Blood+ Fan Fiction ❯ The Blue Blood ❯ An Evening to Remember ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5-An Evening to Remember
(This chapter contains scenes from Blood+ episode 11 with some alterations for the purpose of this fan-fiction. I do not own any characters that are mentioned in Blood+.)
Haji brought Saya back to the school under the cover of the night. He let her down on the roof top so she could call the Red Shield without any fear of being caught by Ms. Lee. She pulled out the pink phone they had given to her and pressed the speed dial number that brought David's voice on the other end of the connection.
“Saya, what happened?” his tone was full of concern.
“I—I ran away from the war museum.” He grunted to show that he understood. David had postulated that some of the things in the museum would trigger her memory about the incident in Vietnam. “But then the Phantom showed up.”
“Did you find out anything more about the container?”
“No, but the Phantom is actually the Chairman at the school.” She heard some clicking in the background; she realized she was on speaker phone and presumed it to be either Julia or Lewis at the computer.
“Karl Fei-Ong is a known Chevalier of Diva.” Announced Julia on the other line.
“Good work Saya. Now we should begin devising a plan to--” Saya cut David off.
“David, there was also another person there.” There was a pause at the other end of the line; David was unsure of what this meant.
“Do you know who this person was?” The information confounded both him and Julia as they exchanged bewildered expressions.
“She was a girl cloaked in black. The Phantom called her Blue Blood.” Julia swiveled around in her chair. Her eyes wide with disbelief. David returned the look. They both knew what this meant. The silence worried Saya. “Does the name mean anything to you?”
David gathered his bearings and asked “Saya, how would you describe the appearance of this girl you saw.”
“Her face was like that of a doll, but she was a little tanner. She stood at about my height and had tawny hair. Her eyes…” Saya saw the flash of light that they radiated when the girl had looked up at her. “They were as bright as sapphires but they…I don't know…they looked…sad.”
David looked at Julia to reaffirm his suspicions. But he needed to know something else.
“Was she wearing a blue gem around her neck?” Saya tried to remember.
“I—I don't know, I only saw her face for a moment.”
David pulled the phone away from his face and covered it with his hand while he whispered to Julia. “Then it might not be--”
Julia interjected. “How could it not? Saya's description matches the one found in Joel's diary of the Blue Blood. David, we should take this opportunity.”
“You're right.” David put the phone back up to his face. “Saya, you must make contact with this girl again. She could be very valuable to our mission. Do you think you could talk to her again?”
“Yes, I think I could manage that.”
“Good, invite her to the gala tonight. She could prove useful in helping us bring down Karl.”
Saya was not as confident. “But uh David. She didn't—she didn't seem like she wanted to get too involved. How do I get her to--?”
“Do whatever you need to get her there tonight. Saya, it is of the utmost importance that she does not fall into the hands of the enemy. Do you understand?”
“I understand, David.” She pressed the `End' button and yawned. Saya sighed heavily; she knew this was going to be a difficult task. But she looked forward to meeting the Blue Blood again. There was something about her that Saya wanted to understand. Saya felt that somehow she held the answers to her past. For the time being, Saya silently crept back into her room and lied down in her bed without Min ever waking, a bit anxious for the day ahead and her next encounter with the mysterious, cloaked girl that was revered as the Blue Blood.

Classes were cancelled for the day because everyone needed to prepare for the big ball that evening. Saya knew that this gave her the perfect opportunity to slip away and invite the Blue Blood to the gala. After some inquiry from her friends at breakfast, Saya snuck out into the courtyard. There she met Haji and they walked to the chapel together. When they had made sure that no one was looking their way, Haji wrapped his arm around Saya's waist and carried her up to the top of the bell tower.
Saya stood on the ledge and hoped that the girl's promise had been true. The wind picked up and blew Saya's bangs across her face. Her white dress rippled against the wind. Saya put her hand on the side of the one of the pillars and looked down on the garden below. Her eyes wandered to the blue roses that were intertwined around the structure that held the container.
