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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Summary: King Endymion has been assasinated. Neo-Queen Serenity and her daughter, Princess Serenity, have gone into hiding after the palace was attacked. Sailor Senshi Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are dead. Sailor Senshi Neptune, Pluto and Uranus have gone to protect the Queen and her heir. Sailor Senshi Saturn is the only one remaining to fight. Alone.


Die Another Day

by Lady Saturn aka Sanji

Sick on a journey

my dream wanders

the withered fields.



Authoress Notes: (12-26-02) Well, this is the first time I'm doing a note thingy. I screwed up with the notice thing, so...anyway, I do not own any of the animes that appear in this story. They all belong to their respective creators/owners. I take great pride in this story and it's a lot of fun to plan out and write. If I receive any immature flames, I'll send Bob to chase after you.

Bob: ::waves a furry paw::

He's that one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater you hear about in that song, except in a cuter, cuddlier form. But he will chase you down if you send me hate flames. Now, I promise you that the both the Sailor Starlights and the Sailor Quartet will appear later in the story.

That's all for now.

The following animes will be seen in this chapter: Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Earthian, Magic Knight Rayearth


Chapter III: A Warrior's Will

Sand flew in the air as the Jeep drove across the desert, carrying two people. Yuugi concentrated on the land in front of him, the goggles over his eyes keeping the sand out of his eyes and the scarf keeping him from choking on it too. Every now and then he stole glances of Hotaru, who sat beside him. Right now she was sound asleep, the cloak wrapped over her nose and mouth and her hood pulled down halfway over her closed eyes. Diana was asleep on her lap, the black bag at Hotaru's feet.

\\Is something wrong aibou?\\

\No, it's nothing Yami.\

\\I can sense your feelings for the girl aibou.\\ Yuugi blushed slightly, turning his attention back to his driving. \\Aibou, you should tell her.\\ Yuugi said nothing.

\I can't Yami. I barely even know her-\

\\And yet you feel drawn to her.\\ Yuugi blinked in surprise.

\How did yo-\

\\Because I believe I have fallen for the goddess as well aibou.\\ Yuugi thought about this, before a smile crossing his face.

\Then you tell her!\ Now it was Yami's turn to be surprised.


\You heard me! Why don't you take over and tell her?\

\\We're almost to Toyama, aren't we?\\Yuugi grinned at his small victory.

"Hmmm...Yuugi? Are we almost there?" The goddess had awoken, thought Yuugi, who immediately began to blush once more.

"Yep. You can see the very tips of some of the buildings now," he answered, pointing ahead. Hotaru looked to where he was pointing. "We have about another half-hour to go."

"All right. I'm going back to sleep." And with that, Hotaru rested her head against the side and fell fast asleep.

About twenty minutes passed before signs of city-life appeared. The sand slowly melted into pavement streets. The buildings and sidewalks were clearer, as were the civilians. There men, women and children walking up and down the sidewalks, shopping and chatting with one another. Yuugi spotted a vacant spot in front of bookstore. He parked in front of the store and then leaned back in his chair. He unwrapped the scarf around his face and took in a breath of fresh air. Closing his eyes, he sighed and sat there for a moment. Then, cracking open one eye, he looked at Hotaru, who was still asleep.

\I guess that fight took a lot out of her.\

\\Yes, it appears to have. You had best wake her though.\\ Nodding, Yuugi leaned over and gently shook her shoulder.

"Hotaru, hey Hotaru. We're here." Hotaru swatted his hand away, mumbling.

"Jus five more minutes Ruka-papa...just five minutes..." Yuugi chuckled.

"C'mon Hotaru, you gotta wake up." The woman slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily. She looks so cute like that, Yuugi thought with a small smile. Hotaru blinked, looking around.

"We are we again?" Yuugi chuckled.

"Toyama," he answered. Nodding, Hotaru unbuckled her seatbelt and shook Diana awake. Then, looking over at Yuugi, she gave him a puzzled look. "What?"

"Aren't you coming too?" Yuugi smiled sadly, shaking his head.

"As much as I liked too, I have to get back to Domino. I have a feeling Pegasus is going to be wondering where they went," he replied, indicating the black bag.

"I want to say thank you. You've been so kind to me," spoke Hotaru softly. "And last night, you were trying to protect me, weren't you? With that shield." Yuugi felt himself begin to blush.

"W-well, y-you're Tokyo's only hope for survival and I-" But Hotaru pressed a finger to his lips, smiling.

