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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Summary: King Endymion has been assassinated. Neo-Queen Serenity and her daughter, Princess Serenity, have gone into hiding after the palace was attacked. Sailor Senshi Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are dead. Sailor Senshi Neptune, Pluto and Uranus have gone to protect the Queen and her heir. Sailor Senshi Saturn is the only one remaining to fight. Alone.


Die Another Day

By Lady Saturn aka Sanji

Sick on a journey

my dream wanders

the withered fields.



Chapter II: For Eternity

"A friend, eh?" repeated Mai with a smile. She looked at Ryou, who was smiling as well. Hotaru turned around to look at them.

"Actually," Yuugi said, "she's one of my best friends." Both Ryou and Mai's eyes widened, mouths opened slightly. Hotaru stared at the three, confused.

"Y-you're joking!" stammered Mai.

"I saw the proof," answered Yuugi.

"What are you three talking about?" asked Hotaru. But as Yuugi was about to answer, the door to the building opened once more. Hotaru had to step away to avoid getting whacked by the door. Heavy boots clunked on the floor, a tall blonde-haired man stepping inside. Yuugi scowled as he recognized the figure. The man pulled off his shades, smirking at Yuugi.

"Hey there Mutou."

"Hello Keith," spoke Yuugi bitterly. "What do you want?"

"Just here to browse," was the American's reply, as he stepped inside. His eyes fell upon Hotaru, his smirk widening. "Well, hello there little lady."

"Keith, if your gonna shop, shop. I don't need you trying to harass my friends," shot Yuugi, standing in front of Hotaru, blocking Keith's view of her. Keith put his hands up in mock defense, chuckling.

"Whoa there, chill out!" But form the dark looks from Ryou and Mai got Keith moving away. Yuugi then turned his attention back to Hotaru.

"Let's continue this conversation upstairs," he said, taking her wrist and leading her towards a staircase in the back of the room. Mai followed, while Ryou stayed behind, keeping an eye on Bandit Keith.

"Who is that man? And what were you talking about?" questioned Hotaru as Yuugi closed the door behind him. The room they were in was simple and comfortable. A bed, dresser, nightstand and a bookshelf filled with books. Some were new looking, while others looked ancient and dusted.

"That was Bandit Keith," said Mai, sitting down on the bed. "A real jerk and against the Royal Family."

"When I was telling them that you were my 'best friend', that was code for that you were someone close to the Royal Family," added Yuugi, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest. "We have to be careful these days. There's no way of telling who is friend and who is enemy."

"It's good to know there are people out there who appreciate the Royal Family," said Hotaru with a kind smile. "Neo-Queen Serenity and her daughter are very dear friends to me. I just hope Neptune, Uranus and Pluto got them both to safety."

"What happened though?" asked Mai. "I mean, how did this attack happen? The palace is so well guarded! And who did it?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," sighed Hotaru, seating herself in a chair by a desk.

"We suspect that there was a traitor in the palace," said Diana for the first time, jumping onto Hotaru's lap. At first, Yuugi and Mai nodded. Then, their eyes bulged and stared at the cat. Diana giggled while Hotaru sweatdropped.

"Did that cat just..."

"" Hotaru nodded.

"Diana is Princess Serenity's guardian. But now Diana travels with me, to keep me company." Both Yuugi and Mai blinked once, then twice, and then shook their heads.

"Weird..."muttered Mai.

"Would you mind if I took my cloak off?" asked Hotaru, standing up. "It's a bit warm in here." And with that, she unfastened the heart clasp on her cloak and pulled it off. Beneath the cloak, she wore blue jean flares, the right knee ripped, and a white t-shirt with shoulder length sleeves. She wore a black choker and at the middle of her low cut shirt was a black star. Dangling from it were two strings of pearls that wrapped around her two arms and fastened together in the back. She placed her cloak on the back of her chair and sat back down.

"I like the pearl ornament," said Mai, eyeing the ornament with approval. Hotaru smiled sadly.

"I wear it to remind me that I still have a dark side to me," she said sadly. She lightly touched the black star, closing her eyes for a mere moment. Then she reopened them, her sadness vanishing.

"So, how are close are you to the Royal Family?" Mai asked.

