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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A.N: Oh GOD!!!!! What the F%^& was I thinking!

(The BladeBreakers are walking past...)

Tyson: COOL!! Paramount Canada's Wonderland!


BladeBreakers: SHUT UP!!

Author: ...Fine...

Max: I wanna go on the Flyâ"¢!

Tyson: I wanna go on the Top gunâ"¢!

Ray: I wanna go on the Dragonfireâ"¢!

Kenny: I wanna go to the Splash Padâ"¢!

Kai: I wanna get out of hereâ"¢! (Author: WHOOPS!)

Kenny: Okay! We will meet here in an hour!

(They all ran off in separate directions)

Tyson: Almost there...

(Runs into a forest)

Tyson: Must have taken a wrong turn...

A Rabbit: I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Tyson: Hey, you! *Starts chasing the rabbit*

Rabbit: *not noticing Tyson* I'm late! I'm- *checks his watch* actually, I'm early! I'm early! I'm early! For a very

Tyson: *nearly bumping into the rabbit* Excuse me, do you know where the Top Gun is?

Rabbit: Purley...qurley...

Tyson: EXCUSE ME!!!

Rabbit: Yurley?

Tyson: EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbit: *jumps down a hole followed by Tyson, but hasn't noticed him yet* Zurley? How come NOTHING rhymes with early?

(Reaches the bottom of the hole but since he isn't running anymore Tyson lands on him)

Rabbit: F^&* that HURTS!! Get the F^&* off ME!!!!

Tyson: Not until you tell me where the Top gun is!

Rabbit: Right there! *Points up*

(Tyson looks up to see several men pointing guns at him)

Man: Step AWAY from the rabbit!

Tyson: Why are you guys dressed like playing cards?


Tyson: The Queen of Hearts, she baked some tarts...

Man: SHUT UP!!! *Ties Tyson's hand behind his back* You coming with US!!

(1 hour later...)

(Tyson is in court)

Queen of Hearts: Why have you come here? What do you plan to do?

Tyson: Well, you see, I was just about to ask that rabbit for directions, I fell down the hole and...I can't get back!

Queen of Hearts: I can help with that! *calls out into the room* WITCH OF THE NORTH!!!

Witch of the North: Right here your majesty!

Queen of Hearts: Take Tyson here to see the Wizard of Oz to help him get back home!

Witch of the North: Yes, your majesty!

(Ten minutes later...)

Witch of the North: Now Tyson, you must follow the yellow brick roadâ"¢ to reach the Wizard of Oz! I just sent a girl called Dorothy a few minutes ago, you should run into her along the way!

Tyson: Right! *starts to leave*


Tyson: *walking through the woods* How hard can following a path be? *notices a group of people up ahead* Hey! You!

Dorothy: What?

Tyson: Are you going to see the Wizard of Oz too?

Tin man: Yes, we all are! I want a heart, Scarecrow wants a brain, Lion wants courage and Dorothy wants to go home!

Tyson: So do I! *notices something* AIEEEEE!!! That dog is trying to EAT my Beyblade!

Dorothy: TOTO!! DROP IT!!

(After an hour or so they eventually get to the Wizard of Oz's place)

Wizard of Oz: I am the great Wizard of Oz!

Tyson: No duh!

Lion: Wizard of Oz! I wish to never be afraid again!

Wizard of Oz: So be it!

Scarecrow: Wizard of Oz! I wish to have a brain!

Wizard of Oz: So be it!

Tin man: Wizard of Oz! I wish to have a heart!

Wizard of Oz: So be it!

Dorothy: Wizard of Oz! I wish for Toto and I to return to Kansas!

Wizard of Oz: So be it!

(Dorothy vanishes)

Tyson: Wizard of Oz! I wish to go home too!

Wizard of Oz: I'm sorry, I cannot grant the same wish twice!

Tyson: o_0! This ISN'T Dragonball Z ya' know!

