and talk to your human and digimon friends!

Also use the new PSM voice recognition for the PS2 and the new audio matrix microphone voice-recognition system for the Gamecube both sold separately.

Customize your character with e-reader putting magazine clips, and other media in special card slips the give your character the ultimate customization!

Real-time clock system

Transcend between the real and digital worlds!

2 player cp-op mode

Enter the digital world ounce more but this time go big or go home.

Digimon world 4

For the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2!

Rated "T" for teen!

Again it's not really coming but this is an idea I want to send to Bandai!

We return to the studio

Taurean: Welcome back to those who are just tuning in were announcing the first ever winners of our daily lucky drawing.

Our first numbers are

4, 9, 54, 99, 007.

495499007 who has this number!

A teen girl from the audience raised her hands high with the data card in the air.

All right winner number one come on down!

Now, let's see who our next winner is

0, 9, 7, 22!

09722 whose has this number?

A little boy waves his card in the air

Boy: It's me!

Taurean: All right then guy come on down!

Ok you two are the first audience shuffle winners in addition chatting with today's guest and entered in out HDTV drawing you also win a special door prize tell them what it is Chuck.

Chuck: You each win a copy of both the legend of Zelda the windwaker for the gamecube and Animal crossing for the gamecube, and you each win a Nintendo Gamecube to play them on back to you T.

Taurean: Thanks Chuck so are you excited to take those home?

Boy and girl nodded

Taurean: Oh silly me what are your names?

Girl: I'm Arina Becker.

Boy: I'm Luke Fernal.

Taurean: Ok, now that were on a first name basis do you have any questions for Tyson?

Arina: I most certainly do. Have you ever thought of getting a girlfriend?

Tyson: Is it ok if I choose not to answer that question?

Arina: Sure no pressure moving on, is it true Kai has you training 18 hour days in the most extreme conditions known to mortal man?

Tyson: No, he trains us hard but not like that.

Arina: Then how do you explain this High definition photo of all of you sweating before his feet grimped with exhaustion, waiting for you to either reach your highest peak of perfection or worse?

Back at the hotel

Kai: How did she get that photo?

Tyson: It wasn't just him we're getting ready for a new tournament in New York so we went to this extreme training ground. We all decided that this was the best way to prepare.

Taurean: Thank you Arina, and now Luke do you have a question or two for Tyson?

Luke: Sure, Now that you're the world champion do you feel there are no more challenges left?

Tyson: At first I did but now I know that no matter how good you are there will always be new challenges and new reasons to improve my skills and no matter what to always come on top.

Luke: I see, do you think the real challenge is yet to come?

Tyson: You know part of me does though what we recently went through was no cakewalk we all know that people like Boris and Voltaire will not rest until they've put a chaotic spin on the world.

We know the true battle is never over. Far from over, the point we are at is of no return a new era has spawned.

We are the Bladebreakers!

We are one!

We are the world!

The crowd was stun to hear Tyson preach like that, no minded they were just speechless even the atheists.

Luke: ......

Taurean: You remind me of my grandma, she always speaks of love and faith that way. Are you a Christian?

Tyson: No sorry about that I get a little teary eyed sometimes.

Taurean: It's ok that's what were here for to really and honestly get to the root of our fears and worries and how to overcome them. We'll be right back.

I hope you enjoy!