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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Proving It! Anime Style
Mission 2: Big Doggie Form.
(Camera pans to show Avi and Tzuki standing outside the bathroom door dressed in short kimonos of violet. Avi's has a scarlet obi, Tzuki's a black one and they have Greek looking sandals that lace up to their knees. Their hair is up in chopsticks and Avi is holding a clipboard with a few papers attached that look like they may have been folded at one time. The girls are discussing something when they suddenly notice the camera. Avi turns a big smile towards the camera as she passes the clipboard to Tzuki.)
“Hello there!” She greets with enthusiasm. “And welcome to episode 2 of Proving It! Today we begin the first in hopefully a long line of missions sent to us by you, the fans!” She points to the clipboard as Tzuki flips through the papers in concentration. “Well Tzuki, what are we doing this time?”
“I believe we'll be seeing Inu-Chan again.” Tzuki replies, clipping a letter on top of the pile. “Yume Keki wants to know if, since Fluffy has a big doggie form, does Inu-Chan have one too? Well Yume, we'll be sure and find out for ya!” Tzuki reassures the camera, poofing the clipboard off to hammer space, an otaku's best friend.
The camera follows the girls as they enter the bathroom and pour some sparkly stuff into the bathtub. The tiny capful slowly spreads until it fills the bathtub up with sparkling, swirling colors. Avi turns to the camera and smiles cheekily, holding up the bright pink bottle with silver lettering on it in big swirly letters. “Vortex in a Bottle! Only 39.95 for 12 ounces!” Then turns back to the bathtub and takes a deep breath.
“INUYASHA!” She screams into the stuff and the vortex turns completely pink, which is a sign it has tuned into whatever dimension told to. The bottle goes to hammer space and Avi and Tzuki jump in, the camera follows, fuzzes out and then fuzzes back in.
“Are we good? Did the camera survive??” Tzuki asked as they now stand in a forest clearing. She took a good sniff around and pointed north. “He be that a way captain!”
“Thank you mate!” Avi replied and began following her sister.
“Okay…. so how are we going to prove, or disprove this?” Tzuki asked, looking at Avi skeptically.
“Easy! We ask! And then, we use that Jedi Mind trick that Obi-wan taught us and they'll never remember we were here.” Avi explained, nonchalantly.
(These girls have traveled EVERYWHERE they possibly could okay? So remember to ask about anything and if they can, they'll prove it, or disprove it in some cases.)
“Okay…” Tzuki looked at her skeptically before they came upon the traveling group of Kagome, Sango, Shippou, Miroku and of course, Inu-yasha. Inuyasha looked at them and cringed.
“Inu-Chan!” Rang from their moths in a squeal as he was tackled by both in a bear hug. He had the swirly eyes when the girls got up from him and greeted the others with hugs, carefully avoiding Miroku's wandering hands.
“Ahem!” Avi cleared her throat loudly as everyone was talking now like the old friends they were and Inuyasha was grumbling about her and Tzuki's being here being a BAD thing. Everyone ignored her, even Tzuki who was chatting up with the others.
“SHUT IT!” Every shut up immediately and looked at her wide eyes. “Thank you. Tzuki, we have a job to do, remember?”
“Oh yeah…heh. Inu-Chan, we have a simple little question to ask you before we flitter off again.”
“What…?”He asked hesitantly, leaning against a tree and eyeing the girls warily.
“Can you turn into a big doggie in your demon form like Fluffy can??” Avi blurted out.
Inuyasha just stared at them in disbelief. Had she just asked him what he thought she'd asked him?? He took a deep breath and the girls cringed because they thought he was going to scream at them and then chase them around for a bit just to spite them.
Now the girls stared at him in disbelief. He wasn't mad, he didn't yell, and he didn't chase them around in anger just because he could.
“Uh...well…okay then. We'll just be on our way, lots more stuffs to do.” Avi replied, slowly turning and walking away with wide eyes.
“Yeah, what she said. Well, bye guys! We'll come visit again soon!” Tzuki yelled back as she followed her sister back to the clearing they'd appeared in.
Avi looked into the camera with wide eyes, and Tzuki prepared the portal home in a water trough she'd just happened to have handy in, you guessed it! Hammer space!
“Well…there you have it Yume, he apparently doesn't. Or he does and just doesn't know it yet, but I guess for now, it's a no. Thanks for the question and to everyone else, Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Proving It! Anime Style! Okay Tzuki, lets get our butts home, Jack's expecting us.”
“For what?”
“I have no idea but since it's him…. you know there will be rum, and fun.”
The camera goes fuzzy at this point and credits air, then the scene goes black.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hehehe)))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
All right kiddies, that's it for that episode. Please continue to send in your questions! We'll keep proving it…or disproving it as best we can. Night!
~Avi and Tzuki~