"She's one of the Sailor Senshi," answered Yuugi in a hushed voice. Mai gasped.

"I am Sailor Saturn, Scout of Death and Rebirth," said Hotaru. "I am the leader of the Outer Sailor Senshi."

"And one of the most powerful senshi," added Mai in a whisper. "Is it true that you were the one who ended the existence of the Moon Kingdom over a five millenniums ago?"

"My past self, yes. I was awakened from my slumber within the Planet Saturn. It was the three Talismans that the other outer senshi possessed that brought me out."

"Hotaru..."spoke Diana, noticing tears well up in Hotaru's eyes. "Don't say anything more, please."

"These pearls...I was once possessed by a demon, named Mistress Nine," Hotaru continued, casting her eyes downward. "My father had turned my body to almost complete to save me from an accident that occurred when I was eight. But then, he changed...he used me as a vessel for Mistress Nine to assist Master Pharaoh Ninety to control this world. My father was later killed...but...*"

"Please Hotaru, no more," spoke Diana, her feline eyes watering.

"It's all right, you don't have to tell us everything," spoke Yuugi kindly. "There are some secrets best kept as secrets."

"Night is going to fall soon," said Mai looking out the window.

"Then I should get going," said Hotaru, standing back up.

"Stay the night Hotaru," instructed Yuugi. "Let the storm pass. If you want, I can give you a ride to Toyama. That's the closest city to Dominio. And I heard of a secret protection organization that are loyal members to the Royal Family." Hotaru smiled brightly and bowed.

"Thank you!"

"Yes, thank you," said Diana. "And once Neo-Queen Serenity and her daughter are free to return to the palace, we shall tell her of your kindness and loyalty. All three of you shall be honored greatly."

"Awww, it's nothing, really!" said Yuugi, laughing nervously and hand behind his head. Mai laughed.

"You deserve it Yuugi, for what you've done. Anyway, I'll show one of the spare rooms," said Mai, standing up and beckoning Hotaru to follow. Diana jumped on top of Hotaru's head and the three left the room. Smiling, Yuugi left his room and proceeded down the stairs.

"Listen Keith, I don't need to hear this crap from the likes of you," he heard Ryou growl angrily. He then heard Keith's obnoxious laughter.

"Oh what are you going to do? It's time you just gave up on the Royal Family! The king was a bastard and deserved to die. The queen is so scared that she went into hiding with her precious women soldiers and is too chicken to come out and face the world! And they're bratty daughter is with her!" Yuugi clenched his fist, anger slowly rising.

"Take that back Keith! It was Neo-Queen Serenity who brought peace and prosperity to this country! It was she and her senshi that defeated the darkness that plagued this world!"

"Hah, yeah right! That's just a bunch of crap they want you to believe! There's no way the queen could have done that!" Yuugi continued down the stairs, pausing at the end. Inside, he wasn't the only one greatly angered by this display of disloyalty.

\\This man deserves to die. Or at least have his soul banished to the Shadow Realm!\\

\I agree with you Yami, believe me. But what's the point? You can't banish every single person who is against the Royal Family to the Shadow realm!\

\\I can try.\\

\Don't Yami. But Keith will get what he deserves, eventually. Time will tell.\ Yuugi's hand closed around the Millennium Puzzle that hung from its metal chain.

"Get out of here, now!" shouted Ryou angrily. Yuugi watched form the corner. Ryou was beyond anger now. In his eyes, Yuugi could recognize the look of utmost loathing. It rivaled Bakura's own gaze. Keith was standing seven feet away from Ryou, smirking and arms crossed.

"And why should I leave? I'm a customer here, and I should be treated with respect."

"You deserve no respect!" spat Ryou.

"Keith, I would advise you to leave this place. Now." Ryou and Keith turned to see Yuugi standing there, his eyes narrowed. For a split second, he looked almost exactly like his yami.

"Why should I?" shot Keith.

"Because if you don't, you'll have two very pissed of yamis chasing your ass," said Ryou, though suddenly he changed. His hair grew sharper and more defined, as did his eyes. Bakura had taken control, and looked about ready to strangle Keith. Yuugi let Yami take over his body as well.

"I would listen to the robber Keith," said Yami in a low voice. "I won't try and hold Bakura back when he kills you. And if he doesn't kill you, I'll simply banish what is left of your worthless soul to the Shadow Realm." Keith's eyebrow twitched.