“Saya.” Haji urged her; they did not have much time to do this before their absence was noticed. She nodded her head in response.
“Right.” She faced the blue sky once more and spoke softly into the gentle breeze. “Blue Blood.”
They waited a moment, but nothing happened. Saya opened her mouth to speak to Haji but then something hit the roof above them. Saya was startled and took a few steps back into the tower closer to Haji. She backed away from the ledge and almost tripped over it. Haji caught her and pulled her onto her feet. Simultaneously, a cloaked girl swung in from where Saya had been standing moments before. The girl landed just inches from Saya and they stood face to face while Haji still propped up Saya's arms.
Her hood was down and her amber hair looked even lighter in the sun's light. The fabric was loosened around her neck and now revealed a sparkling blue gem that was held on a black ribbon. Saya knew this must have been the jewel that David had asked about earlier. Saya stood still in awe.
“You called.” Saya allowed herself to stand up straight now and Haji took a few steps back to allow them their space. Saya was unsure of how to proceed. She had so many questions; she knew she had a mission, but it didn't seem very logical to just invite this girl, whom she hardly knew, to a gala where she was merely a guest as well. She felt that the truth would be the only way to go about this matter.
“There are so many things that I cannot remember. But you…I know you. I remember seeing you, in a garden somewhere. You were singing and I…”Saya dropped her eyes. She was spilling out her soul to a stranger. But it seemed right, Saya knew that she had met this girl before and there was an important connection between them. She lifted her eyes to meet the dazzling blue gaze of the girl before her but the innocent expression that Saya held was overpowering. “Who are you?”
The Blue Blood's eyes widened and then she turned her face away. No longer did her expression convey an intimidating show of power, but rather the sadness of a lifetime. Saya tried to appeal to her.
“Please. I have to know.” The girl met Saya's gaze and sighed heavily. She was letting go of a secret that she had held from Saya all her life.
“I'm--” She hesitated, but Saya's childlike face made her falter and relent. “I'm your mother's sister. My name is Aina. I—I'm your aunt.”
Saya didn't know what to make of this.
“My—my mother?”
“Her name was Deyanira.”
“Was?” Saya did not understand. “What happened to her?”
“Your mother…died.” Aina caught the questioning eyebrow that Haji raised at her. Her eyes shifted back to Saya; she could tell that her niece was slowly grasping the concept.
“Then you're…you're like me?”
“My blood kills the Chiropteran just like yours does.” Saya perked up at the news. She was elated by that fact that she did not have to be alone in this fight.
“Then you can help us!”
Aina sighed once more. She shook her head. There was so much that her niece did not, could not, understand. “No. See my blood may be like yours. But I am not like you. I cannot work for the Red Shield.”
“But how did you know--” Saya questioned but Aina cut her off.
“I know more about the Red Shield than you do right now.”
Saya was confused; Aina's words did not make sense to her. “But if your blood is lethal to them then why don't you help us kill Chiropterans and bring peace?” Aina's face turned serious and her tone was stern, almost scolding.
“Saya, you do not bring about peace by killing.”
“But Chiropterans are monsters, they threaten all of humanity.” Aina let her composed mask break for a moment.
“And what about you, Saya? Do you think that the humans don't regard you as a monster as well?” She scoffed at Saya. “Humans are just as monstrous. Uncaring, unfeeling, un-accepting. We protect them Saya, but do we receive any thanks. Humans are fragile. Too fragile for our world. As much as I hate to admit, it's possible that we are not fit to coexist. ”
Saya's voice was gentle and comforting to the old queen. “I don't believe that. Humans have so much to offer us that I don't believe the Chiropteran world has.”
“And what can the world of men possibly offer me?! A Chiropteran Queen!” Aina threw her hands up in the air. She had gone through this argument so many times in her head that it seemed almost pointless fighting with Saya now. But now her niece spoke with wisdom that Aina had never known since she was younger.