"Well, whatever the reason, I thank thee." She leaned over and pressed her lips against his cheek, kissing him lightly. With small wave, she climbed out of the Jeep with Diana on her shoulder and the bag over the other.

"Wait, Hotaru!" She turned back around to see Yuugi trying to get something out his pockets. He pulled out his deck and shuffled through it. Then, he pulled out a card and held it out to her. "Take this, to remember me by." Curious, she took the card and looked at it.

"'Kuriboh'?" she questioned. Yuugi smiled.

"He's one of my favorite monsters and is always helping me out. Ask Diana sometime, I told her the story."

"Thank you. I'll never forget you, Yuugi Mutou."

"Nor will I, Hotaru Tomoe." And with a final smile, Hotaru turned and walked away. Watching her leave, Yuugi leaned back in his seat, placing a hand over the cheek she had kissed. With a smile upon his face, Yuugi started up the engine once more and drove away, leaving behind his goddess of Death and Rebirth.

Hotaru was quiet as she watched Yuugi drive away. Then, turned around, she walked over to the door of the bookstore. She paused for a moment, memories returning to her.

"Ami...she loved to take me to the bookstores when I was just a child..."she said, her voice croaking. "And every time we went, she would always get me a new book for Michiru-mama or Setsuna-mama to read to me before I went to bed."

"Don't force yourself like this Hotaru," said Diana. But then, Hotaru shook her head and pushed the door open. As she stepped inside, she couldn't help but gawk at the number of books. Hundreds, no, thousands of books filled the shelves and cases.

"Good afternoon! Welcome to the Book Corner! Can I help with you anything?" Pulling down her hood, Hotaru turned to see a man sitting behind a counter. His elbows were propped up on the counter top, a book opened in front of him. He looked at Hotaru with blue eyes peering through thin framed glasses. His slightly messy blue hair gave him a soft, gentle look to him. He smiled at Hotaru.

"No thank you," she answered politely. "I'm just browsing."

"All right then. Feel free to look at anything in the place." And with that, the man returned to his book. Silently, Hotaru walked over to one of the bookcases and peered at the different titles. While most were in Japanese, there were others that were in languages that she couldn't translate. The only other languages she could translate were English and Chinese.

"'White Fang'?" she spoke aloud.

"A classic, written by Jack London," said the blue-haired man without looking up form his book. The senshi glanced over at him, thinking about what her friends from Domino had told her last night. Maybe the code works here as well. She cleared her throat loudly, though there was no one but herself and the man in the room.

"So, are you a friend?" she asked as she picked a book off the shelf and opened it. Through the corner of her eyes, she looked at him. He didn't respond. Slightly disappointed, she closed the book and placed it back on the shelf.

"Hold it." Hotaru froze. The man looked up at her, pushing his glasses down slightly. He looked at her and then down at the cat. His eyes fell upon the marking on Diana's forehead. His eyes widened. Diana peered at him, thinking. All of sudden, she saw a soft violet light appear on Hotaru's forehead. Looking up, she saw the symbol of Saturn appear, glowing. Then, looking over at the man, she gasped. A symbol on his forehead had appeared also, except for it was blue and it was the kanji for life. The two humans stared into each other's eyes, as though searching for an answer within them. "You're one of the Sailor Senshi," he murmured.

"And you are one of the legendary Samurai Troopers," she whispered.

"Sailor Saturn."

"Bearer of Strata." The symbols then vanished. The man took of his glasses and smiled.

"The name's Touma, Touma Hashiba." Hotaru smiled, noticing the hint of a Brooklyn accent.

"I am Hotaru Tomoe. And this is Diana." Diana smiled.

"I am honored to meet such a legendary warrior. Your story is quite popular in the palace." Touma chuckled.

"And your story isn't? I never thought I'd meet a Sailor Senshi in my entire life. By the way...I have a question that I've always wanted to ask..."


"How can you fight in such short skirts?" Hotaru blinked, before sweatdropping. Touma sweatdropped, laughing. "Sorry! That was a random and stupid question!"

"It's quite all right!" replied Hotaru, giggling.

"No, really. That's something Shu would ask," Touma muttered under his breath. Hotaru smiled at him, amused. Suddenly, to her surprise, Touma's eyes became cold, his expression serious. "What has happened to queen? Is she and Princess Serenity safe?" Hotaru gulped, before nodding.

"Yes. They're both with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. But...I'm afraid they're both very weak."

"What do you mean?" Touma asked, startled. Hotaru opened the black back and withdrew the small pouch. Opening it, she let the contents spill onto the counter. "Oh shit..." Touma cursed, staring at the three shards of the crystal.