"You're both idiots for believing in the queen."

"You're the idiot Keith," growled Bakura. "Now leave!" Keith looked from Yami to Bakura, a drop of sweat rolling down the side of his face. As much as he tried to hide it, both of the yamis could sense that he was trembling in fear. Then, Keith turned about and went for the door.

"You'll both see," he called out to them. "The Royal Family shall fall and so will Crystal Tokyo!" And after that, he slammed the door shut behind him.

"I don't see why scum like that is allowed to walk these sands," growled Bakura.

"I wonder just as much as you do Bakura," answered Yami, frowning at the door.

"Hey Yuugi, what's going on? I heard the door slam?" asked Mai, coming down the stairs. "Oh, it's you Yami. Bakura."

"Keith was pissing us off, again. Saying crap about the Royal Family," growled Bakura.

"What I don't get is why people are so against them," said Mai, walking over to them.

"That puzzles me too," said Yami, arms crossed over his chest. "But that is a mystery we are destined not to solve." Bakura rolled his eyes.

"Save it Pharaoh."

"It's vital that we breath not a word of Hotaru's identity to anyone o the city," said Yami. Mai nodded while Bakura looked at them both, confused. Ignoring him, yami continued. "If anyone were to know, they would attempt to either kill her or even try to find out where the Queen and princess are."

"I missed something completely. What in the name of Ra are you both talking about?" demanded Bakura.

"I'll tell you later," replied Yami. Bakura glared at him.

"I hate you."

Hotaru watched with keen interest as Yuugi and Mai dueled. She took another bite of her apple as Mai played played the magic card 'Rose Whip'. Ryou, Mai, Yuugi, Hotaru and Diana were downstairs in the basement. An hour ago, a few more people had joined the group. A teenage boy named Shogo Ayoami** was seated in a chair, leaning against the back of it, sipping his drink. Pastel green hair was tied back into a lose ponytail with white string. He was dressed in baggy jeans and an oversized yellow shirt with a blue collar. Sitting on the table top beside him was Ryou and beside him was another girl. Her soft auburn hair hung over her shoulder, bright brown eyes watching the duel with keen interest. Her name was Shizuka Katsuya. She was wearing a light blue skirt and light pink button up t-shirt. Her brother, Jounouchi Katsuya, was cheering Yuugi as he dueled. His blonde hair was the same as it always was and covered his eyes slightly. He was wearing blue jeans, a blue and white striped t-shirt with a black jacket over it.

On the other side of the room were two other people. One was about Shogo's age. His black hair was about shoulder length and somewhat spiky. Blue eyes watched the duel in keen interest, a grin on his face. He was dressed in gray slacks, a red t-shirt and long black coat. Around his neck was a brown cord with Duel Monster Card pendant dangling from it. The other was a blond haired girl, the same age as Mokuba and Shogo. Her blonde hair was plaited into a braid and hung over her shoulder, bright eyes filled with enthusiasm and energy. She was wearing a black skirt that fell to her knees and a violet tank top, with a white sweatshirt tied around her waist. Rebecca Hopkins was enjoying the duel, taking in every detail with keen interest.

Standing to the side, watching Yuugi and Mai duel was Duke Devalin, owner of Dungeon Dice Monsters. His black hair was in a ponytail and held up by the red forehead band, with a few bangs pointed out over it. He wore black leather pants and the same red vest. Dangling from his left ear was a small white dice. He watched the duel, explaining the rules to Hotaru.

"What Mai just played was a Equipment Magic Card," explained Duke. "An Equipment Card can increase the attack and or defense of a monster, or give it a special ability." Hotaru nodded, amazed by the game. Yuugi and Mai were both dueling with Dueling Disks, provided by the Kiaba Corporation.

"Now, Harpie's Lady. Use your Rose Whip!" commanded Mai, throwing out her dueling disc. The holographic image of Harpie's Lady appeared, holding the whip. The creature screeched and lashed at Yuugi's Celtic Guardian.

"Not so fast Mai!" said Yuugi, grinned. Just as the whip was going to hit his monster, an unseen force deflected the attack. "I used Mirror Force to stop your attack!"

