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The Prophecy

<words>- setting

*words*- flashback/dream

[Words]- Narration

(Words)- Actions/sounds

Words- thoughts

Chapter 1

[Sakura was in her room in the dorm, studying with her room mate. She put her book down and scratched her head, tiredly as she headed towards their veranda. She looked up in the sky, wondering... She felt a cool breeze pass by her hair, letting it fly as she stretched her arms.]

"I hate this..." Sakura sighed, fixing her untidy hair, "Why is high school so hard?"

[She went back in her room and sat down on her desk, looking wearily around the room. Her room mate was fast asleep on her desk on the other side of the room. Sakura got up from her chair and got a blanket from the closet near the entrance of the bathroom. She laid the blanket upon her room mate and turned of her radio.]

"Good night, Chiharu-san..." Sakura said, softly as she patted her room mate's head then walking back to her desk.

[Sakura sat down on her seat and opened her book in math. She looked at it and sighed.]

"Anyway... I've studies for a week now... I guess it won't hurt for me to rest..." Sakura sighed, looking at her watch, "God! It's two in the morning!!!"

[Sakura fixed her things, yawning and stretching at the same time. Then she sat on her bed looking around the room as she lied on her bed and dosed off.]

<The next day, 5 minutes `til the sound of the first bell; Shinsen High>

"Oh God, I'm late!!!" Sakura, cried dashing towards her assigned classroom (The 1st bell rings), "No!!!"

[Sakura entered her classroom, panting hard as the teacher and the class in the room looked at her. Sakura stopped dead at the door as the teacher came near her.]

"You're late, Ms. Kanegawa..." the teacher said as he gave Sakura a yellow from, "To the Principal's office please..." "Yes sir..." Sakura said, gloomily as she got the form and walked out of the classroom.

[Sakura waited outside the Principal, looking gloomier than usual. She got a book from her bag (Opening of a door) and started reading it. Without noticing it, someone just sat down beside her.]

"Miss Kanegawa, the principal would like to see you now..." the principal's secretary said as Sakura stood from her seat. "Good luck..." the person beside her said.

[Sakura looked at the person whom she never noticed before. It was a guy whom she never saw before.]

"Must be from my year. Thanks..." Sakura said, looking at the color of his Physical Education pants. "Miss Kanegawa! We haven't got all day!!!" the Principal's secretary said angrily as Sakura followed her in the principal's office.

<Principal's office>

"Late for your long test, I see..." the principal said, scanning the yellow from given to Sakura, "You'll have to stay after class to take your Form B Exam..." "Yes sir..." Sakura said softly, trying not to look at the principal. "At exactly 3:30, come to room 203 for your test, okay?" the Principal said, signing the yellow form, "Now get back to class... You're 2nd test is about to start..."

[Sakura walked out of the room and saw the guy sitting in her seat. He looked at Sakura and smiled. Sakura blushed as the secretary came.]

"Mr. Kanzaki, the Principal would like to see you now..." the secretary said as the guy stood up, smiling one last time at Sakura and then following the Principal's secretary. "That was weird..." Sakura thought as she stepped out the Principal's office.

[Sakura walked down the hallway then stopped outside her assigned room. She opened the door and stepped in. She couldn't find anyone in the room. She sat down at the last seat in the third column from the right.]

"Darn it... I must be early..."Sakura said as she got out her test schedule from her bag, "Darn, the next is Math..."

[All of a sudden, the door to the classroom slammed open from which quickly entered the guy whom she saw earlier. Seeing her, he quickly shut the door and ran towards her. He then quickly covered Sakura's mouth and then dragged her in the classrooms broom closet. He then closed the door of the closet and pressed his ear to it while listening hard. Sakura looking quite bewildered struggled in his arms, trying to break free from his grip. The guy looked at her then put his ear on the closet door once again. Being quite annoyed, Sakura stepped on the guys right foot. The man stared at her with angry eyes as he tightened his grip around Sakura then put his finger over his mouth signaling her to keep quiet. Sakura nodded as the guy pressed his ear again on the closet door. Slowly, he helped both of them sit down as he began to speak softly without removing his hand from covering Sakura's mouth.]

"The name's Makoto Kanzaki from section 15... Sorry about this, but I had to do it for some reason... I can't explain everything to you because you, yourself is involved in it..." Makoto said softly, trying to listen for any movements at the same time, "But all I can say is that someone's after you... But I can't say who..."

[Sakura, who was listening to him tried to say something, though only mumbled words were heard. Makoto looked at her as he saw her looking at him and then to his hand covering his mouth.]

"Darn, how can I tell this guy to remove his annoying hands...? Besides, this closet stinks... Why couldn't he pick a more sanitary place for us to hide?" Sakura thought. "Sorry, about hiding us here... This is the only place I thought would be suitable for us to hide in this room..." Makoto said, smiling at her as he slowly removed his hands from Sakura, "I hope I didn't hurt you too much..." "Er... no... Not at all..." Sakura mumbled nervously as she backed away from Makoto a bit, "Can you explain to me what's going on?" "Not now... maybe next time..." Makoto said smiling as he slowly got out of the closet, scanning the place to see if anyone is looking, "Okay, you may come out now... the coast is clear..."

[Sakura stepped out from the closet and brushed the dust of her clothes. She looked around the room, and then at Makoto with curiousness (The bell rings).]

"'s time for me to go..." Makoto said, opening the door of the classroom, "I hope to see you soon..." (Makoto walks out of the classroom as Sakura dashes to the door) "Wait!!!" Sakura called as Makoto disappeared among the crowd of students in the hallway, "Darn it..."

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