“Well, for me it's…love…and a family.” Aina looked at Saya in surprise. She knew the words to be correct, but they were truths that she had forgotten for so long, or that she simply had not wanted to remember. They stood in silence; Aina pondered what her niece had said. All three of them heard the creaking of stairs from below.
“Saya.” Haji warned. She nodded her head at him and then turned back towards her aunt.
“Help us, won't you?” Saya pleaded. Aina hesitated and made an indecisive face. “At least come to the gala tonight at the school so we can talk more.” Aina was reluctant, but she accepted.
“All right, but I--”
“Great.” The creaking grew louder. Haji grabbed Saya and prepared to leave the tower. She called out as the jumped off the ledge. “See you tonight.”

Aina jumped onto the roof of the bell tower and crouched down. The person left but she continued to ponder. She was intrigued by the invitation `A gala...'
Karl arrived at his office with dismay. He had been dreading having to make this call. He pulled the phone off of its receiver and dialed the intended number. The same cool, tranquil voice always answered the phone; the tone never wavered.
“Hello, Karl.” He gulped, but didn't want to alert Solomon to his obvious nervousness.
“Solomon. I had a bit of a situation last night.” He closed his eyes, afraid of the reaction, though he knew Solomon would never even raise his voice.
“Oh? What happened?” Solomon's inquiry was only half hearted. Karl could tell, but he knew that the news would enrage Solomon, even if he didn't outwardly convey his fury.
“I was trying to deal with the one who has been sneaking around the container but then I was cut short by an unexpected intervention.” Karl did not wish to proceed. To speak the words aloud would have meant certain demise and he hoped the Solomon would correctly conclude what he was alluding to.
“And who was it?” Solomon felt as though he was pulling out teeth. Karl's reluctance was grating on his nerves. Solomon was not even thinking about the obvious implication. He would not let himself. He would not let himself go through that again. He would not allow himself…to hope.
The Blue Blood.”
The name chilled Solomon's blood. His eyes widened and he almost allowed the phone to slip out of his grip. His jaw dropped slightly and he was completely still. He had always resented how the other Chevaliers referred to her, but he spoke the name in his head. `Aina…' The very sound brought a wave of memories to his mind. A hundred cold embraces. A thousand empty kisses. A hollow life. He knew that his human life with her was only a tiny portion of what he now experienced. Just a fraction of the love he felt for his queen; he rationalized.
“Solomon?” His silence had worried Karl.
“So then what is the problem, Brother?”
“I fear she may be working with the other queen.”
“And why would you say that?” Solomon already knew the answer, but Karl had to admit to himself that what he was doing was considered wrong in the eyes of his brothers.
“Because she rescued Saya from my attack.” Karl relented. Solomon nodded in satisfaction.

“I will come to your gala tonight. Continue as planned. Don't worry. You leave the Blue Blood to me. I shall see you this evening, Karl.” He gently placed the phone back on its stand. Solomon smiled to himself. Tonight would prove to be entertaining.
Aina stood at the mirror in her hotel room. Her eyes traced the face that the glass reflected. If her body aged, she knew there would have been lines etched around her eyes and mouth; worn creases that turned her countenance into a permanent scowl. She touched the perfectly smooth skin and sighed. She hung her head and clutched the sides of the countertop. She closed her eyes and listened to her own breathing. What was each breath bringing her closer to? Not death. Time did not affect her. So then what was she living for? That was the question that she had been struggling to answer through the centuries.
Aina opened her eyes and her gaze traveled to the faucet on the sink. She twisted the knob and cold water came rushing out. Cupping her hands, she splashed the water onto her face. The icy water did not wake her up any more. It collided with her skin. She turned the water off and looked at herself now. Her bangs were soaked and she looked more intimidating than before. She grabbed the towel next to her on the counter and padded her face with it. She left the bathroom area and threw the towel behind her.