"Mirror Force is a Trap Card," said Duke. "It stopped Mai's attack, protecting Yuugi's Life Points."

"Amazing," breathed Hotaru.

"Yeah Yug!" cheered Jounouchi. Shizuka giggled, trying to calm her older brother down.

"Very nice move," agreed Rebecca. Suddenly, the door opened and everyone fell silent. Duke stood in front of Hotaru to block the newcomer's view of her. They wanted to make sure she was protected from unwanted anti-followers. But as the person stepped in, almost everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Seto Kiaba closed the door behind himself, looking at the scene. He smirked.

"Hey there Seto!" said Mokuba. Seto was in black pants, a dark-midnight blue shirt and his infamous purple jacket. In his hand was the metal briefcase. Duke stepped away from Hotaru, seeing that it was safe. Seto's eyes immediately fell upon her, his eyes filled with curiosity.

"Yuugi, who is that?"

"Is anyone else upstairs?" Yuugi asked quickly. Seto shook his head. Glancing over at Hotaru, Yuugi then said, "Her name is Hotaru Tomoe. Also known as Sailor Saturn." Seto dropped his briefcase with a loud thunk.

"Yeah, I had the same stupid look on my face too Kiaba," said Jounouchi, smirking at Kiaba's expression.

"I came here," Hotaru said gently, "in search of the enemy and what their goals are. I am the only Sailor Senshi left to fight the enemy. You're friends have been so kind and helpful to both me and Diana."

"The talking cat," said Shizuka, indicating Diana.

"Hello," Diana said. Seto's eyes widened, mouth open slightly. Mokuba chuckled at his brother's face, shaking his head. Seto then snapped out of his shock, regaining himself. Picking up his briefcase, he went over to the table Shogo, Shizuka and Ryou were at. He placed it on the table and snapped it open. Everyone watched as he carefully withdrew a large bundle covered in cloth.

"One of my spies found this in Pegasus' place," said Seto, handing it to Ryou. He pulled back the cloth, revealing what was beneath. Hotaru's eye widened and she gasped. She rushed over to Ryou and took the object from his hands.

"Hotaru?" Ryou asked, but she wasn't listening. In her hands, she held the Holy Grail.

"Dear god..."she whispered, her eyes filled with shock and horror. "H-how..."

"You know what that is?" questioned Seto.

"T-this is the queens Holy Grail...the key to her power!" breathed Hotaru. Everyone stared at her.

"And Pegasus had that?" demanded Yuugi.

"How could he have come into possession of that?" questioned Rebecca.

"Do you think he was planning on using it?" said Shogo thoughtfully. Hotaru closed her eyes and held the grail gently to her chest. She felt warmth enter her heart, spreading throughout her body.

"Oh Bunny...I hope you and Chibiusa are safe...please, Michiru-mama, Haruka-papa, Setsuna-mama, stay safe," she whispered very softly, a tear escaping her closed eyes.

"Hotaru..."Shizuka said softly, placing a hand on the senshi's shoulder.

"He was probably going to drink from the grail himself..."Hotaru murmured, eyes still closed. "He was most likely going to drink in the power as Neo-Queen Serenity did in order to become Super Sailor Moon." Carefully, she put the Grail back on the table.

"It was good thing your spies found it then," Duke said to Seto. But Seto was still solemn.

"That wasn't the only thing they found." He placed his hand inside his pocket and withdrew a small pouch. Hotaru opened her eyes and looked over at him. Opening the pouch, he tipped it over, letting the contents spill out. Hotaru thought that her heart had stopped right then and there. Her body felt faint and weak. She had to grab the edge of the table to hold herself up.

"Oh Ra, she's going to faint!" gasped Yuugi. Shogo quickly caught Hotaru as her body fell limp to the ground.

"Hotaru! Hotaru!" Diana cried as she ran over to her. She rubbed against the woman's face, purring. "Wake up!" Hotaru opened her eyes slowly.

"You're all right!" Shizuka spoke with relief. Hotaru's gaze landed up at the table. With Shogo's help, she was able to stand up. She looked down at the table her mouth went dry. Diana jumped onto the table and stared in the utmost horror.

"Oh no...."Diana whispered. On the table were three jagged pieces of crystal that glowed dimly.

