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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It IS a Tail!

By SonKalia and her Best Friend, soon to be authoress Princess Zuzuko.

In all Actuality we found a picture online that proved Fluffie's………fluffy thingy, does in fact attach to his ass. The site was, and of course, its under "Sesshomaru" so you can go and check it out yourself.

So, one day two best friends and pioneering Authoresses called SonKalia and Princess Zuzuko decided they wanted to prove that Sesshomaru's fluffy thingy really was a tail. Being that both girls had phenomenal powers and were both half demons, don't ask me why but they just were, the girls called forth a portal to Inu-Yasha's world in SonKalia's bath tub. After deciding on wearing there most wonderful outfits which consisted on a red peasont top and a flowing purple skirt for SonKalia and a black flowing skirt and red peasant top for Princess Zuzuko, both wearing a scarf royal blue scargs tied around there waists, and putting there hair in a purple headband for Kalia and a black one for Zuzuko, the girls were ready to go and prove the legend! So both girls Jumped into the watery swirl of flashing lights and black and silvery swirly thingys. They landed in a clearing where Inu-yasha + com. Were watching Sesshomaru who was walking towards them.

"Dude! Its fluffy!" SonKalia exclaimed thought somewhat quetly as she dusted herself off with clawed hands.

"I know! So how are we gonna do this?" Princess Zuzuko asked, doing the same as her friend.

"Umm………I dunno, it was your idea!" SonKalia answered.

"Uh! It was not! It was your idea!" Princess Zuzuko rounded on SonKalia.

"Nu-uh, it was yours!"

"No, yours!"

"NO Yours!"

"NO Yours!"






"No Mine!" PZ[ and SonKalia will now be referred to as SK] replied suddenly and SK laughed.

SK: Hah! You fell for that stupid not-too argument trick!

PZ: What! Grrr, well, since it was my idea, you get to do the honors.

SK: Nani! That's not right………but alright. I love a challenge. Wait here.

SK ran out into the clearing and slowed to a sneak behind Sesshomaru. `lets see now………' suddenly Sesshomaru was tackled from behind by the kitty halfbreed while standing a mere 10 feet away, PZ , the wolf halfbreed was laughing her ass off.

SK: Sorry Seshomaru-chan but this is for every fan girl who wanted to know. PZ get your ass over here and help me!

PZ ran over to help her friend while Sesshomaru looked ready to kill, in fact, if looks could kill, the entire forest would have been dust.

Fluffy: Would you two KINDLY GET OFF OF ME!!!!


SK: Forgive me for this………

One hand found the fluffy thing and followed it around until………

SK: UREKA! PZ I told you it would work.

Fluffy: EEEP! `her hand is on my butt!!!' Remove your hand!! [meekly after seeing the girls glares] please?

SK: Dude, PZ did you remember to bring the camera?

PZ: [whips out really cool video camera and turns it on] ready and rolling girly.

SK: cool! [smiles at camera and slaps Sesshomarus butt once for good measure, okay so she always wanted to do that.] hello there all my favorite fanfgirls and guys out there. SonKalia here with the first ever addition of `Proving It Anime Style!' Today I and my bestest ever buddy Princess Zuzuko have set out to prove that the fluffy thingy of Sesshomaru-chan's is in fact, His tail. I give you proof that it is attached to his ass. [PZ zooms in to where SK's hand is on Sesshi's behind.] As you can see, the tail as it will now be reffered to as, actually goes around the shoulder from the front of the body and through the Kimono/gi thingy and does in fact grow from the tail bone spot and umm, yeah.

PZ: SK, get your hand off his butt!

SK: Spoil sport. Anyway, and to think you for being so very cooperative with us Mr. Sesshomaru, you get a special treat.

PZ sets the camera down on a rock that is high and far enough away to show both girls with Sesshomaru and runs over as she and SK help the demon lord up from his former position of eating grass and dirt. Slowly he dusts himself off and stares at the pretty girls in front of him who are both merely 15.

PZ: Okay, so for being so cooperative with us Sesshomaru-sama, we have a special parting gift for you.

Seshi: [looks a bit freaked out]

PZ: [stands on tip toes, grabs his armor by the chest plate and gives him a real whopper of a kiss on the lips. Then waves goodbye and runs to grab the camera.]

SK: [ grabs armor and frenche's Sesshomaru then waves goodbye to the camera] This is SonKalia and Princess Zuzuko signing off and saying, tune in for the next episode of Proving It Anime Style! Bye!

Both girls dissapear in a mass of swirling glittery silver and white and rainbow colors and end up back in in SonKalia's bath tub.

SK: Well, that was interesting. [smirks]

PZ: You frenched the poor thing didn't you.

SK: maaaaaaaaybe.

PZ: Oh well, lets go edit this and get it out to the public.

Both girls exit the bathroom and walk out of site down the hallway. Leaving the Inu-yasha realm to ponder the two freaky halfbreeds that just got away with kissing the Demon Lord of the Western Lands. Sesshomaru didn't come out of his daze for another 20 minutes either.

So, whaddya think? Was it funny enough for ya's. there was OOCness and everything. I hope you all enjoyed and please feel free to review me, Please!?