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We Band Of Buggered

Set pre-series

October 1993

It started out just the two of them. Willow and Xander. Back then it was okay. Then they became three. (And older)

When Jesse joined their little group of wallflowers in 2nd grade they started getting funny looks. Teachers would approach her and gently tug her away from Xander and Jesse. They would even try and get her to play with the other girls. But they were mean and horrible to her with their whiny and gossipy high-pitched voices and nasty words. Cordy (“Do you KNOW who I am?”) was the lead bitc-no, she couldn’t say it. Her Dad always got angry when she used words like that. (No-one dared to point out that he often swore himself) Either Harmony or Aura were her second-in-command, (Jesse’s words – both his uncles are in the military. Jesse wanted to be a vet, but they just laughed in his face and called him “a bad word” and now he won’t talk about it) but she wasn’t quite sure which one of them had more than one brain cell.

Cordy and her band of half-witted band of minions had poked fun at her, mocking her ginger-red hair, her too-pale, and freckled skin, her old-fashioned clothes until she was a sobbing puddle on the ground. Rolling her eyes, the self-proclaimed Queen C had summoned the small group of sheep and left the crying young girl behind. (She missed the uncomfortable glance the other girl spared her as she led her subjects away and the slight pink flush on Harmony's cheeks as an oblivious Aura casually slipped her hand in hers)

The next day, and the following months after that, Xander and Jesse never left her alone again.

(They could laugh. They could stare. They could mock. But they would never let them tear them apart again)