"T-the Imperial Silver Crystal..."Hotaru whispered. She reached over and carefully picked up the three crystal pieces, looking at them. Her hands closed over the pieces and she held them to her heart. Both of the Kiaba brothers nearly choked.

"The Imperial Silver Crystal?" gasped Mokuba. "That isn't possible..."

"Oh lord," groaned Seto. "The bastard had parts of it? Shit..."

"What is this crystal?" asked Shogo. Hotaru looked at the boy with hollow eyes.

"T-the the very soul...of Neo-Queen Serenity. And now...that it's destroyed..."but then Hotaru choked on her tears. Not being able to hold it in, she collapsed and sobbed, the crystal shards falling to the floor. The crescent moon on Diana's forehead began to glow, as well as the crystal shards. Everyone but Hotaru shielded his or her eyes from the light. When it faded, however, there was a young woman hugging Hotaru, sobbing softly as well. Her gray hair fell from two buns in two braids. A floor-length skirt spread out on the floor, as well as the white underskirt. The figure held Hotaru tight, one of the gray dress straps falling off her shoulder. A golden crescent moon was on her forehead, glowing softly.

"D-don't worry," the human form of Diana sobbed. "S-small Lady won't let her die...she can s-share her Imperial Silver Crystal with the queen...and with the other three with'll s-survive..." Then, Diana lifted her head and looked at the others, who were staring at them with a mix of shock and sympathy. "I think Hotaru should go to bed now."

Diana carefully brushed a few strands away from Hotaru's face, sorrow growing within her heart. "Diana?" The Lunarian glanced over her shoulder at the doorway. Yuugi was standing there in his pajamas: plaid pajama pants and a white tank top that showed off his body very well.

"Yes Yuugi?" she answered softly.

"I-I came to bring Hotaru these," he whispered, showing her the small pouch and the Holy Grail. Carefully, he placed them on the table. Looking at Hotaru, he asked, "Is she going to be all right?"

"She just needs to rest," answered Diana, looking back at the Senshi of Death and Rebirth. "The shock at seeing the Holy Grail and shattered Imperial Silver Crystal shook her up. Even though she was reborn, her body, at times, s till feels the weakness from when she was the vessel for Mistress Nine."

"And she won't ever forget about it, will she? About being Mistress Nine."

"None of us ever will. Especially Chibiusa, Princess Serenity to you." Yuugi nodded.

"Can I get you anything?"

"I would much like to go out and gaze up at the moon, just for a few minutes, if you wouldn't mind." The tri-colored haired man nodded, smiling.

"Go right ahead. I'll watch Hotaru. Just be careful to not be seen. Actually..." He closed his eyes for a moment and his Millennium Puzzle glowed. Then, appearing before him, a little Kuriboh sat there, peering up at him. He picked up the little monster and held him out to Diana. "Take Kuriboh. He'll protect you if you are attacked." Diana blinked at it.

"That fur ball is going to protect me?" she asked in wonder.

"Don't under estimate Kuriboh! He's helped me out quite a few times," said Yuugi with a chuckle. Kuriboh cooed happily, jumping in Diana's arms. The Lunarian giggled as the creature shivered in her arms, tickling her. Standing up, she smiled at Yuugi.

"Thank you."

"No problem." Yuugi watched as the woman left, before sitting himself in the chair. Propping his elbows on his knees, he rested his chin on top of his closed hands and looked at Hotaru. Her chest rose and fell in a slow rhythmic pattern as she slept, her face serene and peaceful. "How can one like you be blessed with the powers of dealing out death and life?" Yuugi whispered very quietly. His yami was fast asleep within the puzzle, so he closed off their connection. As he gazed at Hotaru, an image flashed inside his mind. "Anzu..." He felt his heart break as he remembered his former love. Anzu always knew how to make him happy, he thought. And even though at first she was only in love with his yami, she grew to love him as well. "But that wasn't good enough for fate, was it?" he said bitterly, remembering the accident that not only claimed her life, but one of his dear friends as well, Honda.

"Chibiusa?" Yuugi snapped out of his trance and looked at Hotaru. Her face was no longer peaceful; her eyes were scrunched up, biting her lip, beads of sweat rolling down her face. Her fists clenched the thin blue blanket so tightly, that her knuckles were turning white. She opened her mouth again, crying out softly for her best friend. "Chibiusa!"

