Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction / Bakugan Battle Brawlers Fan Fiction ❯ Anime Survivor ❯ Day 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"Welcome to survivor I'm Akane your hostes and I'm here with Amaya your co/hostes and sixteen other people" Said Akane.

"Hold on hold on back it up sixteen other people I thought i was going to be alone" Said Amaya.

"No" Said Akane.

"Thats what you said" Said Amaya.

"No I asked you if you wanted to come to a deserted island with sixteen other people and you said yes ignoring the sixteen other people part" Said Akane.

"Well it's not deserted if there are sixteen other people" Said Amaya.

Akane stared for a minute and started talking again

"Anyways me and Amaya are going to be asigning people with tribes Amaya will be picking for clow and I will be picking for vestroia" Said Akane.

"I will now pull names out of this coconut" said Amaya.

Lync began to laugh at the word coconut.

"What"? Asked Akane.

"Coconut." Said Lync while laughing.

"Anyway Clow is ..............Runo..............Alice..............Dan..............Mylene. .............Zachery..............Kurami..............Shadow..............a nd Li these are your tribemates" Said Amaya.

"And Vestroia is ..............Lync..............Madison..............Sakura..............Yu d Shun these are your tribemates" Said Akane.

At Clow.

"I can't belive I got stuck with the bafoon" Said Mylene.

"I'm not happy about the fact that we got stuck with Shedow either" Said Kurami

"What are you to grils talking about huh" Said Shadow.

"I'm just glad i didn't get stuck with Meilin" Said Li.

At Vestroia.

"Hey guys I found bamboo" Said Shinya.

"So" Said Lynck.

"So we can build a shelter in case it rains" Said Shinya.

"Thats a good idea" Said Shun.

"Did anyone get the tree mail?." Asked Sakura.

"I did." Said Kero.

"What does it say?." Asked Madison.

"Get Your fucking asses over here now." Said the Tree Mail.

"Wow it talks and it's mean." Said Lync.

"No that's me." Said Amaya.

"Oh." Said Lync.

"Hey guys." Said Akane.

"Hey." Said everyone.

"Are you all ready for the immunity challenge?." Asked Akane

"Whatever." Said everyone.

"The challenge is musical chairs." Said Akane.

"Isn't that a kiddy game?." Asked Lync.

"Yes which is why it is perfect for you." Said Amaya.

"The people playing are Lync and Shinya vs Zachery and Kurami." Said Akane.

"I don't know if you can count but there are onely three chairs." Said Lync.

"That's the point when the music stops the one left standing is out." Said Akane.

The music starts to play.

"I still don't understand why there is onely three chairs." Said Lync

"Because there is." Said Shinya.

"Why?." Asked Lync.

The music stops.

"Lync you're out." Said Akane.

"This game is stupid." Said Lync.

The music starts to play again.

"I'm getting sick." Said Zachery.

"Whatever you do don't puke on me." Said Kurami.

"Too late." Said Shinya.

"Ew." Said Kurami.

The music stops.

"Kurami you're out." Said Akane.

"But he." Said Kurami.

"Now." Said Akane.

"Oooooooh." Wined Kurami.

The music starts to play again.

"Did you know this island is haunted by a monster?." Said Zachery.

"No it's not." Said Shinya.

"Yes it is." Said Zachery.

"No it's not." Said Shinya.

"Yes it is." Said Zachery in anger.

The music stops.

"Zachery you're out which means Vestroia is the winner." Said Akane.

"Aw and I wanted to vote Lync off I guess that meens we'll vote Zachery off." Said Kurami.

"Did you know if you vote me off I will come back to this island and kill you?." Said Zachery.

"No you won't." Said Kurami.

At tribeal council.

"Hey everybody." Said Akane.

"Hey." Said everybody in a bored tone.

"It's time to vote." Said Akane.


"Get the coconut off of your head." Said Kurami.

Kurami then took the coconut off of his head.

"Hey." Wined Zachery.

"Alright put the nemes in the box." Said Amaya.

Everyone put the names in the box.

"Alright I Will now read the votes." Said Akane.

"Then do it alredy." Said Amaya.

"Alright one vote for Amaya. who voted for Amaya?." Asked Akane.

Amaya then raised her hand.

"You can't vote your self off Amaya." Said Akane.

"Says who?." Asked Amaya.

"Says me alright one vote for Zachery one vote for Shadow another for Zachery Zachery Zachery Zachery Zachery." Said Akane.

"Ok I think it's safe to say Zachery is off the island." Said Amaya.

"Yeah." Said Akane.


"I'm not moving from this spot." Said Zachery.

Amaya then walked up to him and pushed him on the boate and tried to get on it her self then Akane grabed her by her shirt.

"You'er not getting off this island." Said Akane.