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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Attack of the Sailor Bishies!

Disclaimer: I OWN TAITO!!! Nah...wish I did...I do not own digimon
either...*pout* or sailor moon or any other anime

A/N I must be crazy for submitting this. If the phrase "I am Sailor
Taichi and in the name of the BIG hair I pun-nish you" scares you(as
it does me) then run away! Also if you have a problem with Matt saying
"WOOOOOOOHOOO Boys got LEGS!"about Taichi. Takes a deep breathe...Here

Part 1:the case of the talking computer

It all started as a normal day. Taichi Kamiya was sitting at his
computer chatting when suddenly a message appeared on the screen. "If
you Believe you have what it takes to become one of the Bishounen
Senshi click on the interface" Tai looked confused and put the mouse
on his face and clicked. The message changed "Not YOUR face, the
SOMETIMES!" Tai looked at the message, then started to yell
"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The computer called me an idiot again!" his
mom rushes in "ooooo, mommy will make it all better, mommy will e-mail
them a nasty virus!, now where is the rude e-mail" Tai points at the
message "Right there!" his mom looks confused. "there's nothing there
honey" "but" Tai said turning to the computer again, the message had
changed. "SHE CAN'T SEEE ME, NEENER NEENER NEEENER! I can only be seen
his mom "You really can't see it? It says you can't!" "It's right I
can't...what says I can't see it?"his mom answered " the thing you
can't see says you can't see it."tai said back "Well then the thing I
can't see, is right, I can't see the thing I can't see." (A/N: this is
worse then "how do you forget how to forget if you forgot how to
forget?" what was I saying? I forget...) " cool, it's right" tai said
nodding "whats right?" "Whats it?" "I forget" "how'd you forget? We
were just talking about it?" "I forget" "Mom! How did you forget, what
you forgot if you forgot how to forget?" (a/n:see what I mean?) "Oh
well, I forget" his mom said, leaveing. Tai sat back down at the
computer. The message now read"Told you so!, now lets get down to defeat, the Huns...oops, wrong story, oh well!" An arm
came out of the T.V. and pulled him in.

Ranma Saotome was checking his mail. He deleated the ones that had
subjects like "To the fire haired tiger of my heart" from He had blocked Kuno's screenname, er screenames
but somehow the annoying Shakespeare wannabe still managed to get
messages through! If he ever found out who had given Kuno his e-mail
address he would clobber them. Delete delete delete delete, man there
had to be hundreds of them. Hm, more subscriptions to "Curses, cursed
again!"and "Jusenjyo, a study of Aquamorphology" with articles like
"So you're an aquatransexual, how do you marry" or "So you've been what?" Oh brother, where did people come up with these
things! He was just about to go to his favorite manga site when a
message appeared across the screen "If your considered a bishie, click
on the link" next to it was a picture of Link from the Zelda
game.Ranma thought, oh well, might as well check this out. He clicked
on the picture of Link. It jumped up and said "OUCH!!! Watch where you
point that pointer!" It glared at him, them smirked "You are in for it
buddy!Hope you shave your legs!" before Ranma could figure out what
this had to do with anything, Link reached through the screen and
grabbed him, pulling him into the computer.

Ken Ichijouji was sitting...(Lemme guess, his computer?)you guessed
it! At his computer. He was hopeing Daisuke was on so they could go to
a private chat and...discuss what had happened today in the back of
the locker room (Ken transferred by the way). He closed his eyes,
remembering. He had been stareing at Daisuke during class and the
brunette had caught him comeing over to ask what was up, Daisuke had
knocked over Kens notebook, a notebook with pictures of the brunette
in different poses and outfits. Embarassed, Ken had grabbed the
notebook and gone to the nurses office saying he felt sick. He had
avoided Daisuke for the rest of the day.The brunette, guessing what he
was up to had cornered him in the back of the locker room. Ken had
been takeing his backpack out of his locker, when he had heard a voice
behind him say "Ken,do me?" He froze, that was Daisuke's
voice, but it had a seductive edge to it. Ken whirled around,he opened
his mouth to start some sort of disclaimer, but was silenced by
Daisukes lips on his. Melting into the other boys arms he'd forgotten
whatever he had been about to say. Teaseingly, Daisuke had pulled
away, saying"I guess I'll take that as a yes, ja ne!" Then he had
walked away,leaveing Ken standing there wondering what the hell was
going on. Back in the present, Ken was watching his buddy list
intensely, waiting for Daisuke's screenname to pop up. He jumped, a
new one had just popped up, Goggleboyofcourage01, no, that was Tai's,
just as suddenly, an odd message appeared next to the screenname
(SAILORBISHIEIT)wha? Oh well, the one he had been waiting for
appeared, so he forgot about it. Clicking on it, he began to type an
IM when the same message appeared next to CourageousFriend. He
shrugged then clicked the send button. A message appeared across the
screen saying "CourageousFriend may no longer accept IM's. He is a
Sailor Bishie Trainee, and so are you you blue haired hottie" Ken had
time for a startled "HUH?" before he found out what had happened to
Tai and Daisuke. As he fell through the screen, a message appeared
next to BlueBoyGenius, (SAILORBISHIEIT)...(Sailor Bishie In Training)

To be continued...

Ok, you know what to do, read and review!*giggles* Ken chan as a
sailor chapter they start their training... to the tune
of "Be a man from "Mulan"(I do not own this either)You will also be
introduced to the debonair man in the suit with a rose...nope.. not
Darian (tuxedo mask)but.... You'll hafta read the next one to find
out...also if you wanna see Duo and vegeta and van and co. in sailor
fukus... youll hve to wait till ch 2 "Taichi Kamiya:Men in skirts"