"Hotaru, wake up!" Yuugi said gently, taking her hand. "It's only a bad dream."

"Mama! Papa!" she cried out again, a bit louder. "Chibiusa! Help me!"

"Hotaru! It's only a dream!"

"Papa! Papa! No, Papa! Mama! Papa! Chibiusa! Help me! Save me!" She began to thrash wildly in her bed. Yuugi was getting worried. Not wanting Hotaru to hurt her, he stood up and leaned over and pinned her wrists down.

"Hotaru, you have to snap out of it!" Yuugi commanded. "You're dreaming that's all!"

"Mama! Chibiusa! Papa!"

"It's just a dream!"

"Help me! It's too hot in here Mama! Help!"

"Hotaru, wake up!"


"HOTARU!" The senshi snapped her eyes opened, staring up at Yuugi. She was panting, her face white. She stared up at him. His face was a few inches away from her, and was looking at her with worried eyes.

"W-what happened?" she whispered.

"You were having a nightmare."

"Did I say anything?"

"No." Hotaru closed her eyes, sighing. It was then Yuugi realized that he was still holding her down. Blushing slightly, he let go and sat down in the chair. There was silence in the room. Outside, the wind blew, gently. The storm had passed a few hours ago, the night now still.

"Thank you, for being so kind to me and Diana," Hotaru said, breaking the silence.

"It was no trouble at all." More silence.

"Yuugi, you know tha-" But then suddenly, there was a loud pounding on the door.

"Hotaru! Get up!" It was Duke. "We're being attacked! You need to hide!" Hotaru sat up and both she and Yuugi exchanged shocked expressions. Then there was a loud blast that shook the entire building. The Millennium Puzzle flashed and Yami was there within seconds. Hotaru didn't take the time to register that there were two Yuugis with her. She got out of the bed, fishing out her transformation wand.

"I'm not hiding," she declared, grasping the wand. Another blast struck, shaking the building more. From outside, they heard loud screeching sounds and more blasts being shot. Then, without another wasted moment, she ran out of the room, both Yuugi and Yami following.

"What the hell are these things?" they heard Shogo shout.

"Just find a blasted card to be summoned and give it to me!" shouted Bakura. "Give me your Red Eyes!" Running outdoors, Hotaru's bare feet hit the sand. It was extremely cold against her skin, but she ignored it. Filling the sky were winged demons, screeching and firing white energy blasts from their mouths at the city. She stood there, the wind blowing her about wildly. Then, with a look of determination, she held her wand up into the air.

"Saturn Eternal Power, Make Up!" From the top of her wand, violet energy shocks shot out as well tiny violet butterflies. They swarmed about her about, curling and fitting her figure. Large butterfly wings emitted from Hotaru's back, closing around her like a scabbard. There was a flash of light and the wings withdrew, revealing Hotaru once more, but now as Eternal Sailor Saturn. Her three-layered skirt was black, dark purple and light violet. Light violet and black ribbons dangled from waist and silver Saturn earrings from her ears. A violet heart appeared in the middle of her chest, with two sets of butterfly wings: purple and black. At the top was a white pearl and in the center of the heart was a black one. Silver jagged crystal wings bedecked the top of her hair. Heeled violet boots touched the sand as she stood there, ready for a fight. In her hand was a staff that was similar to her old one; except for at the bottom there was a violet orb with a silver Saturn at the top.

One of the winged demons spotted Eternal Sailor Saturn and decided that she was its next target. It swooped down, all seven of its golden eyes on her. Opening its beak, it screeched and readied to snap at her. Saturn held her staff up in the air, the orb part up at the top. With her left hand, she held it over the orb, eyes closed. Energy began to flow from her into the orb. Then, when sparks of energy appeared within it, Saturn pointed the orb at the creature eyes wide open.

"Celestial Saturn Nightshade!" she screamed. The light within the orb glowed brightly, forming an energy beam and shooting out from the silver Saturn atop of it. It shot straight up at the bird, going right through its neck. The creature fell through the air, landing in the sand, sending sand into the air and making it hard to breath for a moment.

