Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bubblegum Crisis/ Oh My Goddess: A Goddess comes to call

Part two: New arrivals.

Priss looked over at Linna disbelievingly. Speaking slowly, she asked "You mean to tell me you wished for her to stay with you forever?!" She began to laugh loudly.

Linna sighed, Belldandy sitting by her side. "I'm sorry for any trouble I've caused," Belldandy said softly.

Linna smiled over at her. "Not your fault I didn't think about what I said. We'll just have to cope, I guess," Linna said.

"What about your work? And our... part time job?" Priss asked pointedly. Linna looked at her a moment, stunned.

"Oh, hell," Linna whispered. Suddenly, the apartment window exploded inward as the White Knight Saber burst in, swords extended and ready for battle. She looked around, assessing the situation, and focused on Belldandy.

Belldandy stepped in front of Linna and Priss, her hands glowing with power as she deflected any flying glass. "Linna is under my protection! Leave or suffer the consequences!" Belldandy said forcefully to the armored intruder.

"Wait," Linna yelled, grabbing Belldandy's arm, "she's a friend!"

"Oh, all right," Belldandy said, relaxing.

The White Knight Saber looked at them a moment, then asked "What, exactly, is going on here?" Linna sighed, and explained it all, again.

A soft giggle came from the armored figure, and Linna sweatdropped. Linna hadn't heard her do that terribly often. The White Knight Saber left, back the way it came without saying anything else. Priss sat there smirking at Linna, while Belldandy gave her those large, doe like eyes.

Before anyone could say anything else, a soft knock came on the apartment door. Priss got up, walked over and answered it. A tall, exotic young woman stood there, her long, white hair reaching to her waist and offset by her very nice all over tan. Her dress hugged her body, showcasing her every curve. "Hi," she said, giving Priss an admiring glance, "is Belldandy here?"

"Urd!" Belldandy said happily, jumping to her feet and going over to give her half-sister a hug. "What are you doing here?" she asked eagerly.

"Just checking up on my little sister," Urd answered with a smile. "I heard about the wish, and I wanted to meet her," Urd said, looking at Priss speculatively. "If you wanted a goddess with you," she said to Priss seductively, "I'd be willing to volunteer." She smiled widely at Priss, "Urd, Goddess, Second class at your... service."

Priss sweatdropped. "Uh, Priss. And it wasn't me," she said, and pointed over at Linna, "it was her."

"Darn," Urd said with a charming smile. From the doorway, they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Turning, they saw Sylia, standing in the doorway in one of her best power suits.

Sylia looked around the wrecked living room, and out the broken window admiringly, "Looks like you had quite the party. Why wasn't I invited?"

"You're the woman in the armor," Belldandy said, surprised.

"You must be mistaken," Sylia said coolly.

"But," Belldandy started, only to stop when Linna gave her a look. "All right," she conceded, and smiled at Sylia. "I'm Belldandy, and this is my sister, Urd." They sweatdropped a bit, when they saw that Urd had driven Priss into a corner and was trying to feel her up.

"Urd!" Belldandy said in a scolding tone. "Stop that!"

Urd stuck her tongue out at Belldandy, but backed off.

"So," Priss asked, while trying to tidy her clothes, "what do we do now, Sylia?"

"Where did she come from?" Sylia asked, looking at Belldandy. Linna repeated the story she told Priss, and Sylia looked intrigued. She walked over, and took the mirror off the wall, examining it and the wall behind it. "You're certain," Sylia pressed, looking at Linna, "that she came out of the mirror?"

Linna nodded, and Sylia frowned. Belldandy looked on in confusion, and growing upset asked "You do not believe we're goddesses?"

"I'll prove it!" Urd declared angrily. Before anyone could stop her, she raised her hand to the sky and yelled, "Urd Bolts, Strike!" Pinpoint lightning strikes blew out lamp posts and any other expendable object all around the building.

Priss, Sylia and Linna looked on with no little awe. "Did that prove it to you?" Urd asked proudly.

Linna didn't answer, just sat down, put her head into her hands and groaned. Belldandy walked over, sat down beside her and gently patted her on the shoulder.