Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 10

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Part Eight

Linna touched the small object in her pocket nervously as she walked back to the Silky Doll building. She wanted to do this, but butterflies of nervousness fluttered around inside her. 'What if she says no?' Linna thought to herself worriedly. 'I mean, we really haven't known each other all that long,' she fretted.

She walked around the residential wing a few moments looking for Belldandy, but only got a glare from Skuld for her trouble. Sylia stopped her in the hallway, and with a sly smile said "I just saw Belldandy go outside, behind the building."

Linna smiled at Sylia gratefully. "Thanks, Sylia," a very relieved Linna said, and then she hurried down the hall towards the main elevator. She stepped into the elevator and turned to see Sylia just standing there, an odd smile on her face.

"Good luck!" Sylia said cheerfully, and grinned when Linna gave her a very surprised look. The elevator doors closed before Linna could say anything, and Sylia walked away with a very self-satisfied look on her face.

Linna walked outside, and instantly heard the soft sound of someone's beautiful singing. Instinctively following it, she soon reached a small group of trees, long ago stunted by all the pollution around Tokyo, and saw an astonishing sight.

Belldandy stood there in the center of the grove, her hands outstretched and her head raised as she sang sweetly to the trees. Above and slightly behind her, an angel floated, it's wings extended and raising her own voice along with Belldandy's.

Something caught Linna's eye, and she saw the trees stir, living green spreading up blackened branches and cherry blossoms beginning to sprout from them. "That's incredible," Linna said softly, trying not to disturb her.

Belldandy heard it anyway and turned, a broad smile on her pretty face. The angel shrunk and disappeared, almost seeming to flow into Belldandy's own body. "Spring doesn't seem quite right without seeing and smelling cherry blossoms," Belldandy explained to Linna cheerfully, "so I offered them my help."

"They're very beautiful," Linna said, slowly looking around the grove with a smile on her face, then focusing on Belldandy "and so are you." Belldandy blushed, and Linna slowly walked over to stand in front of her. The young woman had a very serious expression as she knelt down on the ground there in front of her.

"There's a custom among my people," Linna began, "when two people are in love, they give a gift, to symbolize that love."

Belldandy nodded, a smile growing on her beautiful face as she answered, "And among my people, as well. It can symbolize love, and a commitment to remain together."

Linna smiled back at her, reached into her pocket and pulled out the small, black box. She popped it open, and a gold ring glimmered, a diamond chip gleaming on the top. "Will you marry me?" Linna asked her softly.

Belldandy nodded, tears glimmering in her eyes, "Yes!"

Linna gently slipped the ring on Belldandy's finger; rose and then she took her into her arms. The cherry blossoms swirled around them as they kissed, until...

Priss ran out of the Silky Doll and right to where Linna and Belldandy were kissing. They quickly separated once she ran up to them.

"You gotta help me!" she exclaimed, grabbing Linna by the shoulders.

"What's wrong?" Belldandy asked her calmly.

"I just asked Urd out on a date, and she said yes!" a slightly panicked Priss explained. Both Linna and Belldandy looked at her oddly.

"And that's a problem because?" Linna asked her as patiently as possible. She had never seen the normally cool, worldly Priss looking so frazzled.

"I just don't know what to do!" Priss burst out. She suddenly stopped, an odd look on her face as she looked back and forth between Linna and Belldandy, "What am I asking you for? You two don't even know anything about dating!"

"Why not ask Sylia," Belldandy suggested to her patiently, as if she was reasoning with a very small child. In this case, considering Priss's emotional state, she probably was.

"Sylia!" Priss exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. "Why didn't I think of that," she muttered, and headed back to the Silky Doll at top speed.

Linna and Belldandy watched her go, both of them sweatdropping a bit.

A few minutes later, and Priss was standing in Sylia's office. "All right, calm down," Sylia said with a smile, sitting Priss down in one of her chairs. "So you invited Urd out for dinner, it's not like she's going to try and bite you or something." She smirked suddenly, adding quietly "At least, not unless you ask her nicely."

