Black Cat Fan Fiction ❯ Ice-cream ❯ Chapter 1

[ A - All Readers ]
Sven, Train and Eve stop at an ice-cream shop to buy a dessert they can hardly afford, but it might be worth it after all.


There was so much variety, so many colors, so many scents, and so many tastes. "Ice-cream..." The word left Eve's lips full of longing. Ice-cream was the first delicious food she remembered eating, that yummy icy treat given to her by the kind green haired man. "Ice-cream..." she wanted more of it, it had been a long time she had some.

"Yeah, yeah, ice-cream," Train licked his lips staring at the rainbow of frozen food behind the glass. "I'm going to get..."

Sven pulled Train away from the glass before he could finish his sentence. "Nothing, we're only here so Eve can get the smallest and cheapest ice-cream, and that's it. We can't afford anything else."

Train's stomach growled in protest, as if it had hastily digested everything it carried to make room for dessert. "Why not?"

"Because you ate too much," Sven replied, that last restaurant bill really put a dent on their budget.

"That one, the pink one, the green one too, and the blue, the black and white, the brown one, the yellow, syrup, strawberries, bananas, peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, yes, just like that." Train and Sven slowly turned their heads towards Eve, who had already ordered her ice-cream. Her eyes sparkled with happiness when she was given the large frozen treat.

"That would be twenty-five dollars for your daughter's ice-cream, sir." Sven's eyes went wide, but he had no choice but to pay for the ice-cream, even if it meant missing out on food the next day. Thus he handed over his last few dollars, too depressed to even bother pointing out that Eve wasn't really his daughter.

"Hmm..." Train turned his attention back to the multitude of ice-cream flavors displayed behind the glass, but Sven dragged him away.

"Don't even think about it, you're too old to pretend to be my son and have me pay for your ice-cream." Sven dragged his companion by the ear towards the table Eve was at, and they both sat down; surprised to see that Eve had not yet touched her ice-cream. "Why aren't you eating?"

"I was waiting," Eve replied, pointing at the extra spoons, "so we could eat dessert together."

Train grinned, happy that Eve was sharing, "kid, you're okay!" Sven smiled; maybe this was worth his last few dollars after all.


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