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Captain Tsubasa 1/2
A Captain Tsubasa/Ranma crossover story
By Persona Ohnlyne
Warning, disclaimer and stuff like that:
English is my second language, still, I know plenty of it to write
a good story.
Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.
Captain Tsubasa belongs to Yoichi Takahashi.
(They are not related).
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Alright! Let's start with the story.
(To place you in time with the Captain Tsubasa series, this story
goes on right after the game Nankatsu - Toho, in were they tied 4-4
with goals of Kojiro and Tsubasa, four each.
So that means that they haven't played in the Japan youth team, and
Tsubasa and Kojiro don't know all of their special shoots.)
CHAPTER 1: The four aces of the youth team, GIRLS!
The four boys were walking up a hill in China.
They have been convoked to play in the Japan youth team for the first
time ever. They have been training all week with the rest of the
team, but the game against China's youth team was going to be
tomorrow, so Couch Mikami decided that it would be better if the
players took the day off to be more relaxed for the game tomorrow.
Taro Misaki, being used to travel a lot, had never been in China
before, and wanted to take a hike in the wild. Of course that Tsubasa
Ozora wanted to go too, after all Taro was his best friend. Also
Genzo Wakabayashi was with them, he had nothing better to do anyway.
For their surprise, Kojiro Hyuga was with them too, not being the
friendliest guy, he hadn't many other places to go since Ken
Wakashimatzu decided to go see a China-MartialArts exhibit he decided
to go with the other three.
Taro: This is some landscape. I bet that my dad would love to come
here and paint.
Tsubasa: Yeah ... It's great. Don't you two think so?
Genzo: Eh? Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Kojiro: I'll rather be practicing that to come here.
Tsubasa: Sheesh! Kojiro, the couch gave us a day off to relax before
the game. Why don't you just enjoy it!
Kojiro: (Looking away) Humf!
As the three descended the hill, they reached a very strange looking
place. There were several springs all over, with tall bamboo poles
sticking out from them. (You know what it is, right? :)
Taro: Cool! Look at this place.
Genzo: It's kinda strange don't you think so?
Tsubasa: Yeah. I wonder what this place is.
Guide: Hello honorable guests.
The four soccer players turned around and saw a short stocky chinese
man, wearing a green outfit.
Tsubasa: Hum ... hi ... what is this place?
Guide: Why, this is the legendary training ground of Jusenkyo.
Kojiro's head lit up when he heard the word training.
Kojiro: Training? What training?
Guide: Martial arts training ground.
Kojiro: Oh ... well, that's not good.
Guide: Are you martial artists? You look in great physical condition.
Tsubasa: (Smiling) Nah, we are just part of Japan's soccer youth
team, we came to China to play against the Chinese national team.
Guide: Oh, I see.
Taro was looking at the springs. They were too good a sight to just
miss it. He took out his photo camera.
Taro: Excuse me ... could you take a picture of us next to those
springs? (He handed the camera to the Guide.)
Tsubasa: Yeah! A picture of this place would be great to show to the
rest of the guys. Come on Genzo.
Genzo: Alright, alright ...
Genzo also walked next to Tsubasa and Taro.
Taro: Kojiro? Aren't you coming?
Kojiro: I don't want a stupid picture with some stupid springs with
stupid poles sticking out of them!
Tsubasa: Haw! Come on! It's just a picture!
Kojiro: Humf! Alright! Anything to get this stupid hike over with!
The four boys stood with the springs behind them. The Guide was
trying to focus the camera at them
Guide: You are out of focus, take a step back please.
The four boys took a step back.
Guide: Still no good ... just another step.
Again they retreated.
Guide: Almost ... just one more time ...
The four boys took a step back .... And fell into one of the springs.
(You knew that it was going to happen :)
Guide: "Oh, oh ... not good ... they just fell into the spring of the
drowned girl!
The four, now girls, came out of the spring, gasping for air.
Kojiro-chan: Great! Now we are all wet!
Taro-chan: ...... We are more than just wet ....
Tsubsa-chan: Hey! Look! Our hair just changed color, now is red.
Genzo-chan: I think that that's not even half of it ...
Kojiro looked down on her.
Kojiro-chan: AAAAAHHHH!!!! I'm ... I'm ...
Taro-chan: "Come on say it ... we all are girls ..."
Kojiro-chan: BUT HOW!?
Guide: Hum ... well, let me explain ...
The four girls stepped out of the spring, Kojiro was ANGRY and had to
be restrained by Tsubasa and Genzo to keep him from killing the
Guide. Taro walked towards him.