"Princess Serenity is sharing her crystal with her mother to keep her alive. But if they are attacked, I'm not sure the queen could survive the attack," murmured Hotaru.

"Are these the only three pieces of the crystal?" Hotaru shook her head.

"No. There are more pieces out there and I'm going to find them all." Touma nodded. Then, he closed his book and put his glasses back on. Walking from around the counter, he went over to a shelf and placed the book on it.

"Listen, I'm going to take a lunch break. One of my friends, a fellow Samurai Trooper, owns this great restaurant not far from here. You want to come? He'd be honored to meet you." Hotaru smiled, nodding.

"Sure. How about you Diana?" Diana nodded. Touma suddenly sweatdropped.

"Uh...there's another friend of mine, Shin, he may be there. You might want to hide her." Hotaru blinked.


"He, uh...doesn't like cats." Hotaru and Diana exchanged looks.

"What if I return to my Lunarian form?" spoke Diana.

"Um...that might work..."replied Touma, thinking. But then he was interrupted by the phone ringing. he reached over the counter and grabbed the phone. "Hello, Book Corner, Touma speaking. Oh, hey Seiji! Yeah...uh-huh...listen, I would be right now but I'm going on my lunch break and-...hang on a second! Would you let me finish?...Haha, very funny. Look, meet me at the usual, got it? I want to introduce you to someone...yes, it's a girl...god no! Seiji, you can have a one-track mind, ya know that?...I hate you...All right, see ya." Touma hung up, shaking his head and sighing. "The idiot..." he looked up at Hotaru with a lop-sided smile. "Well, you all set?"

"What was your friend saying?" Hotaru inquired. Touma sweatdropped.

" friend's been trying to get me a girlfriend for awhile now and he thought I finally found one."

"Y-you mean me?" stammered Hotaru, pointing to herself. Touma nodded, chuckling.

"But don't worry, I'm gonna tell it to him straight. Besides, once he finds out who you are, he'll think differently. C'mon. Shu's place gets busy around this time." Hotaru nodded, though slightly hurt by the last comment.

So, since I'm a Sailor Senshi, no one would fall in love with me?

"Mama, how are you doing?" Chibiusa asked softly. Neo Queen Serenity opened her eyes and looked over at her. Smiling weakly, she replied.

"I'm doing all right Small Lady," she replied. Chibiusa smiled, though her eyes were still saddened.

"I'm not little anymore mama, I'm big now." Serenity placed a hand on her daughter's cheek, smiling.

"I know my daughter, you have grown up so much..." But their conversation was interrupted when the wagon stopped.

"I'm afraid the horses are ill," they heard Haruka say. Now, the horses were in perfect health, but this was code. Immediately the queen and princess covered themselves in cloaks and blanket and lay on the wagon floor, motionless.

"Excuse me sir," a strange voice ask, "but may I ask where you are going?" It was woman's, a soft and gentle one.

"To visit my family," answered Haruka. The Princess of Uranus was dressed in male clothing, passing off as man. "My wife and I haven't seen them in a long time."

"Can we help you with anything?" Michiru's voice questioned.

"Are you coming form Crystal Tokyo?" Serenity and Chibiusa's eyes widened. Serenity very carefully wrapped an arm around her daughter and held her close. "What is the news of the queen and her daughter?"

"Why do you ask?" questioned Haruka, her voice rigid and cold.

"I-I have been worried," the woman spoke. "And we wanted to help her. You see, we are fighter's ourselves and wanted to help protect the queen."

"What is your name?" asked Michiru gently.

"Shido Hikaru."

"Hikaru? That's a beautiful name," replied Michiru. There was warmth in her voice this time.

"Thank you. Do you know if the queen is alive?"

"How can we tell that you are not lying?" spoke Haruka harshly.

"If you would like some proof, then..." There was silence. Then Michiru gasped loudly.

"A Legendary Magic Knight?" they heard her gasp.

"Yes, my spirit is Rayearth," said Hikaru, her voice slightly amused.

"We should stop, the horses need a rest," said Michiru suddenly.

"But we're supposed to meet Setsuna a-" protested Haruka, but then something silenced her.

"Excuse me, Miss Hikaru, but wish to help the queen?"

"Oh yes! She is the light of this world."

"Then, would you permit us to hide in your home, for tonight? The queen and her daughter would greatly appreciate it." Hikaru gasped.

"You mean...bring your wagon around back. I'll get Umi and Fuu."