Wizard of Oz: I'm sorry, you will have to find another way home!

Tyson: *grumble* *leaves*

(As Tyson is walking back through the forest *the yellow brick road vanished off the face of the earth for some reason* when he noticed a boy and a girl crying)

Tyson: What's the matter? What are your names?

Boy: Well, my name is Hansel, my sister is Gretel...and we're lost, our father abandoned us! We left a trail of breadcrumbs but the birds ate them!

Tyson: Actually, Toto ate them!

Hansel: ???...Will you help us get home?

Tyson: *shrug* I guess so!

(the three of them walk for a little while)

Gretel: HEY! I remember going over that hill on the way here!

Tyson: But what's that on top of the hill?

Hansel: A well you numbskull!

Tyson: I meant beside it!

Gretel: That's...The princess? What's she doing here? And why is she reaching into the well?

Tyson: Excuse me...Princess...but why are you reaching into that well?

Princess: see, I was playing with my golden ball, I got careless and dropped it down here!

Hansel: What can we use to get it out?...

(Another boy and a girl walk up the hill)

Tyson: Who're you?

Boy: I'm Jack and she's Jill, and what the F^&* are you doing at OUR well?

Princess: I've lost my golden ball!

Jill: Too bad! We need to fetch water with this bucket!

Princess: That's IT!! We can use the bucket to get the water!

Jack: But the ball sank down to the bottom of the well, our bucket can't reach that far!

(While everybody is thinking of another solution a frog walks/hops up to them)

Frog: Excuse me...but the Wicked Witch of the West turned me into a frog and-*sees everyone staring at him* What?

(ten minutes later the frog finds himself being lowered by a rope into the well)

Tyson: Just a little further...

Frog: GOT IT!!

(The frog is pulled back up)

Princess: Oh thank you, thank you! How can I ever repay you!?

Frog: *shrug* I guess a kiss will break my curse!

(The princess kisses the frog and the frog transforms into a price)

Prince: Oh fair princess...will you marry me?

Princess: But...I can't marry you in these rags!

Fairy Godmother: That's where I come in!

All: o_0

Fairy Godmother: Princess, I will give a beautiful gown, but you only have until midnight before BOTH spells wear of!

Prince and Princess: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *both rush off to get married*

All: o_0

Tyson: I guess we should be going now!

Jack: Yeah, bye guys!

Tyson: You too!

Hansel: See ya' soon!

Jill: Take care of yourselves!

(Tyson, Hansel and Gretel had entered the woods again when they heard a crash)

Jill: *off in the distance* JACK!!! Your CROWN!!!

Tyson: *shrug* Probably nothing!

(The three of them continue walking until...)

Gretel: LOOK!! It's our house!

(Hansel knocks on the door until the father comes out)

Father: Who is it...HANSEL AND GRETEL!!! How DID you get back!

Hansel: Our new friend Tyson helped us!

Father: Well, thank you Tyson. I feel absolutely TERRIBLE about this! I was tricked by some traveler to trade my ONLY cow for what he said were magic beans...BUT THESE ARE USELESS!! *tosses them out the window* Magic beans indeed...anyway, my wife made me get rid of you due to lack of food...Thanks again Tyson!

Gretel: We'll miss you!

Hansel: Come back and visit sometime!

(Tyson kept walking until he found two wolves, crying)

Wolf 1: So...hungry...

Wolf 2: What are you TALKING about Silver? You got to eat TWO little pigs, I didn't get to eat anything, Little Red Riding Hood's door was LOCKED!!

Silver: Yeah, we I'm OLDER! I need food more than you do Bronze!

Tyson: Eep...I'll away now...

Silver and Bronze: *noticing him* AFTER HIM!!!

(The wolves chase Tyson through the forest)

Tyson: Whoo...I think I lost them...

