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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Summary: King Endymion has been assassinated. Neo-Queen Serenity and her daughter, Princess Serenity, have gone into hiding after the palace was attacked. Sailor Senshi Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are dead. Sailor Senshi Neptune, Pluto and Uranus have gone to protect the Queen and her heir. Sailor Senshi Saturn is the only one remaining to fight. Alone.


Die Another Day

by Lady Saturn aka Sanji

Sick on a journey

my dream wanders

the withered fields.



Chapter I: Memory of a Nightmare

A person stood at the top of the hill of sand, the wind tossing their black cloak a bit. Peering beneath the hood, violet eyes scanned the land, a few strands of black-violet hair seen as well. On ther person's left shoulder was a gray tabby. On its forehead was gold crescent moon. Both were silent, staring at the sand that was tossed about in the wind. Then, the person began to walk.

Their feet barely left a print in the sand. The soft prints however immediately disappeared due to the wind. Head bent down at an angle, the figure continued to walk against the force of the wind. It was as though the wind was trying to stop them, but it failed. Nothing was going to stop this figure and its companion.

Coming towards the two was the outline of a building. As they got closer, it became more visible. Eyes lit up, the figure began to run to the building. Sand was kicked up into the air as the person ran. The cat clung to the shoulder, a comical look on its face. In what seemed to be an hour, the person reached the building. But there was more than one. They had found a town, a small one at that. Stepping onto the porch of the nearest building, the eyes peered at the building. It was a goldenrod colored building; a wooden bench painted black was off to the right. On the door were strange symbols. Fragile, delicate fingers traced over the symbols, a soft murmuring was heard from beneath the cloak. Then, the fingers curled up into a fist and knocked on the door. The door opened, letting the figure in.

Inside, it was warm and quiet. The person pulled back the hood, revealing that it was a woman. Her almost shoulder length black-violet hair matched perfectly with her dark violet eyes. The cat on her shoulder mewed.

"Welcome stranger," spoke a gentle voice. The woman turned to see who had just spoken to her. She was silent as she studied him. The man was tall and his muscles well toned. He wore a leather sleeve-less top with many buckles and leather pants. The black, steel-toed boots and black fingerless gloves completed the attire. Only two things stood out to her: his hair and what he wore around his neck. Golden bangs framed his soft face; soft red-violet eyes peered at her. His hair was black while the spiked tips were a reddish-pink. Around his neck was what looked like an upside-down golden pyramid with the Eye of Ra engraved in the front. She said nothing to the man. Instead, she walked around the room.

It was a strange, peculiar room. All around, the walls were bedecked with posters of strange looking monsters. The shelves were filled with boxes and little plush dolls of the strange creatures. In a glass case, four strange looking devices were displayed. These were among the various items showed in the building. Off to the left was what looked like a bar and a few tables with a couple chairs at each one. There was a pair of people stead at one of the tables, odd-looking cards on the table.

"Ever play?" the man asked her from behind.

"No," she answered quietly, her voice had a cold twinge.

"It's an easy game. I could teach you, if you would like."

"No thank you." The tri-colored hair man shrugged.

"Would you like something to drink then? It's awfully warm both out there and in here."

"Hm." The man took this as yes and went over to the bar area. Opening the fridge, he pulled out a glass pitcher. From the cupboard, he took out a glass. Dropping in a couple of ice-cubes, he poured the water into it and brought it to the woman. She took it and seated herself in one of the free chairs at an empty table. The cat leapt off her shoulder and onto the table. After taking a couple of gulps, the woman put the glass on the table and let the cat take a drink.

"My name is Yuugi Mutou, by the way." The woman glanced up at him, not moving her head to look. She watched him sit down across from her, saying nothing. He smiled kindly and looked at the feline. "You have a beautiful cat. What's its name?"

"Diana." Yuugi nodded, as though knowing.

"That's a pretty name."