Aina picked up the garment bag off the queen sized bed in her room. She had bought the dress this afternoon, just for this occasion. She couldn't help feeling a sense of eagerness and anxiety for the night's events. Aina unzipped the bag and pulled out an elegant black ball gown. She ran the fabric through her fingers; smiling to herself. She caught herself smiling and let her muscles relax into a more melancholic expression. Sighing, she laid the dress back on the bed and walked out the glass doors to the balcony.
Aina inhaled the warm Vietnam night air. A full moon hung high in the sky and she leaned her arms on the railings of the balcony. Her fingers brushed against the roses that bloomed in the potted trough that ran along the railing. In the short week that she had stayed in the room, the roses had begun to reflect a shade of cerulean in their petals. She took one between two of her fingers and breathed its sweet scent.

Aina let her fingers wrap around the stem and snap it off, cleanly breaking it from the roots. She did not break the thorns but left them on the flower, the way they should be. She returned inside her room and laid the rose on the dresser as she got herself ready for the ball.
Aina walked up to the gate that was the entrance to the school. There were no more cars pulling up to it; all the other guests had already arrived. She wore her cloak with the hood up. The two bouncers were dressed nicely in crème colored suit jackets. She smirked a bit at the outfits, but continued past them. They eyed her cautiously but when they realized that she wasn't going to stop, one placed his hand on her shoulder and cried “Hey!”
She hastily swiveled to meet his gaze. Her blue eyes ablaze. Both of the men took a step back; awed, mesmerized, and fearful. Aina grinned at the reaction and pushed the gate open. It slammed behind her and the men resumed their positions as if nothing had happened at all.
Already she could hear the orchestra playing the classics while the murmur of voices mingling and socializing filled the air. She entered the large lobby and gave her cloak to the coat check. Underneath it, she wore an off-the-shoulder black ball gown with blue fabric underneath that was revealed by a slit in the top layer, accented by a lighter blue line that ran down the length of the dress. There were a few muted gasps but she did not pay attention. She continued into the ballroom. It was lit up with sparkling chandeliers and there were platters of food everywhere.
A waiter passed by carrying a tray of filled champagne glasses. Aina gracefully took one from him and hastily gulped it down. `I must be out of my mind for coming tonight. Why am I even here? I should leave before I do something I will regret.' She turned to leave, but then her ears tuned in to a conversation from across the room.
“Oh my gosh, imagine the Phantom attending our party!” The girl sighed and so did Aina. All the girls that attended the school seemed to be talking about was their beloved, mysterious Phantom. She scoffed…if only they knew. The girl continued, “Just thinking about him makes my heart race.” Such talk disgusted Aina. So immature and naïve. But then the girl caught her attention. “So, where's Saya?” Aina quickly turned her head in the direction of the young lady.
She saw a girl with a blue dress, her hair held in pigtails by two orange scrunchies. `How juvenile…' Aina glanced at her friends. One had short black hair, wearing a purple halter dress that was fashioned with a pink rose at the top. A lot of the girls seemed to be wearing roses tonight. The one next to her was a bit stouter with long, dark brown hair wearing a green dress and a matching scarf. The last one wore a ruffled marigold gown with a navy blue ribbon tied around the waist and her brown hair was pinned up while her simple brown eyes were framed by circled glasses. It was this girl who spoke next.
“Well she was almost ready when I left. I'm sure she'll be here. She's just fashionably late.” Aina started to make her way to the door just behind them and decided to stand in the shadows, where she felt more comfortable. The girl looked around the room and quickly spotted her target. She began waving her arm in the arm and exclaimed, “Uh Saya! Over here!” Aina followed her line of sight and found her niece wearing an off the shoulder puffy pink dress. She had a great disdain for the color, but had to admit that it looked rather fitting on Saya. Heads turned in Saya's direction as she made her way to her friends. A flurry of whispers started up in the room. Aina couldn't help but pick up bits and pieces of conversation. Most emitted the foul aroma of jealousy.
Saya was greeted by the one in gold. “Saya, I'm so glad that you made it.” Her hand was over her chest and she could not help blushing.