"Watch out!" she heard someone from behind shot. Looking behind. Two more of the creatures were flying at her. Suddenly, a magnificent black skeletal dragon intercepted, knocking the creature into the sand. Its red eyes glowed, before opening its mouth and launching a fireball at the bird-like things.

"Wahoo! Go Red Eyes!" cheered Shogo. The Red Eyes Black Dragon let out a roar of enthusiasm, matching his owner's.

"Go Dark Magician!" Yami shouted, unleashing the infamous magician. The Dark Magician held up its staff and blasted another creature from the air.

"Celestial Saturn Nightshade!" Saturn screamed again, taking down another. But each time any one of them took down one bird, two more would appear in the sky in its place. But that was the only strange thing about them. Saturn dodged as another one tried to take her down.

"They're all after Hotaru!" shouted Yuugi over the wind that had now picked up, blowing more sand up and making it harder to breath and see. "We have to protect Hotaru!"

"Yuugi! Use this card for Hotaru!" Rebecca shouted over the wind, pressing a card into his hands. Yuugi looked down at it. The Millennium Shield. Excited, Yuugi ran to his Yami and gave it to him. Within moments, Hotaru suddenly found a large red and gold shield standing before her. It emitted a golden barrier that appeared all around her, encasing her in a dome of protection. When one of the creatures swooped down to attack her, it struck the shield and received shocks of golden electricity, causing it to scream and retreat. Another one of the creatures tried to attack Hotaru, but also failed.

"Keep trying my babies!" a voice suddenly shouted over the wind. "Do not give up! Attack the Sailor Senshi of Saturn and kill her!"

"Who said that?" Saturn asked herself, looking about in the sky. All she could see was flying sand, hundreds of the bird creatures and a few dragons and winged creatures from her new allies.

"Destroy that pathetic shield and kill the woman!" the voice said once more. The creatures continued to fly down and struck the shield, hoping to break it. After about the twenty-third one hit, the shield suddenly flickered. Saturn looked over immediately over at her allies. She could see that both Yami and Bakura were staggering, tired and weak.

"Oh no, its too much for the two of them to keep the monsters in this world!" Ryou had to scream into the wind for the others to hear. Seto's Blue Eyes blasted five more from the air, but ten more showed up. Suddenly, the dragon also flickered.

"I-I have to keep them h-here," murmured Yami as he felt his energy drain from his body. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands grabbed his arm to keep him from falling. He looked up and saw Yuugi smiling down at him.

"C'mon Yami, hang in there," Yuugi shouted encouragingly. Yami grinned weakly. "Take some of my energy Yami."

"T-thank you aibou..."Yami thanked him. Weakly, he placed a hand on Yuugi's forehead and closed his eyes in concentration. The Sennen Eye appeared on Yami's forehead as he felt Yuugi's energy flow through his body. The monsters he had summoned began to stop flickering and stay solid. Saturn watched as the others continued to fight, with Yami and Bakura supporting their monsters' existence in this world. She bit her bottom lip, thinking.

"No, I have to stop hiding. This is my fight, not theirs," she said to herself. Then, holding her staff tightly, she ran out from the Millennium Shields protection. "Hey! Uglies, I'm right over here!" she screamed to them.

"Hotaru! Get back behind the shield!" Yuugi screamed at her. But she couldn't hear him. Instead, she held out her staff, this time, the scythe blade up.

"I'm going to fight these blasted things, I won't let them kill me," she told herself. "I have to live for Bunny and Chibiusa and the others. I have to fight for them." The blade began to glow. The wind tossed her hair and wings about, but her gaze on the bird demons did not waver. Then, without another thought, she ran at them, blade held high.

"Hotaru! NO!" Yuugi screamed.

"Get back here!" objected Mai. "Dark Witch, help her!" The witch nodded to her mistress, flying after Eternal Sailor Saturn. Saturn raced at the creatures as they flew at her.

"Black..." she murmured, the bird coming at her.

"Hotaru!" Duke screamed. "Watch out!"

"Saturn..." she continued, the blade held high and glowing a black aura.

"You're insane!" shouted Mokuba. The Dark Witch flew as fast as she could to help the senshi.