"Thank you."

"Michiru! What are yo-"

"She's a Legnedary Magic Knight! She is form the legends of the World Cephiro!"

"You're point being?"

"Oh hush up, you know my point." The wagon began to move again. Minutes later, it stopped once more.

"It's all right koneko," came Haruka's voice. "You two can come out now." Serenity lifted the blanket off of their heads and blinked in the sunlight. Standing beside her was Michiru. There were three more people with them. Standing with Haruka and Michiru was a red-haired woman with matching eyes. She was dressed in a black T-shirt and red skirt. Her hair was plaited into a long braid that hung over her shoulders.

"This is Hikaru, Serenity," said Michiru kindly. "She's offered us her home for the night."

"I am honored to be able to help you your majesty," spoke Hikaru gently, bowing. Serenity smiled weakly.

"I thank you, Miss Hikaru Shido," she answered, recognizing her voice. Haruka assisted Serenity out of the wagon. The queen was extremely pale, her legs wobbling a little. The light in her eyes had vanished, as did her expressive smiles. Chibiusa followed, looking worried.

"Umi, Fuu, can you help them inside? I want to speak to these two for a brief moment," said Hikaru.

"Sure Hikaru," replied one of them, her long blue hair also plaited into a braid. The honey-blonde haired one nodded as well. The two girls lead Chibiusa and Serenity into the house.

"Right this way your highness," spoke the one with glasses kindly, leading her to a white couch. Serenity looked at them and gave a small smile.

"Thank you. And please, call me Serenity." The blue haired woman smiled, nodding.

"Can I get you something to eat or drink?" she then asked.

"Tea wold nice, thank you," answered Serenity, nodding. She turned to her daughter.

"If I could have something to eat, I would be very thankful," put in Chibiusa with a smile.

"Sure thing. I'll go and get it Umi," spoke the one with glasses. Umi nodded.

"All right Fuu." Fuu bowed to the queen and princess and then left the room. Chibiusa seated herself beside her mother and Umi sat down in a comfortable chair near them.

"I overheard your friend, Hikaru, speaking to Haruka and Michiru. Are you trully the Legendary Magic Knights?" questioned Serenity. Umi nodded.

"Yes. But that was years and years ago. Occasionally, we visit Calkaya, but not as much as we used too."

"'Calkaya'?" questioned Chibiusa, curious. Umi giggled.

"That is the new name for Cephiro," Umi explained, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh." Serenity chuckled, but then began to cough.

"Serenity, are you all right?" questioned Umi, alarmed. Serenity clutched her heart, continuing to cough. Chibiusa quickly touched the brooch on her chest, the top opening. Within was a sparkling crystal. Swiftly, Chibiusa took the brooch off and pressed it into her mother's other hand.

"Thank you my daughter," Serenity spoke, her voice low and weak. Closing her eyes, Serenity cover the crystal with bow hands, the warmth flowing through her veins. Chibiusa watched, sadness on her features.

"What is wrong with the queen?" asked Umi.

"Her crystal, her soul, was shattered during the attack," spoke the princess sadly. "She would have died, but I am sharing my crystal with her, until the pieces of hers are found and pieced together." Chibiusa bit her bottom lip. "I just hope Hotaru can find them all..."


"My best friend, Sailor Saturn."

Hotaru quietly ate her meal, with Diana beside her. The senshi had lent the Lunarian some of the extra clothes that Shizuka had given to her that morning to that the lunarian would not stick out too much. Touma was chatting with his friend, Shin. Shin, the Bearer of the Armor Torrent, was pleasant and kind, his voice seemed to have an Australian accent to it. He had taken the news of her being a Sailor Senshi fairly well, but not Shu. She chuckled, remembering his expression. They were awaiting Seiji, who was the Bearer of the Armor Halo. The final Trooper, Ryo of Wildfire, was busy visiting a friend of theirs, Mia Koji.

"Shu, if you don't slow down, you're going to choke on your food," kidded Shin. Shu, stopping in mid-bite of his sandwich, eyed his friend.

"Oh hush up Shin," he muttered, returning to his food. Shin, rolling his eyes, turned his attention to Touma.

"When is Seiji getting here?" Touma shrugged, sipping his coffee.

"I'm not quite sure."

"Oh, Diana, wait a sec," spoke up Hotaru, rumaging through her pocket and pulling out a small compact. The Lunarian blinked while the senshi quickly covered the crescent moon symbol on ehr forehead with makeup. "Okay. I completely forgot about that. I don't want you to get caught."