“I'm just a little embarrassed.” Aina couldn't help but feel a maternal instinct to protect Saya from all the peering eyes and smirks. But she also felt the urge to giggle at Saya's trivial bout of embarrassment.
Her friend comforted her. “What? Are you kidding? You look fabulous in that dress!”
“You think so?” Saya smiled weakly, trying to believe her friend's words.
“Well good evening girls.” Aina's attention was pulled to a blonde in a baby blue dress with puffy sleeves and satin gloves holding a fan over her face. She instantly felt a great deal of animosity. The girl's very presence screamed `Flatter me'. Aina rolled her eyes in disregard. As she approached Saya with her minions, Aina spotted a flower in her hair. Aina had heard the stories around the school and how all the girls were obsessed with blue roses because of the Phantom. It made her laugh hysterically on the inside. This girl did not wear a rose, but the blue flower indicated to Aina that she had a desire to be chosen by the Phantom; probably as a form of self fulfillment.
The blonde had sauntered over to Saya and her friends before she stopped. “Girls, don't you find it odd that the supposed most beautiful girl in the school, hand picked by the Phantom to receive a blue rose, would wear that?” The girl scoffed and Aina narrowed her eyes in annoyance.
One of Saya's friends placed her hands on her hips and stepped forward; her tone indignant. “What do you mean?! I happened to have loaned her that dress myself, Blondie!”
The girl turned away, sounding sarcastically apologetic. “Oh, I am so sorry. I do apologize if I offended you.” She stepped forward and whispered more urgently. “Girls, let's go.”
Aina kept an eye on the blonde one as she traveled across the dance floor, but she just stopped and continued to talking to people from behind her tacky, feathery, blue fan. Her attention was drawn back to Saya and her friends where they were fussing over some chicken. The aroma of the food reached Aina. She hadn't really fed in so long. Aina didn't have the support of the Red Shield's blood bank on hand and she had to make dew with what she could get, often that was either animals or when she felt she could no longer handle it, she would pick someone up from a dark alley in the dark of night and take only a pint or so, she would never run someone dry. She had lived long enough to control her thirst when she drank straight from the vein.
Aina heard the girl in the ruffled marigold dress exclaim, “Saya, come on, don't worry about it. It's our big night, we're together. Let's have some fun!”
Saya nodded in agreement, “Yes, you're right, thanks.”
From the shadows, Aina frowned. She had not been given the opportunity to have fun in a long time. She envied Saya; she couldn't remember and so she could actually be a normal human girl at times. Aina's memories plagued her. No matter how much she wanted to, she would not be human again, she could not pretend anymore to hide what she was from them; humanity had betrayed her trust too many times already. But she couldn't trust all Chiropterans. That is why she sought Saya out. Aina knew deep down that the reason she had even come to Vietnam and had saved Saya from the Phantom that night was so she wouldn't feel lonely anymore. Aina had wandered the Earth for ages; her life interrupted only by the shrinking periods of time when her body required her to go into a deep sleep. She had come to Saya, looking for a place where she could actually belong. Aina knew it, but she didn't dare to hope. Saya was too closely connected to humans and the Chiropterans, Aina didn't know how she did it, but then again, amnesia does help ease the mental and emotional pain.
Saya's friends had dispersed and gone to dance with the various young gentlemen present at the gala. Saya stood in the corner closest to Aina, leaned up against the wall eating a piece of chicken leg. Aina took a deep breath and stepped out of the shadows of the garden and crossed the threshold into the ballroom. Saya glanced her way and immediately stood up straight, away from the wall. She hastily swallowed the piece of chicken that she had been chewing.
Saya smiled at her and placed the leg on a plate on the table next to her. “You came.” Saya looked her up and down. “You look beautiful!”
Aina mumbled out a thank you. “Saya, I don't…” She looked into Saya's innocently expectant eyes. Aina turned from her gaze; her reluctance was clear. “This just doesn't feel right.”
