Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Understanding, Part 2 ❯ Understanding, Part 2 ( Chapter 1 )

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Tousen felt comfortable around Komamura.
He had been shy, painfully so, before he had become a shinigami. And he had become a shinigami for one purpose only.
Tousen was hardly a fool, and he knew that the path to justice was not always clearly delineated.
Tousen couldn't see anyway.
But Komamura could. Komamura was always calmly accepting of Tousen's blindness; Tousen understood that Komamura was uncomfortable about the way he looked. Komamura never questioned Tousen's fighting prowess, and Tousen never mentioned Komamura's differences.
Komamura fought for Genryuusai. Tousen fought for Genryuusai's justice.
Tousen thought they rather understood each other.