"Thank you Hotaru," replied Diana, smiling.

"So, you really are a Sailor Senshi," spoke Shin softly. Hotaru nodded with a smile.

"And you said you would never get to meet one Touma!" kidded Shu. "Looks like the genuis was wrong in his life!" A sugar-packet suddenly hit Shu squarely on the forehead and bounce off into his bowl of soup. "Heeeey!" Touma, whistling, looked out the window. "Oh look! There's Seiji now!"

" just ruined a good bowl of soup!" Childishly, Touma stuck hsi tongue out at him before turning his attention to the door where another person was walking in. Hotaru turned aorund in ehr seat to look. She felt herself blush slightly at the sight of the Samurai Trooper. -He's absolutely gorgeous!- she thought. The blonde-haired man came over to the table, smiling.

"Hey everyone, sorry I took so long. I had to close the dojo for lunch and took me forever to end my class."

"No problem Seiji," answered Shin, eating another fry.

"Besides, you've been a lot later than th-Shu!" Touma growled at the trooper, who quickly hid his straw. Grumbling, Touma pulled out the spitball out of his hair. Seiji, turning his attention to Hotaru, smiled kindly.

"You must be the girl Touma told me about over the phone," he spoke gently, holding out his hand, Hotaru accepted, smiling kindly at him.

"An you are the Seiji, Bearer of Halo, ne?" Seiji blinked and turned to Touma.

"You told her?" he hissed accusingly.

"Dude, chill out," said Shu quickly. "It's okay!"

"She's a sailor Senshi!" whispered Shin hurridly. Seiji gaped and stared at Hotaru. Shu grabbed the blonde's arm and pulled him down onto the seat.

"Close that mouth of yours, will ya? We can't attract any attention!" Obidiently, Seiji closed his mouth and blinked. Hotaru giggled, covering her mouth while Diana chuckled.

"You're a senshi?" whispered Seiji. Hotaru nodded.

"Yes. I am Sailor Saturn," she whispered quietly. "And this is Diana," she pointed to Diana who sat beside her who had resumed to nibbling on her toast. "I would prove to you this is true, but I don't want anyone to see my transformation wand."

"Is th-"

"Yes, she is safe. I'm amazed at how many people have asked me this questioned in the past day or two!" giggled Hotaru. "I never knew so many were worried about her!"

"I think all the warriors and fighters in this world would be concerned," answered Shin. "I mean, we're the ones who understand what it's like to fight constantly to protect others, though how we do may anger others."

"We all make sacrifices," added Touma gravely. "For the better of the people. And they just don't seem to understand. Especially now."

"What I don't understand is why the people turned on the Royal Family," whispered Hotaru. Who is behind this? And why?" Tewars shimmered in her eyes. "Why did they do it? Now they're gone! Ami...Minako...Makoto...Rei..." Diana comforted Hotaru while the four men exchanged sympathetic glances.

"Are they the Sinner Sailor Senshi that were killed?" asked Seiji softly.

"Y-yes. And Poor Bunny...her heart is broken as well as her crystal...Mamoaru is dead too...her true love..."

"We'll help you," said Shin kindly. Diana and Hotaru looked at him. "I think we all agree that this isn't right." The other men nodded.

"If you ever need our help Miss Hotaru, just ask us and we'll help," said Seiji with a smile.

"Yeah, besides, I've been itchen to use the ol armor again," added Kento with a wink.

"You blockhead," muttered Touma, rolling his eyes. Shu held up the straw.

"Wanna another one in the hair Smurf?" A nerve began to twitch on Touma's temple.

"Don't. Call. Me. That."

"Smurf smurf smurf! We just need to get you a whitecap and-" Suddenly, his face was soaked in water, Shin now holding up an empty glass.

"That's enough Shu!"

"Hey! What the hell was that for?!"

"To shut you up."

"You're going to die now Shin." Chuckling, Shin leapt to his feet and started to edge away, while Shu began to get up, glaring at Shin.

"I'll catch you all later!" spoke up Shin, before turning and running for his life.

"Shin! get your ass back here!" Touma, Seji, Hotaru and Diana sweatdropped as Shu began to chase Shin around his restaurant.

Setsuna walked down the stone pathway, her heels clicking on them. She walked through a vast garden of various colored roses, each dotted with tiny droplets of water. As she reached the steps, she carefully walked up them holding the Time Staff in her left hand. Standing before the vast doors were two guards. The brought their spears down in an X-shape in front of her as she reached the door.

