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“What do you mean that she was kidnapped or is dead?” shouted Ichigo. “We shouldn’t be thinking that she was killed! Orihime must have been kidnapped for sure!” Though the argument was futile against the captains. “There is a 50% chance that she could be alive, her guards recall her stepping though the gate with the Espada. We could have a rescue mission to retriev-” the 6th lieutenant was halted the wooden door opened.

Out stepped four humans-two men and women all dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

The first was a man with brown eyes and hair that reached him shoulder blades. He wore a red and black kimono with a gray obi. “My name is Yoh Asakaura, next to me is my wife Anna,” He pointed to the blonde wearing a blue kimono with white flowers embedded on the bottom with her obi being white. Her head turned towards her husband and they could see her blue eyes that reminded them of crystals. “Beside her is Tamao and the other guy is her husband Hao Askaura.” Tamao wore a green kimono with a sakura tree design and a pink obi; the outfit seemed to fit her perfectly with her long pink tresses and warm red eyes and the pink-ette appeared to be the youngest. Nest to her Hao looked so similar to Yoh that they could have been twins-he wore a tan colored kimono with a white obi.

“We are Orihime’s grandparents, it’s a pleasure to meet you all!” he said with a happy tone while everyone’s expression was of shock (inside/out) excluding the Asakauras. There appearances didn’t even look they were past 30 and they were already grandparents!

“What is the reason that you are here Asakaura-san?” questioned Rukia. “How about we talk somewhere else; I believe this meeting will take a while to settle down, right Anna?” Yoh craned his head to his lover. The only response he got was a simple stare in his eyes. “Alright then, we will go right after we are finished here.” Meanwhile his brother was in his own little conversation…

“Captain Shigekuni it’s good to see you again old friend!” said Hao, his voice sounded like Yoh’s but only deeper. On the monitor, the first captain’s voice verbalized surprise and relief.

“Hao! It’s good to see you, how about we talk when the situation is not so dire.”

“Fine. Goodbye dear friend.”

“Everyone come on, we’re going to Urahara’s place so hurry it up.” snapped Anna. Off they went to the former 12th captain’s home.

Once there all of them sat down while Ririn served them tea.

“There is no need for you all to retrieve Orihime.” stated Anna. Their only response was a “What?” from a majority of the group. This time Tamao placed her two cents in, “She knows what she must do. Orihime and I foresaw these events occurring months ago and we have made preparations concerning the situation. She knew this was going to happen and she followed though with it. Do you want to know why? Because even if my granddaughter did tell you that your previous battles yesterday was a distraction Orihime would have continue the way she had seen the vision. It maybe questioning to you all if you could see into the future and change it to fit your own needs and wants but think. What if Orihime told you and when they came to get her and so many shinigami were there protecting her? It would be strange would it not be? Suspicion would arise if Aizen knew this so we planned for this to happen. Orihime’s mission is to travel to Hueco Mundo and relay information to us. The two of us maybe able to predict what is likely to happen but there is a limit to how much we are able to gather. Due to her being telepathic there will be a slim chance of those in Hueco Mundo to discover it. Her other mission is to insure the seal does not break and … search for herself.”

This left questions to be answers but before anyone could think for a moment Hao spoke, “Orihime knows what to do especially since what she needs to do. My granddaughter was willing to many things you all; even shinigami would not even dare to do. If you all were to choose, would you slip your own soul into thirds?” That was all that was said and the quartet left, even if there were questions that wanted to be answered, it had been when all three of them were present.

More thoughts ran though their conscious…

‘A soul slit into three!’-Yoruichi

‘What did she mean by find herself?’-Matsumoto

‘If she is a foreseer of the future then why was there not a change in her reiatsu?’-Toshiro

More thoughts went on along those lines, but the one thought ran true in their minds- ‘why would she allow herself to split into 3 parts?’

To be continued…


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