“Why not?” Aina faced Saya, her eyebrows were pointed in oblique angles, she did not want to hurt Saya's feelings.
“Saya, I don't wish to get involved with Diva and her Chevaliers. They—I--” she couldn't finish her sentence. Although it had been decades, the wound felt fresh. Speaking the words aloud would be like ripping off the clotted flesh of a bad cut. If she went through with it, then the blood and the tears would flow freely, and there would be no stopping it. Aina took a deep breath. “What they did…I just--”
“Saya.” They both heard a low voice speak. Aina turned around swiftly and stood by Saya's side now. They watched as David and Julia approached them. Saya's face lit up.
“Mr. David and Ms. Julia!”
Aina closely watched their eyes. But there was no surprise in them. She did not sense any awe, perhaps they did not know that she was the Legendary Blue Blood from Joel's diary? Had Joel not mentioned her in the book? `No…he must have. Even just in passing. They know who I am…perhaps they simply don't want to startle me'
David greeted them first. “Saya, I see you brought our guest.” He shook Aina's hand politely; he had a firm grip which she returned to him in full. “Pleased to meet you, Miss Aina.”
“Always a pleasure to meet members of the Red Shield.” She lied. David ignored it.
“Aina, we have asked you to the gala tonight in order to enlist your help against Diva and her Chevaliers. I will make this brief. We have tried with Saya alone, but your aid in this matter would be greatly appreciated. We know you have been reluctant to come in contact with us in the past, but now we beseech your assistance to put a stop to the violence. Will you join the Red Shield?”
Aina was speechless. She hadn't expected David to be so forthcoming in asking her. Certainly she had pondered this subject, but she had never come to a definitive solution. Tonight would be a test.
“Let us see how tonight goes; it shall be a trial run.”
David seemed satisfied with her answer and turned to Saya now.
“So where's the Phantom, Saya?”
“He hasn't resurfaced tonight. Haji's also been on the lookout but he hasn't seen him either.”
David quit his suspicious wandering of his eyes and turned back towards Saya.
“I see.”
Julia interjected. “Do you think that maybe the Phantom might not show up tonight because Saya saw his face in Hanoi and Aina knows him as well?”
“As the school's chairman, Karl has always taken full advantage of the connections he establishes at this school to further his influence throughout Vietnam. So there is no way he would not show up tonight.” He faced Saya and looked sternly at her. “Saya, Aina, if either of you see Karl tonight, don't take your eyes off of him, do you understand? And this time…take the Phantom out.”
Saya nodded her head. “Yes.” Aina did not respond, but David took her silence as a confirmation.
“Right now I'm going down to the cellar. I need to search for the container Saya told me about. Julia, you know what to do.”
“I'm on it.”
“Let's go.” Both Julia and David departed out of the ballroom through the door behind them and disappeared into the darkness of the school grounds.
Aina heard Saya sigh and she took pity on the young girl. She could sense Saya's anxiety. She placed a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder.
“Don't be so nervous Saya. Just try to relax, okay?”
Saya mumbled, “I'm sorry.”
“Don't worry, the Phantom will be here and we will catch him.”
Saya seemed to be comforted at the mention of the word `we'. She relaxed knowing that she would no longer be alone in her fight against Chiropteran, at least for tonight. If all went well, then Aina might actually stay in the Red Shield and help Saya. The pressure would be lessened off of Saya's shoulders. She smiled at Aina; relieved by her presence. Aina smiled back.
A flurry of whispers started up around them. She heard girls quietly exclaiming, “Who's that?”, “Oh my gosh!”, “He's so dreamy!”. Aina's smile faded and her eyes grew wide. She did not have to look in the direction of the attraction to know what was happening. She felt herself wanting to shrink and become invisible. She began shouting inside her head for her legs to carry her far, far away, but they did not budge; they would not listen. She heard the giggling and squealing crescendo but she felt as though her heart were sinking into despair. Now she knew that the words she had uttered to Saya only moments ago would hold false…this night would be far from easy…