Taro-chan: Ok ... what just happened to us?
Guide: Well, you see ... in Jusenkyo ... every spring has curse ...
when something drowns into one, whoever falls in it takes form of
what drowned.
Taro-chan: Well, that sure is an explanation ... Is it permanent?
Guide: No, and yes ....
Taro-chan: Huh?
Guide: If you get splashed with hot water, you will return to normal,
but if splashed with cold water you turn back into girl.
Tsubasa-chan: Well, that's not so bad then.
Kojiro-chan: NOT BAD!?
Tsubasa-chan: I mean, we can still play tomorrow.
Genzo-chan: (Taking her cap off, and rezizing it to her smaller
female head) Calm down Kojiro, I'm sure that if there was a spring
of drowned girl, there must be a spring of drowned man. (She putted
on the cap again, and turned to see the guide.) Right?
Guide: Well, yes ... but I don't know wich one is.
Kojiro-chan: Great ... just great ...
Taro-chan: *sight* Could you give us some hot water?
The guide nodded, and walked towards his little house.
CHAPTER 2: Japan vs. China ... hey what's that red headed girl doing
in the field!?
The four, now boys, were walking back to the hotel were the Japan
team was staying.
Kojiro: You know Taro, this is all your fault!
Taro: My fault!? It was an accident!
Kojiro: A picture, you just had to take a picture!
Tsubasa: Let it go already Kojiro ... what is done is done ... now
all we have to think about is the game we have tomorrow.
Genzo: You know Tsubasa ... he's got a point ... I mean, we are boys
now, but you heard what that chinese guy said, when splashed with
cold water ...
Tsubasa: Hai! Hai! We turn back into red-headed girls ... I know ...
Taro: Well, as long as we don't get wet or anything, we are fine.
Tsubasa: See? You have to try and think positive!
Kojiro: A picture ... he just had to take a picture ...
Genzo: (To himself) Tomorrow's going to be a looooong game.
The rest of the day was calm, except for Kojiro telling Ken
Wakashimazu what happened, Taro also told what happened to Hikaru
Matsuyama. Genzo wasn't much of a talkative person, so he just went
into his shared room with Wakashimazu (They shared room because
they were both goal-keepers) and laid down on his bed. A few minutes
later, Ken Wakashimazu entered the room.
Ken: Hi Genzo. (He was obviously trying to hold the laughter.)
Genzo: Come on, say it and get it over with ...
Ken: Wha, ha, ha, ha! You REALLY turn into a girl, do you?
Genzo: Kojiro told you huh?
Ken: (calming down a little) Yeah ... you know ... this is really
funny from my point of view ...
Genzo: You know what's really funnier.
Ken: Huh? What?
Genzo: Even as a girl, I'm a better goal-keeper than you.
Ken: Aw! Put a sock in it!
Genzo smiled, he had just pushed one of Ken's sensitive buttons,
of course that both knew that he was just saying that to piss him
Ken: (Also lying in his bed) So, tell me ... what are you planning
to do in tomorrow's game ... I mean, I KNOW you aren't going to tell
the couch about this.
Genzo: I'm not going to do anything ... I'm just going to play and
that's that.
Ken: I know ... I mean ... what if it starts raining?
Genzo: Huh!?
Genzo face faulted, THAT he didn't think about.
Genzo: Well, I guess that if nobody notices I can still play ... in
any event's you can take my place.
Ken: Great! I can wait for it to start raining!
Genzo shoot Ken a warning look.
Ken: Just kidding. Well, that solves that problem ... what about
Taro, Kojiro and Tsubasa?
Genzo: I don't know ... let THEM think about that ... I have my own
problems ...
Ken: Whatever ...
Meanwhile, in another room, Kojiro enters, his roommate, Hikaru
Matsuyama is already in there.
Kojiro: ....
Hikaru: Hi, Kojiro ... Taro told me everything ...
Kojiro: Don't say a single word.
Hikaru: Alright, alright! I was just being friendly ... Why did I end
up with you as my roommate?
Kojiro: Everybody else was picked.
Hikaru: Whatever ... so, how does it work?
Kojiro: Taro didn't told you?
Hikaru: He did, but I didn't understand it exactly ...
Kojiro: I'll give you the short version ... Cold water: Girl, Hot
water: Boy, now you got it?
Hikaru: Yeah ... it think so ... say ... you ARE going to play
tomorrow. Right?
Kojiro: Of course I am! It takes more than a stupid Chinese curse
to stop the Ace Stryker!
