Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bubblegum Crisis/ Oh My Goddess: A Goddess comes to call

Part Three: Three are more fun.

A short trip, and about an hour later, Linna gently took the blindfold off Belldandy, smiling at her apologetically. "Sorry about that."

Belldandy just smiled and shrugged. "I understand your friend's concerns. Are we there, then?" she said, looking around.

"Yes, welcome to the Knight Sabers' headquarters." Sylia said dryly, "Considering your ability to see through armor, I doubt the blindfold did much good, but those are the rules."

"You know, we could have some fun with blindfolds and restraints," a broadly smiling Urd suggested to Priss, who just blushed, kept undoing the blindfold and didn't comment.

As they walked towards the testing bays they could hear a conversation up ahead. It seemed to involve machinery, bikes and, apparently, robots. As they came around a corner, they saw Mackie talking to a strange looking young girl, while Nene sat nearby, fuming.

"Skuld," Belldandy said, "how did you get here?"

"Big sister!" Skuld ran over and hugged her. "I've missed you!"

"Hey, don't I get a hug?" Urd complained.

"You do look a little busy," Skuld commented, as Urd kept a firm grip on the struggling Priss's arm.

"You know these people?" Nene asked Sylia and Linna plaintively.

"It's a long story," Linna said. "Priss, you tell it."

"Linna accidentally summoned the Goddess Belldandy, and wished for her to stay with her forever," Priss said, and smiled wryly. "Apparently her family is also included."

Nene looked at Linna, then over at Belldandy. "At least she's cute," Nene said with a smirk to Linna. Linna and Belldandy both blushed.

"Anyway," Linna said, still blushing faintly, "you wanted to do some tests, Sylia?" Belldandy didn't mind, so Sylia took her off to run her scans.

"Well, there goes that idea," Sylia sighed, as she, Mackie and Skuld looked over the several screens of test results. "She's not quite human, but she's certainly not a boomer. I've never seen scans like these."

Skuld was looking over the computers and equipment with something like love in her eyes, "Wow, what a setup!" She looked over at Sylia entreatingly, "Can I live here?"

Sylia sweatdropped, and Mackie laughed. "No, you can't!" Nene said firmly, walking into the room. "Any luck?" she asked. Sylia just shook her head.

Nene grabbed Mackie and hustled him off, leaving Sylia with a very disappointed Skuld. Taking pity, Sylia called up Nigel, and had him give Skuld the grand tour. `I doubt we can keep them out anyway, so we might as well try to make them our allies,' Sylia thought `Besides, the kid's just too cute to refuse.'

Walking into one of the briefing rooms nearby, she saw Priss sitting on one couch, Urd

almost sitting in her lap, and Linna sitting on the other. Belldandy was pouring Linna a cup of tea. "Thank you," Linna said, smiling up at Belldandy, then got up and walked to Sylia. "So, what's the verdict?" she asked quietly.

"Not human, exactly, but in no way are they boomers," Sylia answered, keeping her voice down. Linna sighed in relief, making Sylia give her an odd look.

"She's nice," Linna said, blushing.

Sylia smiled a bit, "Sure. Just nice, huh?"

Linna sighed.