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Note: This is my first attempt at a frantic so pleases bear with me
"So what you're saying is that all the criminals deaths are connected" The young blond on the television confirmed " Yes Christine and threes only one logical explanation for all of this." replayed the old man
The blond named Christine gave the old man a puzzled look then calmly stated with her brows still in and odd wrinkle” So Rob tell me who or what you think is behind all this"
"Kira so you are another believer"
Just then a long annoyed sigh came from a young blue eyed black hair woman known as Diva. For the last three months all the world could talk about was this Kira person and it was making Diva increasingly annoyed and agitated but at the same time she was just as interested in this Kira person as everyone else. Who ever he or she was sounded like a lot of fun and right now Diva needed a good dose of fun.Hiding from her sister Saya was always troublesome but her chevaliers told her it was necessary. Diva knew and understood this after all Saya was out to kill her and Diva also wanted Saya dead but lately Saya seemed different. Their encounter at the zoo proved that.Saya had become weaker then normal. Diva tried not to think much on her sister Saya had been content thorn in her side for almost one hundred and fifty years now.
So to take her mind off Saya she deiced to demand that Amshel find this Kira person and bring him to her and if he wouldn't then she'd have to herself for all she knew it would be a lot of fun. Now that she had made up her mind she just needed to find Amshel.
Diva walked out of the bedroom she was in and down a long corridor. After searching the big house for awhile she got bored and went out side to sing as she walked outside she saw Nathan the owner of this house and many others around the world.Nathan was a man of the theater he loved to produce plays and such.
Diva had never had the patients to sit though an entire play or any thing really.Once it lost her interest she wouldn't mess with it unless to destroy it first.Diva looked at Nathan he was wearing his usual frilly clothes and was smiling like always she looked at his curly blond hair and his cowboy boots yes nothing about him changed in the last thirty years of her sleep he was exactly as she remembered him.
"HM oh Diva dear how are you" he exclaimed in his usual high and happy tone
"I'm fine Nathan where’s Amshel" Diva demanded as she crossed her arms she was becoming more impatient by the moment. Nathan automatically took note of this as he calmly stated "Well my dear I don't know I haven't seen him all day but if there’s any way I can help you I would be more then honored"
Diva deiced to see if Nathan could help after all she can't be expected to wait all day
"There’s someone I want"
Nathan looked interested as he put on finger to his chin and softly inquired "Oh and who is this lucky person"
"Kira" Diva plainly sated Nathan was shocked that god person had caught her attention he was killing criminals she didn't even know if he was cute.
"May I ask why"
"Why else Nathan I'm bored and want someone to play with" Diva was becoming irritated by the minute right at this point she wanted to rip something apart.
Nathan saw the look on her face and knew if he didn't say yes soon he'd end up becoming her next play thing. Nathan knew he didn't want that because Diva was notorious for not taking care of her plaything and throwing them aside once she became bored with them right then Nathan began to feel a little sorry for this person all he could hope is Diva would lose interest in him very soon.
"Of course my queen I'd be an honor to help you"
Diva was automatically ecstatic now all Nathan had to do was find him soon because Diva was in no mood to wait.......
Yagami Light was considered every parents dream child top in his class good to his sister and never once made anyone worry. To Light that life had been nothing but boring until three months ago when a notebook turned up and along with it the creature floating a few feet behind him. Of course no one could see this creature who called him self a shiigami and went by the name Ryuk. It was all cause Ryuk dropped the notebook that’s life had taken a surprising turn. with this notebook Light was bring justices to the world and nothing would stop him not even the detective who went by the name L.
Light looked at his wristwatch to see the time was five-fifty four in the afternoon
"I better get home soon" he spoke very softly "hey hey Light" Ryuk exclaimed coming a little closer to Light
"Yes Ryuk" Light softly said hoping not to attract attention "when we get back to your place can I have an apple please"
For some reason or another that Light couldn't explain and really didn't want to Ryuk had become increasingly addicted to apples. "yes Ryuk I'll make sure you get one"
"OK OK just making sure"
Light hurried home taking a small note of the figure that seemed to be fallowing him 'I'll just have to deal with that later.' he thought as he turned on to the street that lead to his house. He opened the door and took of his shoes as his mother came to greet him.
“Light dear I'm so glad you're home how was school” she asked “Fine” he replied in his usual tone as his sister began to ask for help studying. “Later” was the answer he gave “I have to study to” but Light wasn't going to his room to study no he never did.
As he headed to his room he grabbed the promised apple for Ryuk out of the kitchen then headed upstairs. He opened the door to his room threw the apple to Ryuk then turned on the TV for the six o'clock news while pulling out the coveted notebook. As the names and faces of criminals were displayed on the screen he began to write them down and one by one they all died of heart attacks. As the news ended Light felt better that another batch of criminals was going to but he knew it wasn't enough. It would only be enough when all the criminals were dead and only those worthy to live in the world he was planning to create remained only then would he feel he had fulfilled his purpose in life as God of the New World.
Authors Note: I know its short but its just an intro so again bear with me and please I beg of you comment let me know if its good b or ugly ne Thanks
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