"She belongs to my best friend, but she went away, putting her in my custody," the woman said, watching the cat drink.

"What's your name?" Yuugi asked suddenly. "You aren't from Dominio City, are you?" The woman was silent for her response. Then, after a minute, she answered, her voice barely audible.

"My name is Hotaru. Hotaru Tomoe. I'm from Crystal Tokyo." Yuugi's eyes widened.

"C-crystal Tokyo?" Hotaru looked at Yuugi, suddenly venom in her eyes. But he ignored this. "Is the Queen all right?" he asked urgently. "What happened to the palace? Is it true that the king is dead? Is the queen and the princess safe?" This caught Hotaru by surprise. She blinked, her mouth slightly opened. Diana stared at Yuugi as well.

"Y-you're worried about the queen?" she said.

"Why, of course. She's the reason that everything was so peaceful," answered Yuugi, smiling gently. "I am aware of that many of the people and even one or two countries do not appreciate the queen and her ways of ruling. But I am a supporter. I believe in her and her power. So do my friends," he added, pointed to the two people seated at the other table. Hotaru looked over at them. One of them was a white-haired boy dressed in khakis and a soft blue t-shirt. Around his neck dangled a very strange-looking golden pendant. It had the same eye pattern on the front as Yuugi's pendant. The other was a blonde-haired woman with violet eyes. On the back of her chair was a purple coat. She was wearing a white tube top laced down the front and purple leggings.

"They are also believers of the queen?' she murmured.

Yuugi nodded.

"Yes, we all are." Hotaru sat there, shocked. But after a moment, a warm smile crossed her face.

"Then it doesn't all seem hopeless," she whispered. "The queen is safe," she said, speaking so that he could hear her. "Both she and her daughter are in safe hands."

"That is good news," Yuugi said, looking relieved. "What has brought you to Dominio City, might I ask."
"I am traveling, searching for answers," was her answer. "And, no more questions." Yuugi blinked, but nodded. "Can you tell me how far it is to the next city?"

"Well…by foot, it's about a day and a half. By vehicle, about two hours."

"Thank you." Hotaru stood up, her eyes closed. Diana jumped onto her shoulders, meowing gently.

"Leaving so soon?" asked Yuugi. "The storm outside will get worse within the hour. It wouldn't be safe to go out."

"I can manage," she said with a sigh, opening her eyes once more. As she turned to leave, something clattered to the ground. Yuugi stooped down to pick it up, freezing as his fingers reached to touch it. He stared at the item on the ground, and then looked up at Hotaru. Her face was emotionless.

"You're one of them," he whispered. Hotaru knelt down and picked up her transformation wand, silent. "You're on of the queen's gu-"

"Shut it." Her eyes had suddenly gone cold. The man was quiet, though his eyes still filled with shock. Then, he said something more.

"How did it happen?"

"Shut up."

"Is true that the king isn't the only one dead?"

"I said shut up."

"Some of her personal guards, are they-"

"I told you to shut up!" Hotaru shouted. The two over at the table stopped to look over.

"Yuugi, is something wrong?" the white-haired boy asked. Hotaru, emotions running, whirled about and walked over to the door. Her hand had reached the doorknob when she heard him speak again.

"I'm sorry." She froze, fingers just barely form the knob. Then, she closed her eyes. Tiny tears trickled down her cheek.

Eternal Sailor Saturn watched form her position on the cliff as Super Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Pluto helped Neo-Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity escape. She felt hot tears fall down her cheeks. Beside her, Diana watched, in her Lunarian form. She held the scout's hand tightly, watching while the small group ran.

"We will see them," Diana said softly. Eternal Sailor Saturn was silent, watching them leave. Her violet, butterfly wings swayed in the small breeze.

"It is I should apologize," Hotaru whispered. "I should not have shouted like that."

"Yuugi, who is this person?" the woman asked.

"Mai, Ryou, this Hotaru Tomoe. She's a friend."

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