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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A Mystery Explained.

by Lord Archive
(Another spamfic, by a truly demented person.)


R anma and Akane approached Dr. Tofu's clinic, dragging a severly hurt

"You shouldn't have hurt him, Ranma," Akane said angrily.

"He started the fight, or did you forget his first words were 'Die
Ranma,'" Ranma retorted.

"He wouldn't fight you if you didn't pick on him."

"I really doubt that."

Akane stared at Ranma trying to figure out what he meant.

"I hope Kasumi hasn't stopped by yet. She said she was going to borrow
another book today," Ranma said, trying to change the subject as they
entered the clinic.

Ranma and Akane mouths dropped to the floor as they saw Kasumi putting her
shirt back on. When Kasumi saw them, she said, "Oh my."

"Er, ah, Ryoga got hurt... needs to see Dr. Tofu," Akane stammered.

"It would be best to take him to another doctor. Dr. Tofu is... not able
to handle patients for a while," Kasumi replied, blushing DEEP red.

Ranma and Akane looked at each other not sure they could believe what they
think they're seeing.

"Kasumi-chan, can you please come here? I want to examine you again," they
heard Dr. Tofu ask from his office.

Ranma and Akane, not sure of what to do, turned and dragged Ryoga away.

"No wonder he acts strange around Kasumi," Ranma mused.

"I never thought... she'd... do *that*," Akane said in shock and blushing
deep red. "I thought she was... too proper... She isn't even married."


Author's note:
This came from someone's comment on why the good doctor goes ga-ga
whenever he sees Kasumi. I know many have speculated this is the cause, I
just felt the need to write it.