"Halt!" one ordered.

"State your name and business," the other instructed.

"I am Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Senshi Pluto of the Planet Earth. I am here to speak with Princess Kakyuu for I have urgent news from my home," she answered truthfully, looking at the guards fiercely.

"I am sorry, but we need permission from the Pri-"

"Sailor Pluto?" Setsuna and the guards turned their heads in the direction of the voice. Setsuna couldn't help but smile, recognizing the female warrior walking towards her.

"Ah, Sailor Star Fighter! It has been awhile, hasn't it?" Sailor Star Fighter, formally known on Earth as Seiya Kou, placed her hands on her hips, grinning.

"I never thought I'd see you here," she replied.

"Actually, neither had I," pointed out the Guardian of Time. "But I come here with urgent news Fighter."

"Is Odango okay?" Fighter asked at once, worry in her eyes.

"For the time being, yes. But I must see the princess at once."

"Of course." To the guards, Fighter said, "Let her through."

"But Fi-"

"Do it!" she snapped harshly. Bowing quickly, the guards stood back and opened the towering gates. Bowing to them, Setsuna passed through, Fighter following her.

"I will explain the situation once I see your princess," spoke Setsuna, seeing how anxious Fighter was. Nodding, Fighter quickly took the lead and showed Setsuna through the palace and directly to the throne room.

"Open," commanded Fighter. Upon this command, the doors creaked open slowly, bright light pouring out onto the ground. Setsuna shielded her eyes for a brief moment before stepping inside.

"So, now where to guys? I put Jake in charge so I don't need to be back for awhile," asked Shu, stepping outside the door and holding it open for the others.

"Well, I have another hour or so before I open the bookshop again for the day. But then again, I can just close it for the day," added Touma.

"Thank you," said Hotaru to Shu as she stepped out, Diana close behind her.

"How 'bout you Seiji?" asked Shu, nodding to the thanks from Hotaru.

"I've got another class today, so I won't be around too long," answered the blonde, sighing. "But the class doesn't happen for about two hours."

"And I'm done for the day at the aquarium," spoke Shin, putting his hands into his coat pockets.

"Uh...what's the blipping sound?" Everyone turned to Shu.

"What?" asked Touma.

"There's a blipping sound..." Hotaru blinked, before realization hit her. Pushing back the cloak from her left arm, she pressed a little button on the communication watch. The lid snapped open and face flickered onto the screen. her eyes widened in surprise. "Michiru-mama!" The aqua-haired woman smiled kindly at her daughter.

"Hotaru! Oh thank the heavens your safe!"

"Is something wrong? I was told that we should never use the communicators unless it's an absolute emergency!"

"Haruka and I wanted to contact you and to let you know that Bunny and Chibiusa are safe." Hotaru blinked in surprise when Diana grabbed ehr wrist and spoke to Michiru.

"Is Chibiusa hurt?" she asked frantically. Michiru shook erh head, smiling.

"No, she's in perfect help. The Knights have been taking very good care of us all."

"The Knights?" echoed both Diana and Hotaru. but suddenly, the transmission was disconnected. The mini screen blank and the two girls stared.

"Um...who was that?" asked Touma.

"That was my mother, Michiru, Sailor Neptune," was Hotaru's numb reply. "But what just happened? How did we get disconnected? Oh my!" She pulled her cloak close as a sudden blast of wind blew. All of them waited for the powerful to wind blow by, but it didn't stop. Holding his hand over his eyes, Seiji looked up.

"Man, this is some powerful wind," grumbled Shu.

"Think a storm is coming?" asked Shin, squinting his eyes against the wind.

"Maybe," replied Touma. "We better get going before we get caught in it."

"Is something wrong Seiji?" asked Hotaru, noticing his expression.

"It's nothing Hotaru," he answered, turning to her giving a small smile.

"You sure? You seem worried about something?"

"It's okay, I guess I'm tired from working at the dojo so much," he replied, shaking his head. "Don't worry, nothing's wrong."

"All right," she spoke softly, before following the others with Diana at her side.

The wind continued to blow harshly with no sign of letting up as they walked down the street. The tree branches swayed back and forth violently, threatening to break. Suddenly, Diana screamed and pointed up into the air.

"Hotaru! Look!" Quickly, the senshi looked up at the sky and cursed.

"It's those winged demons again!" she stated, pulling out her transformation wand.

"Shit, what are those things?" exclaimed Shu.

"How could they have followed me here?" Hotaru mumbled to herself.