Priss' intense glare showed that little piece of humor didn't go over very well. "This is our first date, sort of," Priss said to Sylia nervously. She got up and paced a bit, "I guess I just want things to go well."

"If you work yourself into a panic, then things certainly won't go well at all," Sylia said to her gently. She then firmly sat Priss down again and, after a bit of thought, she said, "Here's what you're going to do..."

At exactly seven o'clock, Priss gently but firmly knocked on Urd's bedroom door. Urd opened the door, Priss smiled at her and extended a bouquet of flowers. "Flowers for the lady," she said with a charming smile.

Urd smiled back at her, obviously liking what she was seeing. Priss was decked out in a snugly fitted blue suit, which nicely set off her auburn hair and fiery eyes. She looked elegantly butch, a style that went well with Urd's sexy dress.

The red dress was an off the shoulder number, and hugged all off Urd's generous curves. Chinese styled, it made her look dangerously seductive, and Priss found herself gulping audibly at the gorgeous sight.

Urd gently took the flowers from the slightly stunned Priss and then led her inside. The room was oddly decorated, with various pieces of lab equipment strewn about like some mad chemist's hideout. Urd took a chemical beaker and carefully arranged the roses in it, adding a bit of water to keep them fresh.

They left together, Urd linking her arm with her handsome companion's. "So, where to?" Urd asked Priss curiously.

They stepped out of the Silky Doll and Urd blinked in surprise. A stretch limo waited there, a midnight black cruiser. "Your carriage awaits," Priss said with a grin.

"Very nice," Urd remarked as Priss opened the door for her and then helped her up. This also let her admire Urd as she climbed in, something they were both aware of.

"Sylia owed me a favor or two," Priss said calmly. She sat by Urd then leaned forward to tap on the divider separating the front and back seats.

It rolled down, revealing a smiling Nene and Mackie, both outfitted in chauffer outfits. "Where to, madam?" a grinning Nene asked in a fake British accent.

"Dinner first, I think," Priss answered with a grin. The divider rolled back up, and they were off. She turned to Urd and opened a concealed mini-bar, "Would you like a drink?" Priss poured herself a small fruit juice.

"I think the company is intoxicating enough," Urd smiled, taking a juice herself. Urd felt remarkably off-balance, a feeling she wasn't very used to. Priss had really surprised her with all this, and the night had barely started!

"Thank you," Priss said, blushing a bit. "You look wonderful," she added softly, looking intently across the seat at Urd.

"I'm glad you wore that suit," Urd admitted, "it looks wonderful on you." The Limo rolled to a stop, and Priss grinned.

"First stop," Priss said, opening the door and climbing out. She reached in and offered her hand to Urd. The goddess took it, and then swung her body sideways, showing off her long, silky legs. Urd grinned at the look of desire that passed across Priss' face.

The restaurant was small, off the beaten path, and had the look of an exclusive establishment. Priss just confirmed it when she flashed a membership card to the doorwoman, who examined it and then let them in. Urd noticed something odd as they walked in: all the customers were female, and most of them in pairs.

"A very interesting place," Urd commented quietly as she and Priss were led to a secluded corner table. Priss held out the chair for her, and Urd smiled at Priss gratefully as she smoothly took her seat. Menus were handed out, and the waitress left.

"Sylia took us here once," Priss said with a grin. She chuckled, "I thought poor Nene and Linna were going to faint, especially after we heard some of the waitresses talking."

"What did they say?" Urd asked her curiously.

"They thought Sylia had gotten us all together for an orgy," Priss said with a bad girl grin. Urd began to laugh softly, and Priss joined her.

Music started, soft, instrumental dance music, and several couples quickly rose to dance. A pink hared girl and her darker companion almost seemed to waltz as they gracefully moved across the small dance floor together.

Urd looked across the table thoughtfully at Priss. "So, do you dance as well as you sing?" Urd asked her archly.

Priss chuckled softly as she got up, offering her hand to Urd. "Would my lady care to find out?" she asked with a grin.