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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A Fate...

By Lord Archive
(A late afternoon spamfic, from he who slept only a few hours.)


"Great-granddaughter , you do realize now that you have no hope of winning
Ranma's love from the Tendo girl," Cologne said, almost motherly.

"Shampoo know, but what can do? Shampoo must marry Ranma," Shampoo replied

"Do you love him enough to let him go?" Cologne asked.

"Shampoo have no choice. Shampoo can't force Ranma to marry. Amazon vow to
marry Ranma no good if only way for Shampoo win is for Shampoo to die in

"You have renounced your claim then?"

Shampoo nodded. "Yes, Ranma no more belong to Shampoo."

Cologne turned and left.

Sometime later Ranma entered the Neko-Hanten to avoid being hungry from
Akane's cooking he'll have to try and eat tonight. He was surprised that
Shampoo didn't glomp onto him when he entered the restaurant.

He was shocked as he was then suddenly attacked.

He dodged, blocked, and then punched, sending his attacker into

Ranma stared at the person, stupefied.

"Oh no, what did great-grandmother do?"

An evil cackle filled the room as Cologne got off the floor, saying, "Wo
da ailen, airen."


Akane dropped what she was cooking on the floor as she heard someone
scream in such terror that she thought the person was probably dead.


Author's note: I really need to get more sleep.