Hikaru: What if it starts raining?
Kojiro: Hum ... I don't know ... I'll think it later ...
In another room, (Taro and Tsubasa's room). They were having the same
talk about what to do if it starts to rain. After a few hours, they
had to go to sleep, the game was going to be an early match, they had
to be in the China National Stadium by 11:00 AM.
Next day, the entire team had breakfast, and they boarded the bus to
go to the game, in the changing room, the couch was giving them some
final advice.
Couch Mikami: Alright everybody. China's most dangerous player is Sho
Shun Ko. Ishisaki ...
Ishizaki: Yes couch?
Couch Mikami: You are going to stop him during the whole game, if you
need help, then Soda will cover him too.
Ishizaki and Soda: Hai!
Couch Mikami: Alright everybody! Now let's go out there and have some
Everybody: YEAH!
Outside, the stadium was full of people, some chinese, some japanese.
Inside a TV boot, a narrator is commenting on the game.
Narrator: It's going to be a great game! Both teams have good
players, for all of you that joined us just now, let's review Japan's
starting lineup.
With the number 1: The goal-keeper, Genzo Wakabayashi.
The defense line, with number 7, Makoto Soda, with number 6, Kenji
Urabe, with number 5, Hiroshi Jito and with number 4, Ryo Ishizaki.
The midfield, number 11, Taro Misaki, number 12, Hikaru Matsuyama,
with number 19, Teppei Kisugi and with the number 10, the captain,
Tsubasa Ozora.
The two forwards are, number 9, Kojiro Hyuga, and number 18, Shun
As to the forecast for today, there are several clouds in the sky,
so it might rain.
The two captains Tsubasa and Sho Shun Ko go to the center of the
field, the referee does the coin toss.
Referee: Visitor, call it in the air.
Tsubasa: Tails!
The coin lands, it's heads.
Referee: China, you chose first.
Sho Shun Ko: I like to start the game first.
Referee: Alright, Japan, you chose the field.
Tsubasa: It's ok as it is.
Referee: Alright, now take your positions and let's begin the game.
The two nodded, and went to take their positions.
And the game is on.
The game begins with a pass from the number 11 of China to Sho Shun
Ko, who begins running and dodging everybody.
Ishizaki: Damn! He's too fast!
Sho Shun Ko: Here it goes!
The ball goes straight to the goal.
Genzo: It's not that easy!
Sho Shun Ko: Damn!
The game goes on, as the two teams go to one goal to another trying
to score, Japan does in the minute 20 and 23 respectively,
Tsubasa uses his Drive Shoot to score and then Kojiro used his Tiger
Shoot. And Japan was ahead 2 goals to nothing.
Then Half time came, (For those of you that doesn't know anything
about soccer, the game is divided in two periods of 45 minutes each.)
the sky was beginning to get darker.
Let's jump up to minute 10 of the second half. Rain clouds were all
over the field.
Genzo: (looking up) This is not good ...
Up the field, Tsubasa was running towards the goal to score again.
Tsubasa: I'm going for the third!
Sho Shun Ko: Oh, no, you don't!
The two captains face each other, Tsubasa trying to pass, but Sho
Shun Ko has him covered.
Tsubasa: (Thinking) He predicts my movements! I have to outsmart
him ...
Suddenly it starts to rain, four of the players of the youth team
Sho Shun Ko: Got it!
Tsubasa-chan: Eeep!
Tsubasa realized too late that his girl form was far more weaker.
And he couldn't stop Sho Shun Ko from taking the ball.
Tsubasa-chan: Damn! I was just going to beat him!
Kojiro-chan: Don't worry Tsubasa! I got him! Yhaaaa!
Tsubasa-chan: Wait Kojiro! You are weaker now!
Too late, Kojiro was doing her super sliding, but she was weaker
now, and Sho Shun Ko easily beat her.
Kojiro-chan: Damn! He beat me!
Tsubasa-chan: It's not your fault, it's just this stupid curse ...
Kojiro-chan: A picture ... he had to take a picture ...
Taro was now trying to stop Sho Shun Ko, but the chinese captain
dodged him too.
Taro-chan: Genzo! Watch out!
Sho Shun Ko kicked the ball again.
Genzo-chan: YAHHHH!!!
But Genzo was shorter now, and missed the ball by just an inch.
Sho Shun Ko: GOAL!!
As the Chinese player was running towards the crowd to celebrate
the now 2 to 1 score. The rest of the Japan players waked towards
Hikaru: What happened?
Genzo-chan: We are weaker and shorter now.
