Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Too Kind ❯ Chapter 1

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Title: Too Kind
Author: Skimmilk
Warning: companion to Pain, TWT?
Rating: G
Pairings: OC+Ichi
Summary: He always lets them down gently.
Disclaimer: Don't own it, really wish I did.
AN: written in 32 minutes…good, bag, ugly, you decide.
Too Kind
Cautiously, Ichigo took a step back as he opened his shoe locker door. By this time, it was predictable, and he knew what to do. Several chocolates fell out of his locker on to the floor and many more practically hid his shoes from view. Digging through he pile, he pulled out his school shoes. Slipping them on, he resignedly opened his book bag to slip the fallen chocolates into it. Reaching into his locker, he placed the ones he found there, carefully into his bag(noting the ones that came with letters or notes). The normally lightweight bag was bulging at the seams and had curls of sparkling ribbon dangling from the top.
Valentine's Day. A high school boy's favorite day, especially if he liked chocolate. Ichigo liked chocolate more than his slim build would tell, but today was one of his least favorite days of the year.
He was early, deliberately. Slipping into his empty classroom, he pulled out the gifts in his bag, letters and all, and pulled out a piece of notebook paper. He read quickly through the letters and notes, writing down the names(and if mentioned, the grade and class) of the girl(or boy) who had given him the chocolate. It was all part of his three year ritual.
If the giver asked to be met at a certain time and place, he would meet them, those who didn't he would find.
Today was his busiest day of the year.
No one made mention of his hoard of chocolate, this year. They stopped after the first year, when Ichigo had knocked out someone for teasing him about his fifteen some-odd chocolates. When the bell rang, signifying the end of the period—and five minutes till the next—he pulled out one of the chocolates from his bag—brightly wrapped, red and gold, handmade. He moved to the back of the room where Tsukino Asato sat.
She was a pretty, dark-haired, girl. She was a quiet girl that didn't attract attention, usually contenting herself with drawing in a sketchbook during lunchtime. She was aware of someone standing in front of her desk, but thought nothing of it. When they didn't move she looked up. A flush gradually spread across her cheeks as she realized that it was Ichigo standing before her, and her chocolate was in his hand.
“Tsukino-san, can I talk to you in the hall?”
She nodded once, before following him into the hall. They walked awhile away from their classroom(and eavesdroppers) to a section of the science hall that had no class this period.
He held out the chocolate, cheeks flushing like he was the one offering chocolate on Valentine's Day. “Tsukino-san, I…thank you for the chocolate, but I can't accept it.” When she didn't move, he reached for her hand, placing the chocolate gently into her lax fingers.
“…why?” she murmured.
His feet shuffled, uncomfortable, “I appreciate the chocolates, but I can't accept them at this time.” He ran a shaking hand through his hair, scowling, “Right now, there are a lot of things going on with me, and I don't feel that I can return your affections. And I can't accept the chocolates if I can't feel the same way about you.”
She shook her head; it took a lot for her to give him the chocolate, “Are you seeing someone now?”
“No. But if I was…if I could see someone right now, I would like to be able to return your feelings.” He smiled at her gently, an expression normally not seen on his face, “I'm sure that you can find someone who feels the same way as you do. Someone who deserves you more than I do. Thank you.” With a bow, Ichigo turned to leave her standing in the hall.
Before he moved more than a few feet, she said, “…when you can see someone, I'll be waiting, Kurosaki-san.” It was a bold statement, especially coming from her.
He turned to her, and grinned, for a moment her heart seemed to stop. He bowed again, deeper than he had the first time. “I'll remember that, Tsukino-san.”
Ichigo accepted no one's chocolates that year, or any year before. If asked, he ate only two chocolates—excellent chocolates made by his sister Yuzu, and strange chocolates(were they really?) made by his sister Karin.
“Good morning, Tsukino-san.” He stopped by her desk, casually. “You weren't here yesterday or the day before, are you sick?”
She had eaten some bad seafood and had been sick the last week. Wanly, she smiled and nodded, “Good morning, Kurosaki-san. I'm much better now.”
He scowled slightly, rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a notebook, “Do you want to borrow my notes during study?”
She smiled, “Thank you.”
He rubbed the back of his head uneasily, “Anything for a classmate.”
She smiled.
Asato scowled. Something was wrong with Kurosaki-san. Something was very wrong.