"Hotaru, you can't transform here," hissed Diana, placing a hand over the wand. "If you do-"

"I know Diana." She griped the wand, biting her bottom lip. -How did they follow me here? Who is behind this?-

"Oh I know you are out there Sailor Senshi Saturn!" a voice screamed out over the hollowing wind. Hotaru's eyes flickered.

"That voice!" she hissed.

"Come out and play with my little pets! I promise they won't kill you! Well, actually, they will, but that's okay!"

"What the hell si this person saying?" demanded Touma.

"We better armor up," spoke Seiji, holding his crystal orb, his symbol flashing within it.

"No, don't get into this," ordered Hotaru. "I've fought these things before. I don't want any of you to get involved."

"Oh, yeah we are!" argued Shu. And without letting her get a chance to argue, he held his rob in the air and shouted "Armor of Hardrock! Tao ----!"

"Armor of Torrent! Tao ----!"

"Armor of Strata! Tao Inochi!"

"Armor of Halo! Tao ----!" Hotaru and Diana stepped back, covering their eyes form the bright lights and the sakura petals as the men dawned their armor. Both of them stared in awe.

"I-I've heard that they were powerful, but this is…" gasped Diana.

"Ya know, I feel like bird for dinner!" kidded Touma as he drew back an arrow on his bow and unleashed it. It shot through the air, straight and true, striking down one of the demon birds. It screamed when it struck its throat, falling from the sky.

"Dude, they're huge!" commented Shu, though smirking. "If only I could get some down here, then I could…"

"Watch it Shu!" shouted Shin, holding up his weapon and pointing it at the sky. "SUPER WAVE SMASHER!" he shouted loudly, aiming his weapon at the demons. Several water bubbles formed at the tip of the trident before merging together and blasting into the area as funnel of water. The attack hit another demon, knocking it into another, shrieking. More golden arrows flew, striking more down.

"THUNDER BOLT CUT!" shouted Seiji, the electric blast electrifying three more.


"Their power…it's tremendous?" gasped Hotaru in awe, the arrow attack striking another.

"The legends are true..."murmured Diana. Then, griping the wand, Hotaru turn and ran from the group, Diana racing after her.

"Where is she going?" demanded Shu, noticing the fleeing Hotaru.

"Pay attention Shu!" shouted Seiji, launching another Thunder Bolt Cut at a demon that was headed for Shu. Touma glanced over, after launching four arrows, one right after another, to where Hotaru had feld too. He narrowed his eyes in concern but then turned his attention back to the demons.

"The Legendary Samurai Troopers! How pleasent!" came the mocking voice.

"Show yourself you coward!" shouted Shu but then as the voice spoke, the wind grew more powerful, trying to knock them down.

"Celestial Saturn NIGHTSHADE!" screamed another voice, a dark violet-black-greenish energy beam stream through the air and punching a hole through five demons that were inline with one another. All four of the Troopers stared to see who had launched it.

"Hotaru!?" all four shouted in disbelief. Eternal Sailor Saturn ran up to them, Diana in her cat form and on her shoulder.

"Sorry, but I needed to transform where no one could see me," she spoke huridly. "Now, how many are left?"

"They just keep on coming," answered Touma, pulling back the bow and launching another one.

"Well, for starters, attacking them head on won't do," she pointed out. "I came up against this problem before. They don't stop coming."

"Well then, how did oyu defeat them the last time?" demanded Shin.

"Um...actually...they just kinda...left." Touma, Seiji, Shin and Shu blinked at her.



"We're doomed."

"Pretty much."

" guys are no fun!" the voice shouted. "Why won't you play iwth my pets?"

"Who is that sicko anyway?" demanded Shu. Hotaru shrugged sheepishly.

"I don't know." However, Hotaru was cut short of contiuing her conversation when a whole flock of the demon birds few towards them. They all stared at the lead demon. On top of its back was a person, hanging onto a rein, a bit in the demon's beak. All of them stared as the demons slowed to a stop, hovering in the air. The wind died down and left everything still and calm.

"Who the hell are you?" shouted Seiji, posed to attack. The man on the demon's back laughed.

"I am Kido, Master of Demons," he called out to them. His black hair was pulled up into a high-top pony-tail with streaks of silver His thin elegant red eyes stared down at them, filled with power and seemed to look about fifteen years of age. A black shoulder cape rustled in a slight breeze, matching his dark attire. Blood red with black lining top shwoed off his torso well, as did the leather-like black pants. His knee-high boots had spikes going up the sides, as well as his arm guards and neck. Dangling from his ears were fang earrings and on his forehead was a black star marking.