Ishizaki: Could somebody explain this too me ... Tsubasa, Taro,
Genzo, Kojiro ... why do I think that you look different? And why is
your hair all red all of a sudden?
Hikaru: Guys ... I think that you should tell them ...
Being dressed in soccer clothes their female form was just now
showing with the rain sticking the shirts to their chests.
Ishizaki: (Blushing) You ... you have breasts!?
Tsubasa-chan: *sight* Well, it goes like this ...
Tsubasa gave the entire team a quick explanation of what happened
and how the curse worked.
Shun: You mean that the rain turned you into girls!?
Taro-chan: I'm afraid so.
Kojiro-chan: A picture ... you HAD to take a picture ...
Hikaru: What are you going to do now?
Tsubasa-chan: Taro and I tough of a little solution for this.
Taro nodded, walked next to a backpack that she had laid next to the
goal earlier and took four cloths, and handed them to the cursed
persons. (The cloths are like the one that Ukyo uses to hide her
Tsubasa-chan: We can't turn into boys until it stops raining, but we
can hide the fact that we are girls by using this cloths on our
Kojiro-chan: Well, beats the heck of getting out of the game.
Genzo nodded while she was resizing her cap to fit her female head.
They were about to take off the shirts when they realized something.
Tsubasa-chan: Hum ... guys ... could you make a circle around us, so
nobody can see us?
The rest of the team nodded, and formed a circle around the four
cursed players. They took off the soccer shirts, putted on the cloths
and put on the soccer shirts again.
Tsubasa-chan: There, all done ...
Hikaru: I must admit that you are right, I can hardly tell the
difference, except for the different hair color.
Kojiro-chan: Alright! Now let's go get them!
Teppei: Just one question ... this doesn't solve the fact that you
are shorter and weaker now ...
Tsubasa-chan: Then we'll have to get used to this ... come on! They
haven't beat us yet!
They all nodded, and were ready to continue the came.
CHAPTER 3: That's not Mia Hamm, that's Tsubasa Ozora.
Japan made the kick, and the game was under way again.
Kojiro-chan: There I go! AAAHHHH!!!
Kojiro ran at top speed towards the chinese goal. And when she was
close enough, she used her Tiger Shoot.
Kojiro-chan: I'm gonna score now!
But the chinese goal-keeper was able to catch the ball.
Kojiro-chan: Damn! I forgot about the being weak thing!
Tsubasa-chan: (Thinking) Kojiro's shoot was not strong enough ... the
rain makes the game difficult ... and being weaker doesn't help
either ...
The goal-keeper passed the ball with a punt, and Sho Shun Ko got it.
Sho Shun Ko: Get ready for the second one!
Makoto: YAAAHHH!!!
The Kamisori fighter (Makoto Soda) used his Kamisori tackle, but it
was no good, Sho Shun Ko had great speed and ability, and dodged
him to a side.
Makoto: Damn! He's way too fast!
Being that fast, Sho Shun Ko easily dodged Jito, and kicked the ball
Genzo-chan: Not again!
Genzo jumped with all her might.
Genzo-chan: (Thinking) It's no use ... I'm shorter and I'm not used
to it ... got to think of something else ...
Sho Shun Ko: HA! And you call yourself the best goal-keeper
in Asia.
The score was now tied 2-2.
Genzo-chan: Damn! Why can't I catch the ball!?
In the bench.
Couch Mikami: What's wrong with you! That shot wasn't that hard to
Ken: (Thinking) Genzo ... you didn't think about that you may get
shorter as a girl ... (Now yelling to Genzo) Hey! Do something
or else I'll replace you!
Genzo-chan: In your dreams!
Sho Shun Ko had the ball again, having stole it from Taro, (remember
that they are weaker now) And was ready to shot to score again.
Sho Shun Ko: This game is mine!
Genzo-chan: (Thinking) Please ... not again ...
Sho Shun Ko kicked the ball and ...
Was stopped by Ishisaki's ganmen block.
Ishizaki: Ow ... that hurt ...
The ball bounced to Sho Shun Ko's feet again, and he was ready to
kick it again.
Genzo-chan: (Thinking) Wait ... I got it ... seeing him kick this
time made me realize what he does when he kicks the ball ... using
just the side of his foot, the ball takes a small but potent turn ...
all I have to do is ...
Sho Shun Ko kicks the ball again.
Genzo jumped a few inches from were the shot came, just as she
suspected, the turn wasn't effective if the goal-keeper was tall
(like his male form) but if the keeper was short, the shot was
But to throw off the ball's turn, she had to jump a few inches to the
side than normally.
