Black Cat Fan Fiction ❯ Forced by Desire ❯ Captured ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Forced by Desire
Chapter 1: Captured
Leon raced through the streets on his flying snowboard, dodging bins and people and ducking into side streets. In the background he could hear the sirens of the police following him.
The police were angry and now wished to kill him simply because some cops had tried to ask him questions and both had dropped dead when they approached him. Leon didn't understand why they were so cranky, well he did but…
Leon smiled as he hid in the shadow of a side street, unaware that someone was watching his every move. The police flew past and soon the sirens faded into the distance. Then he was grabbed from behind, Leon struggled, manipulating the air around him and the attacker but the man didn't falter.
Then he was hit in the side of the head by something metal and really heavy. As the edges of his vision started to blacken and blur, Leon saw a gun slipping into a leg holster, a face with an air mask on and a pair of bright golden eyes, glowing in the darkness. Then his world went completely black.
Train lay the unconscious boy on the ground and wiped the sweat from his head. `Damn that boy could fight' he thought, picking Leon up. Train had what he wanted and now to head to his house where he could deal with Leon in his own way.
Train smiled and disappeared into the shadows, carrying Leon and the board with him. Just under half hour later they arrived at his house, recently bought.
Train looked down on the still unconscious boy, marvelling at the lightly toned skin and body and how the moonlight on his skin made him look vunerable.
He carried Leon inside and laid him on the bed. The room had ten air tanks around in case Leon did his air tricks before Train had his way.