"Kido, eh? Well then, why don't you come down here instead of hiding behind your little pets!" shouted Shu angrily.

"Foolish mortal, don't underestimate me! I have my orders to come and kill the Sailor Senshi known as Saturn! Then I will go find the Queen and ehr daughter and kill them as well!"

"You'll never kill me or the Royal Family!" screamed Eternal Sailor Saturn. "I'll kill you first!"

"Such big talk from such a small warrior."

"Don't start with me asshole!" Kido smirked.

"Oh...getting a little rough, aren't we? I like my women like that. Too bad I have to kill you would have made such a nice addition to my" Saturn looked up at him with complete disgust.

"Listen, Hotaru, let us handle this," said Touma to her, concerned. "This guy is a sicko an-"

"I've dealt with people like this before," replied Saturn with a grin. "Trust me. I'm not known as the Senshi of Death and Rebirth for nothing!"

"Enough chit-chat! Attack my pets!" shouted Kido, waving his arm in gesture. The wind picked up again, hard and fast. The demons shrieked in excitement and flew in attack form.





"Damn...I can't attack!" grumbled Shu.

"Keep attacking ym demons!" shouted Kido as he watched mroe and mroe of them get blown up or blasted back. "There are only five of them!"

"Don't count on our number to use to your advantage!" stated Saturn, twirling her staff abit, before pointing it at the demons flying at her.


"SUPER WAVE SMASHER!" Shu watched, waiting for oppurtunity to strike. He had to attack only when the demons were close enough to the ground. As he did, Saturn was searching for an opening to atatck Kido directly. Her eyes widened in happiness as she potted it. Planting her feet firmly on the ground, she brought her staff back.

"Black...Saturn..." It was at that moment Shu found his opening. Grinning, he spun his weapon over his head, bringing it down to the ground.

"IRON ROCK CRUSHER!" The ground began to shake violently as it tore apart and boulders lifted up, hitting the dmeons foolish enough to fly so low. Saturn, however, lost her footing and fell backwards. Kido spotted this, grinning. Holding his out, his flesh shot out of his hand and modled into a sword. Pulling on the demon's reins, he shouted in excitement, streaking down at Saturn, who was unaware of this attack.

"HOTARU! LOOK OUT!" screamed Diana. Hsaturn looke dup to see Kido flying at her and was frozen in shock.

"Now, die!" shouted Kido, grinning malicously. he thrusted his sword forward.

It hit pavement. Blinking, ehs atred.

"What the-" He suddenly looked around, furious. He then saw it in the sky. Hovering in the air was a man with black wings. He wa sholding Eternal Sailor Saturn in his arms, glaring down at Kido. saturn, blinking, looke dup at ehr saviour. His long black-violet hair whipped about in the wind, matching his black feathers. He looked at her with pink-violet eyes and smiled kindly.

"Are you all right Earthian?" he asked kindly, smiling at her.

"Y-yes, thank you," she answered in amazement.

"That's good." Then, he flew down to the ground, so fast, that Saturn clutched to his shirt in fear. He stopped short two feet above the ground and gently let her down. "farewell earthian," he said with a slight nod of his head. Then, turning around, he flapped his wings and shot up into the air.

"Hotaru! Hotaru!" Numbly, Hotaru turned to see Diana jump into ehr arms. "Are you okay? Who was that?"

"I-I don't know Diana," she answered simply. Kido, however, was furious.

"That damned angel! He interferred with my attack! Damn him!"

"An angel?" echoed Saturn, looking back up at the sky. But her saviour angel was gone.

"But that doesn't matetr! I'll kill you anyway!" shouted Kido, turning back to Saturn and charging at her, sword held high. She looked at him, her eyes dangeroulsy narrowed.

"I don't think so," she spoke lowly, placing Diana down and holding her staff high. "Black..." Kido did not slow down, but instead increased his speed.


"Die wench!" he shouted, lunging.

"TSURUGI!" she screamed, launching the staff at him. But then, what happened next, caught her by surprise. At the very last moment, Kido suddenly jumped into the air, evading the attack. he began to laugh as he jumped onto his demon's back, waving the sword in the air.

"Nice try Saturn! I'll be seeing you again!"

"Oh shit, move it Shin!" shouted Shu, noticing the direction of the attack form Saturn. Shin barely missed the attack, falling to the ground as the staff struck the ground, causing an explosion.


End of Chapter Three. Next Chapter: A Samurai's Heart