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The Ghost Of McGregor Castle

It was a rather peaceful day, unless you count the fact that two people were arguing on an airplane and the flight attendants were becoming slightly annoyed with their bickering, while the other two sitting next to them pretended not to know them. Rei and Tala were fighting again. Skylar and Kai did not intervene, last time they did, they ended up with a black eye each.

"Give me back my game boy!" yelled Rei,becoming frustrated that their red headed friend would not give back his precious game boy.

"Make me" said Tala, holding it away from Rei's reach, but did little to block his neck from the grasping hands that curled around his neck. Still, he kept it out of reach, trying to pry Rei's hands from his throat, leaving deep red marks on Rei's hands. Finally Skylar reached out and snatched it away from Tala, and shoved it in her bag.

"Now no one's getting the it back until we land!" she said, Rei and Tala pouted. "Besides, we're in a plane and you're not supposed to be playing it, and if I hear one more yell out of you two, I swear I will throw you out of this plane!"

Kai snickered. Skylar was always making threats to people whenever she was annoyed, and she usually carried them out too. "So why are we going to Scotland again?"

"To solve some sort of `ghost' problem in McGregor castle, everybody's too afraid to in there cuz something always happens in there" said Tala softly, he didn't want to be thrown out of the plane while it was still in the air. "We should be landing soon. How long until we land Sky?"

Skylar checked her watch, it wasn't the exact time, so she guessed. "I'm guessing about an hour, maybe, I'm not sure." Everyone groaned. They needed to get out of this crowded plane.

They decided to pass the time by going to sleep, at least that would give them something to do during the long dull flight. The only thing on their minds was the castle. Little did they know they would be pestered by an old man the minute they reached the castle, an annoying old man that would pop out of nowhere.

*~~~ In Scotland~~~*

The tired gang of teens dragged their suitcases into a rented car. But there was a little problem, the driver's side was on the right, and Kai was the only one of them old enough and had a license to drive, and was used to driving on the left. This was going to be fun…

"Think you can drive this thing without crashing into some poor innocent person?" said Tala "Because I don't think you can!" he chuckled

"Thank you SO much for your vote of confidence. Remind me that if we do crash to make sure I crash on the side you're on" said Kai sarcastically .Tala gasped in mock surprise." You would really do that to your best friend?"

Kai smirked. " If I was given a lot of money for it, then yes"

"I feel SO loved." said Tala as he crossed his arms and glared at Kai.

"You know you are, now let's get in the car. O lord that rhymed.." said Rei as they put their bags into the car. They all got in, and Kai managed to get the car going, now the fun part would be driving. Maybe they wouldn't crash…


or maybe not. This was going to be a long. long drive.

Finally managing to get the car to go straight, after narrowly missing a tree, a lamp post, and a fire hydrant. " Jeeze, are you sure you know how to drive Kai?" said Tala. Kai scowled. It's not everyday you drive a car on the right side. Not being able to come up with some smart remark, he punched Tala in the shoulder,hard,all that can be said is he didn't talk much after that. They finally arrived at the castle. And it was huge. There were towers with stone gargoyles glaring down at them, with flower gardens surrounding the front of the castle. It was nice…in an eerie, creepy kind of way. They grabbed their bags and headed towards the castle doors. But they were stopped. An old man had just popped out of nowhere, they stood there dumbfounded and wide-eyed . Then the old man started shouting!


They all just stood there and blinked, all thinking the exact same thing: `Crazy old man yelling.' Kai was the first to come out of his stupor. "Yeah, whatever, you crazy person. We're going in that castle and you're not stopping us" and he picked up the old man and dropped him in some bushes, and the continued on their way. Once they were in, they noticed the entire place was a little dark, but very gloomy, and kind of cold. They quickly closed the door and locked it in case that crazy old man decided to come back. They then began their search for the bedrooms. They climbed up the stairs and searched each floor, finally finding the rooms on the fourth floor and got settled in. They were hungry so they went to find the kitchen. Skylar, being as childish as she was, slid down the railing, her twin followed, then Tala and then Kai, eventually all landing on top of each other on the first floor. Monkey see, monkey do. They got up and dusted themselves off and proceeded to find the kitchen.

Suddenly, on the way there, they heard a loud groan. They stopped and listened. Another groan. They followed the sound. The groans became louder and the clanking of chains and pipes could be heard. This was getting weird. Was what the old said was true? Well they were going to find out.

They came to a large wooden door. The groans and clanking seemed to come from in there. Slowly they opened the door and peeked inside. Someone was in there. They quietly slipped through the door, and that's when they saw who it was. It was the crazy old man playing a tape and shaking chains and banging pipes.

"You!" said Kai, the old man looked in their direction, a scared look on his face. "Is this some kind of joke? what are you doing? and how did you get in?" The old man stayed quiet for a few minutes. Finally he spoke. "There was treasure buried in this very room a long time ago and I wanted it all for myself, so I came up with the story that this place is haunted."

A treasure? They never would have guessed. The old man started searching for something, most likely a hidden panel. "It took me five years to find the treasure… ah ha! here it is!" said the old man as he found what he was looking for. He gently pressed the brick and it opened, and inside was…

"Nothing…" said Rei "but what's that piece of paper over there" Sklyar went and picked it up and read it out loud.

" `So you're looking for the treasure. Well, there is none! Too bad, so sad!: signed Johnny"

The old man just stood there in shock, then he began to cry. "Five years wasted! and the treasure doesn't exist!" They carried the crying man back. Suddenly Kai stopped, he looked at his friends, " Wait…wasn't Johnny the name of the guy who owned this castle?"

"Yeah, he died some hundred years ago…" said Rei. They stopped as their eyes went wide. Then they bolted. This was way too weird, but that settled it. They were leaving. They ran up to their room, packed their bags, got in their car and left for a hotel without a word, dropping the old man off along the road.

From a window in the castle, a young man with dark red hair watched the retreating car. The odd thing about him were his clothes and the fact that he was transparent! He smiled and slowly faded away. He protected his treasure yet again. Johnny McGregor will always protect his treasure. Always.