Genzo-chan: See! You didn't make it this time!
Sho Shun Ko: Damn!
Genzo passed the ball forward.
The timer was running out ... only 5 minutes left.
Still, even if Genzo had figured out the trick in Sho Shun Ko's shot,
Tsubasa still couldn't avoid the tackles, being weaker, and Kojiro's
shoots weren't effective ...
Genzo-chan: (Thinking) This is not good, I can catch everything
now ... but Taro, nor Tsubasa, nor Kojiro got used to their female
bodies ...
3 minutes left, Tsubasa has the ball, manages to jump over a player's
tackle, and is now face to face with Sho Shun Ko ... the chinese
captain had won every single one-on-one duel that they had during
the game since Tsubasa transformed into a girl.
Tsubasa-chan: (Thinking) I got to dodge him this time, I just have
Sho Shun Ko extended a leg to try to steal the ball, but Tsubasa
turned and protected the ball with his back facing Sho Shun Ko.
Sho Shun Ko: Give me that ball!
Sho Shun Ko had to do some strong marking, if he could not win, then
at least it was going to be a tie, but he couldn't take the ball from
Tsubasa, he had to stop the japanese captain, any way possible.
So he grabbed Tsubasa by the chest.
Tsubasa just blushed.
Kojiro-chan: Oh, oh ...
Taro-chan: Did he just felt ...?
Genzo-chan: Oh, boy ...
Sho Shun Ko and Tsubasa were standing still on the field, Sho Shun
Ko's face was one of total confusion.
Sho Shun Ko: Tsubasa? You are a girl?
Tsubasa-chan: NOW!
Using the distraction, Tsubasa turned and kicked the ball.
Tsubasa-chan: Drive Shot!
The ball went up, and then it dived to the goal, being a shot based
on skill, instead of power, the shot wasn't affected by the curse.
And the chinese goal-keeper wasn't able to catch it.
Referee: Priiii! The game is over! Japan wins 3 to 2!
Tsubasa-chan: Yeah! We won! Yahoo!!
Sho Shun Ko: I'm sure that I felt it ... she was a girl!
Still confused, Sho Shun Ko didn't realize that his team had just
lost the game.
Taro-chan: Alright Tsubasa!
Kojiro-chan: Yeah! But how did you dodged him?
Tsubasa-chan: He was stunned when he felt my breasts, and I used that
to score.
Genzo-chan: Well, at least the curse worked for something.
Kojiro-chan: Yeah, Right. (He was being sarcastic. (Well, duh! :))
Then it stopped raining.
Tsubasa-chan: Finally! Taro, bring the thermos filled with hot water.
Taro-chan: Sure.
Taro went to get the thermos.
A second later, he was back, and in male form.
Taro: Here.
He handed the thermos to Kojiro, who splashed himself with it.
Kojiro: AH! Much better ...
Sho Shun Ko: There she is!
They all turned when they heard Sho Shun Ko's voice. He was with the
Kojiro handed the thermos to Genzo after taking off the cloth on his
chest, Genzo also poured the water on him, turning back to male.
Referee: Excuse me, but I have been told that your number 10 player
is a girl, and that would be against the rules, so unless you prove
the contrary, I'll have to give the victory to China.
Tsubasa-chan: Huh?
Sho Shun Ko: Don't play dumb now! I know your secret! Who would have
tough that the great Tsubasa Ozora was really a girl disguised
as a man?
Tsubasa-chan: Hum ... I ... I ...
Genzo smiled and splashed Tsubasa with what was left of the hot
Genzo: Tsubasa, just take off your shirt and show them that you are
a man.
Tsubasa nodded, and took off his shirt, along with the chest cloth.
Referee: I see that the accusation was false, sorry to bother you.
The referee walked away.
Sho Shun Ko: But ... but ... I know what I felt! You HAD breasts!
How did you do that!?
Tsubasa: Maybe it was just your imagination ...
Kojiro: Maybe you are going insane ...
Sho Shun Ko: But ... I KNOW WHAT I KNOW!
Sho Shun Ko walked away, still thinking of what just happened.
Tsubasa: Well, it was hard but we pulled it off, and won to boot.
Genzo: Yeah, but how long are we gonna be able to do this?
Taro: Well, if we want to keep playing, we better start training
while in girl form to get used to it.
Kojiro: A picture ... you just had to take a picture!
The three went back to the changing room.
Well, this story is over, but I may write another one.
Maybe I'll make them play in the Japan's girl youth soccer team :)
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