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Authors Notes: This is more of a prequel/side story to “Memories Of Yesterday and Today” and you don’t have to read the other to get this.(since it takes place earlier) It takes place shortly after Riku’s death and during the time Kai and the others first meet Gray and Monique at the orphanage. This will be a short story chapter wise but it will fill in some much needed background information.
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How could this happen? How could he let this happen?

The scene of Riku’s death played over and over again in Kai’s head like a broken record not leaving him with a seconds rest. He-no they had been powerless to stop as Diva took the last bit of innocence from his little brother. Irene to, had been there but was unable to do anything, not even Saya or Haji had been able to help. At least Irene had put up a fight, however futile. What had he done? Kai had tried, but it wasn’t enough he wasn’t strong enough he had been..


The realization was painful to admit, but true.

Joel withered on the ground in pain every once in a while, his legs had been badly damaged by Carl’s attack and no one had any real medication to ease the pain. Irene was by him, her face hooded as she tried to help Joel any way she could; even if wasn’t much. David sat by Lewis, oddly more passive then he was normally. He simply looked out the window, face unblinking as he thought of something only he himself knew.

Is Saya..ok? Kai couldn’t help but wonder about his adopted younger sister. She had been in the large explosion of what was once been Red Shield Base. Saya couldn’t die, Julia said only Diva’s blood could kill her. So then, why did he feel so shaken, so unsure? He would have even been grateful to see Haji at the moment, annoying him with his cello when he was trying to sleep.

Irene, seeing there was nothing she could do for Joel stood up, moving to Kai’s side without a word spoken between the two. She was unsure what to say, or even if she should say anything during the silent flight. Instead she merely let Kai know he wasn’t alone, that even if Riku and Saya had truly met their end, she was there for him.

It didn’t look like Kai noticed Irene presence but he did, and was grateful for it. It was comforting to know that even while his world had been torn apart and turned upside down, he had someone else to keep him going. He was glad she had chosen to stay with them instead of going with her fellow Sif and surprising not many protested as much. Karman had been a different story but grudgingly he let his little sister go, but promised he would check up on her, as would the other Sif.

He didn’t know what do anymore, he felt lost and confused with no direction. His father wasn’t around to part any words of wisdom, and he no longer had a brother to protect. Still, he knew this wouldn’t last forever and that things would get better but part of him didn’t believe that. A part of him wanted him to give up, give in and just go into a corner and never come out. But he couldn’t, he still had things he needed to take care of..and he had at least one more person left to protect even if they didn’t need it.

The ride continued on in the silence of their losses.

* *

Joel had been turned into the nearest hospital once they arrived at their destination. Irene, Kai and Lewis however had somewhere they were going to be taken. David didn’t talk or say to much during the whole time, which wasn’t uncommon but the others couldn’t help but feel there was something more to it. It was nigh time when they arrived, but Irene still kept her hood securely over her head, more of a habit of personal safety then anything else.

Out of all of the places they had anticipated, none would guess that the place they would be staying in would be an orphanage, much less one for war orphans. David didn’t explain himself even when they reached the door step and knocked, waiting. For a moment, nobody opened the door before a man around his fifties walked out. He had hair to the side but was bald on the top and the hair he did have had slightly faded to grey. Despite his tallness, there was an gentle, friendly air about him with old knowing eyes that had seen far to much.

Irene almost instantly liked him.

“David, what’s wrong?” The man asked, seeing his former student like he was now bothered him.

“I’ll explain once we get inside.” It was simple and short, but seemed tired.

Nodding, the older man moved aside for his guest, gently ushering them to come inside. It wasn’t overly-decorated but the place was very well kept together and had a nice ‘home’ feeling to the whole place. David and the mysterious older man went to talk alone in another room, of what no one could really say.

Kai was quite and this worried Irene and Lewis. He hadn’t really as much said much of anything since the horrible ordeal, instead he did what he always did; kept the pain inside and bottled it up. It wasn’t an healthy thing to do, but Kai was frustratingly stubborn when he wanted to be. If he didn’t want to speak about it, then he wouldn’t and there would be nothing they could do.

“You three guest?”

The voice didn’t belong to anyone the three knew. A blonde-haired woman walked slowly down a series of stairs, her hair slightly short but it was a look that complimented her. She, much like the old man seemed to have a kind aura about her.

Lewis nodded, seeing the other two weren’t up to talking for their own reasons. “Yeah. We ran into to some trouble so we’re staying here with David’s instructor, Gray. Its nice to meet you young miss, I’m Lewis.” He glanced at the two, expectantly under his shades.

“Um...I’m Irene.”

The red-head was hurting a lot at the moment and didn’t feel like socializing. “Kai. Do you have a place I can rest? I’m kind of sleepy right now.”

“Upstairs are a few guest rooms..” Kai walked past the blonde-haired woman after giving a brief thanks and disappeared up the stairs.

“Don’t mind Kai, he’s going through a tough time right now.” Lewis said, stopping Irene from following him and saying something only she could hear.

She regained her composure quickly. “No its fine. I’m Monique. Are you two hungry? We have more food then what we know what to do with.”

Lewis chuckled. “Lead the way young miss. I don’t know about my friend here, but I’m hungry enough to eat a horse.”

Irene didn’t think humans ate horses, but she had learned something new that day.

The taller man clapped a hand on the Sif’s shoulder. “You could use some food to.” Lewis was trying to include her, mainly to try to keep Irene from getting depressed like Kai currently was. So far, it seemed to be working.

Not like Irene had to much of a choice in the matter, she soon found herself in the company of Lewis and Monique.

The Sif found their company enjoyable that night.

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< b>Authors: Short, but it was simply an intro chapter. Not to worry, Kai will be back to himself but he has to pick himself up first since everything happened so recently. Just a side note, I said on my other story I stopped watching Blood+ after Irene and Riku died, that’s partly true. I’ve watched future episodes, just didn’t watch the series as much as I used to.