Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Dawning Power ❯ Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Sam looked between his wife and his brother, a sinking feeling in his chest. They had returned to their suite after eating, Dean trying to stay between Sam and Dawn and frankly it was pissing him off.
“Dawn?” Sam called as he watched his wife pace nervously. She stopped and took a deep breath, sitting on the couch.
“Ever watch Bewitched?” She asked and Sam frowned, having no idea where this was going but he nodded, he'd watched a lot of daytime TV growing up and it had been on reruns.
“Well...if you were Darren that'd make me?” She hinted and Sam's mind spun, she couldn't mean what he thought she did, could she?
“Dawn....I” He swallowed, staring at her with wide eyes.
“You married a witch Sam.” Dean pointed out flatly and Sam saw Dawn flinch slightly before her head went up.
“Wiccan thank you very much.” She snapped back and Sam felt his world shatter.
“No...Dawn why?” Sam managed to choke out and she stood up, walking towards him. Sam fought the urge to back away and then her hand was resting against his cheek.
“I love you.” She whispered softly and then took a deep breath, moving away to stare out the window.
“Technically I'm a lot younger than I look. Do you know what a Slayer is?”
“A myth.” Dean snorted and Dawn laughed.
“Hardly. For thousands of years Slayer's have stood against the darkness, one after another. When one died another was called until Buffy Summers.”
“You're sister?” Sam asked and Dawn nodded but didn't turn.
“She hated it, all she wanted was to be a normal teenager and instead she had to go out night after night to fight vampires and demons. She died in her second year, thankfully Xander knows CPR. Buffy Summers was also an only child until she was in college and I appeared. No one even realised anything was up, they all remembered me always being there and I did too. Then Glory showed up, she was a Hell Goddess and she was looking for her `Key'. The Key was basically a ball of power used to `unlock' the barrier between dimensions and Glory wanted to go home. Unfortunately if she did all the barriers would fall and...let's just say if she'd won we wouldn't be having this conversation. She kept insisting Buffy had it so Giles, her Watcher found a spell that would show the Key. They searched everywhere and then....I touched the globe and it lit up like the fourth of July. It was me, I was the key. The monks charged with the Keys protection knew they would fail so they sent it to the one person who could protect it in a form she would die to protect. They took Buffy's blood and created me. All of their memories of me up until then were false, made by the monks for my protection. Glory eventually found out and captured me, they even managed to start the ritual but Buffy...we were both Summers, both shared blood. It wouldn't stop as long as the blood flowed so Buffy she...she jumped, I tried but she wouldn't let me. I watched my sister jump to her death so I would live.” Dawn fought back a sob and nearly jumped as familiar arms wrapped around her, she turned and buried her face in Sam's chest.
Sam couldn't stay where he was as he heard the choked sob and quickly went to Dawn, wrapping his arms around her and ignoring Dean's hissed warning to stay back. He smiled as Dawn turned to cling to him, lowering his head to drop a soft kiss on the crown of her head. She looked up at him throw tear filled eyes and he smiled at her. She managed a watery smile and then stepped back and Sam let her go, knowing she needed the distance to finish her story.
“Giles managed to get custody somehow, since he's not an American citizen I have no clue how. But it was mainly Xander and Tara who took care of me. It wasn't long until small things started happening when I was too emotional. Tara was the one to realise what was going on. They all thought that once the date for the ritual had passed that the Key had simply ceased to exist...we were so stupid. That much energy can't just vanish, it was still inside me. Tara started training me in Wicca once she realised the power needed an outlet. Magic is only a small percent of the power inside of me put it's the part I can easily access at any time. I've accessed the Key's energy once since then, the night our apartment burnt down I used it to make the demon leave. It was hard...living in the house without Mom or Buffy, I applied for college and left as soon as I could. I wasn't running from the supernatural aspects of my life, I can't, and I even patrolled at Stanford occasionally but the campus was pretty quiet. I warded our apartment and kept the religious calendar but other than that things have been so quiet...I didn't mean to keep it from you, I just didn't want to drag you into this world. Guess that wasn't necessary.” Dawn turned back to stare at them and Sam smiled at her, accepting what she'd told them. Dean appeared more sceptical but Sam knew that was just a defence.
“So no deals with any demons for power?” Dean asked and Dawn smiled, shaking her head.
“Nope. Just wacky me and the stupid Key.” She answered and Dean nodded.
“Are we...is it okay?” Sam swept her up in his arms and kissed her, Dean making gagging noises behind them. When Sam set her back on her feet Dawn was giggling breathlessly.
“Just no turning me into a rat or anything freakish like that.” Dean grumbled and Dawn threw herself at him, making him catch her. He hugged her awkwardly and she kissed his cheek.
“Promise, I'd never do anything to hurt you or Sam.” She whispered and he nodded.
“Got everything?” Sam asked, wrapping his arms around her waist and Dawn nodded.
“I'm ready. Tara's got my dress, didn't think I should take it and she'll take care of it. Dean wants to hit the road huh?” She asked and Sam nodded.
“He's never been one to stay in one place long though he seems to like Vegas.” Sam answered and she smiled.
“Then lets not keep him waiting.” She kissed him, shouldered her bag and headed for the elevator, Sam following her. They found Dean in the lobby and they checked out before heading for the Impala.
“You okay?” Dean asked as Sam jerked awake. A quick glance showed Dawn still sleeping peacefully in the backseat.
“Yeah I'm fine.” Sam answered absently.
“Another nightmare?” Dean asked and Sam cleared his throat. Dawn had been the one to pull Dean aside and comment on Sam's nightmares, Dean didn't like the fact they had started a week before the demon had attacked Dawn.
“You wanna drive for a while?” He offered and Sam laughed softly, mindful of Dawn.
“In your whole life you never once asked me that.” Sam answered in amazement.
“Just thought you might want to, never mind.” Dean shrugged as he drove.
“Look man, you and Dawn are worried about me, I get it and thank you but I'm perfectly okay.” Sam insisted.
“mmhmm.” Was Dean's only reply.
“All right…where are we?” Sam asked, getting the map out.
“We are just outside of Grand Junction.”
“You know what? Maybe we shouldn't have left Stanford so soon.” Sam started and Dean sighed.
“Sam we dug around there for a week, we came up with nothing. If you wanna find the demon that attacked Dawn...”
“We gotta find dad first.” Sam finished softly.
“Dad disappearing, and this thing showing up again after twenty years, it's no coincidence. Dad will have answers; he'll know what to do.” Dean insisted.
“It's weird man. These coordinates he left us, this Blackwater Ridge.” Sam commented, changing the subject.
“What about it?” Dean asked.
“There's nothing there, it's just woods. Why is he sending us to the middle of nowhere?” Sam asked and then fell silent as Dawn murmured in her sleep. He twisted around in his seat to watch her and Dean hid a smirk.