"TSURUGI!" she screamed. Suddenly stopping, she launched her staff like a javelin. It struck the bird, but it did not stop there. The force of the shot knocked it backwards. The blade that protruded form its back struck down two other birds, pinning them to the ground. They screamed in pain, before bursting into black flames and incinerating. Saturn stood there for a second, before walking over and pulling her staff from the sand. She was quiet as she just stared at the ashes of the dead creatures. Suddenly, she felt someone wrap his or her arms around her in a hug.

"Oh Saturn, you're safe!" cheered Diana, still in Lunarian form. Saturn blinked and looked up at the sky. The creatures were all gone. They had vanished completely. So did the other monsters.

"What happened? Why'd they all leave?" questioned Jounouchi, bewildered.

"I have no idea," answered Seto, looking up at the deserted sky. The wind had died down as well. Yuugi glanced over at Saturn, who was talking to Diana. He felt himself blush when he realized that he was looking her over. Turning away, he saw that Duke was looking at him. Duke looked over at Saturn, then at Yuugi and then back to Saturn. Suddenly, an all-knowing grin appeared on the creator's face.

"Soooooo, Yuugi. What do you think about that Hotaru girl?" Yuugi blushed, sweatdropping.

"W-what do you mean Duke?"

"Aw c'mon! You can't fool me! You l-" But Yuugi tackled the man to the ground, trying to silence him. A loud fight began and soon everyone was turning to see the cloud that was Duke and Yuugi fight. All of them blinked, confused by this display.

"But that was strange Diana," said Saturn softly. "Why did they retreat so suddenly? Diana shrugged.

"I'm not sure Saturn. But I'll bet you that won't be the last we'll see those...things." Saturn nodded, sighing. The stars in the night sky had begun to fade now. Just over the horizon everyone could see the very first rays of light appear. Eternal Sailor Saturn closed her eyes, letting her fuku vanish. Hotaru then walked over to the others with Diana beside her.

"Hotaru, are you all right?" asked Rebecca, rushing over to her. The Legendary Senshi smiled at her kindly, nodding.

"I'm fine Rebecca, thank you for your concern. By the way...what's wrong with Yuugi and Duke?" She pointed the fighting cloud, blinking. Rebecca sweatdropped.

"I have no idea."

Hotaru climbed into the Jeep, smiling. Diana, back in her feline form, jumped in and settled herself on her lap. Leaning against the chair door, she waved to everyone.

"Goodbye everyone!" she shouted, waving energetically. "Thanks for everything! It was fun learning Duel Monsters!"

"Hey, if you're in Dominio again, look us up!" said Mokuba. "It won't be too hard to find us!" Hotaru giggled, nodding.

"Ya take care, all right?" said Jounouchi with a grin. Hotaru smiled. Even after being with them a day, already everyone considered Hotaru their sister, especially Jounouchi and Shizuka. Which reminded her...

"Where's Shizuka?" she questioned. She had become especially close to Shizuka. Being with her helped her grow even more determined to help Chibiusa.

"There she is," said Shogo, pointing the auburn-haired girl running towards them. In the girl's hand was a black bag the size of a backpack with a drawstring closing. Panting, Shizuka paused for a moment, before giving Hotaru the bag.

"Huh?" Shizuka smiled.

"It holds the Holy Grail and the Imperial Silver Crystal shards, as well as some extra clothing and some food and water. Hotaru smiled happily. Climbing onto the seat on her knees, she leaned forward and embraced her new friend.

"Thank you so much Shizuka!"

"I'm sorry to break up this, but we had better get going, before the next sandstorm kicks in," said Yuugi apologetically. Waving a final goodbye to everyone, Hotaru leaned back into her seat. Yuugi wrapped the scarf around his nose and mouth, and slid the goggles over his eyes. Hotaru covered her mouth and nose with the shawls and pulled her hood up. Turning the car on, Yuugi turned to Hotaru, his voice slightly muffled from the scarf. "Hang on! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" And with that, the car sped off, carrying the last hope for Crystal Tokyo and the Royal Family.


* = In the manga, Dr. Tomoe was killed and never revived. Michiru, Haruka and Setsuna adopted Hotaru as their child.

** = First, I think I got his last name wrong. Second, Shogo isn't an original character. He's from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie. In it, he's a little kid who comes into possession of the Red Eyes Black Dragon.


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