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A/N: So a lot of people really like my one KaixRay story but I've gotten a lot of requests to do more KaixTyson stories. So that's exactly what I'm doing. I love writing request stories 8'D This will most likely be a chapter story (though definitely not as long as A Careless Whisper is becoming). Set in the theme of homecoming BECAUSE…homecoming is in two weeks.
Warnings: Shounen-Ai
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The Trials of Homecoming
“Oh but please? Please go with me!” one genki blond begged, practically on his hands and knees pleading with his boyfriend of 7 months to be his date for the upcoming homecoming dances. Max, every year, always got in to the school spirit around this time. Homecoming was a big deal to him. The whole thing. From spirit week, to the football game, to the post-football game dance and then, finally, to the big homecoming dance. And he wanted to go with his boyfriend who, at the moment, was being very stubborn to the idea of going to dances and footballs and such nonsense. Max sighed, setting his hands on his boyfriends knees from his place on the floor. He tried pouting.
“Please, Ray? Please?” with a quivering bottom lip that nobody could deny, the Chinese boy finally gave in…some what.
“Fine. I'll go to the football game but no dances.” he sighed, leaning back in his chair. He had nothing against the school or against school spirit. It's just…sometimes, there was too much of it. That, and school dances equaled nothing but drama and heartache. The last dance he went to got him dumped. And a repeat of that didn't sound very fun. Especially since he felt very much in love with the small blond. Max squealed, clambering onto the neko-jins lap to cuddle him to death. Not able to deny the cute factor, Ray laughed.
“D'awww. How cute.”
Max pouted at Tyson.
“You know it!”
Tyson laughed and took a seat across from the cuddling couple where Max was babbling on now about how excited he was for homecoming. Ahh homecoming. Tyson and Max were very similar when it came to that very topic. They both participated fully in spirit week. And they both attended the football game. So of course, they both went to the dances. The only thing that was different was that every year Max seemed to have someone to go with. This year it would be Ray. Last year it was Michael. The year before that was Emily (he hit a straight-stage. Poor soul). Tyson had never had a date for the very all-out dance.
Actually, he had never had a date. Period. With that thought Tyson slouched a little. 17 years old and he'd never dated someone. Which also meant he was 17 and he'd never been kissed. So obviously he'd never gone any farther. So OBVIOUSLY he was still a poor, pathetic, virgin loser. With each thought he slid more into his chair until he was halfway on the floor. Ray frowned.
“You okay there, Tyson?”
“Uh…yeah. Just…getting comfy.” Tyson tried to laugh it off, pulling himself back up into the rightful sitting position. Max just shook his head and buried his face in the crook of Rays neck. While the dragon was all for Ray finding love, he knew Max could actually be a little bit of a…um…how shall we say…a slut. A very easy slut. Not saying a lot of people have slept with him. Just…Max had a new boyfriend every few months. It was really a wonder he was still with Ray.
“What's everyone congregating for?”
Tyson nearly jumped out his chair. His bones nearly leapt from his skin. His soul almost left him. He hadn't seen Kai walk in.
“We're just talking about homecoming.” Ray said nonchalantly, looking bored. Really. He was starting to become more and more like Kai.
“Hn.” Kai walked past Tyson, picking up a book that had been sitting on the little coffee table in the middle of the room. “You guys going or something?” he asked, setting the book in its rightful place on the bookshelf.
“Yes!” Max chirped.
“I don't really have a choice.” Ray sighed.
Three pairs of eyes landed on the dragon and he blinked.
“Why aren't you going Tyson?” Max pulled away from Ray, whining. “you always go!”
That was true. He did. And he hated it every time.
“I just…don't feel like it okay?” Tyson shrugged it off, looking at anything and everything other than his three friends. Well, his two friends and his asshole Russian slave driver of a captain.
Really, what was so great about homecoming anyway?
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