(Tyson bumps into a pig)

Tyson: OH NO! I'm so sorry, but I'm being chased by wolves and-

Pig: YIPE! We'd better hide in that house there!

Tyson: Isn't that your house?

Pig: Nah, mine's made out of brick

(The two of them rush into the house)

Pig: Phew...the owners aren't home...

(A golden haired girl bumps into them)

Girl: I'm so sorry! I didn't realize I was trespassing...

Tyson: This isn't YOUR house?

Girl: No, I came in here because I was lost...anyway, my name in Goldilocks!

Tyson: I'm Tyson

Pig: I'm...Pig!

Goldilocks: We should really get out of-

(The door opens)

Papa Bear: Who are you!?

Mama Bear: Please tell me you didn't eat the porridge!

Goldilocks: Um...yeah...


Papa Bear: GET OUT!!!

(The three of them are thrown out the door)

Pig: Ouch...*notices Silver and Bronze starring hungrily at them* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(The three of them start running)

Tyson: LOOK! It's a house!

(Seven dwarfs are standing outside a coffin with a girl)

Tyson: What happened?...

Doc: She was poisoned...only the kiss of a prince will wake her...

Tyson: HEY! I know a prince! I'll be right back!

Pig: Be careful of the wolves...though I think we lost them...


Man: I now pronounce you, husband and may kiss the bride!

(The Frog Prince and the Princess are about to kiss when...)

Tyson: HOLD IT!!

Princess: Tyson what is going-

Tyson: *grabs the prince's hand* No time to talk, WE GOTTA GO!!


Pig: HEY! Look, it's Tyson!

Tyson: Yup, I brought the prince!

Prince: *shudder* I REALLY do not feel like KISSING a DEAD person!

Goldilocks: Please?

Prince: Oh fine...*kisses Snow White*

Snow White: Thank you oh kind prince...we should get married!

Prince: NO!! I'm ALREADY married! *runs off*

???: So, we finally found you!

Tyson: Who said?- *sees Silver and Bronze* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

(Tyson, Pig, Goldilocks, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves run away)

Tyson: Quick! This way!

(they all come to a clearing where they see...

Giant: Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English man!

Hansel: I NEVER thought beans could turn into this!

Father: They REALLY ARE magic!

Hansel: HEY! It's Tyson!

Tyson: What's up? Besides the giant!

Hansel: Gretel's been kidnapped by the giant, and we need someone to save her, someone named Jack would be good!

Jack: *with a bandage on his head*: I am REALLY in no condition to climb a beans stalk people!

Little Jack Horner: I'm on HOLIDAY!!! I'm addicted to this plum pie!

Yet another Jack: I guess I'll have to go...

Silver: We'd better go now...

Bronze: Yeah...*they run off*

Jack: *starts to climb the beans stalk*

Everyone: Be careful!

Giant: HEY!! Get back here! Nobody takes MY hostages!

(The giant starts to climb up after Jack and the two of them disappear into the clouds)

Goldilocks: What's taking them so long?

(Jack soon emerges from the clouds carrying Gretel followed by the giant)

Jack: Whoo, solid ground!

Tyson: Leave this to me! *gets his Beyblade ready* Let it RIP!!!

(The Beyblade slices the beanstalk and the giant falls to the ground...dead)

Princess: Tyson! You saved the day!

Tyson: Heh heh heh...

Gretel: Thanks a lot!

Tyson: Ugh...does anybody else feel dizzy?...

Pig: No!

Tyson: Then I guess it's just...*Tyson vanishes*

???: Tyson...Tyson...

Tyson: Huh...Wha...Kenny?

Dizzy: Did you just say feeling dizzy?

Tyson: No...I meant my head and-how did I get here anyway?

Kenny: *shrug* Some guy said he saw you unconscious in this forest! So I went to look for you!

Tyson: Ugh...Thanks...

Nimmi: And the moral of this story is...*drum roll* Always bring a map to Wonderland! See ya' ^_^

The End!