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The Prophecy

<words>- setting

*words*- flashback/dream

[Words]- Narration

(Words)- Actions/sounds

Words- thoughts

Chapter 2

<5 minutes before the end of the testing period>

"What the heck did he mean?" Sakura thought, "He's so weird...I wonder how he knew who I was... (Scratching her head) Why'd he even drag me to that stinkin' closet...? But it's quite weird..." (The bell rings) He couldn't possibly read my mind... Unless, of course, he isn't actually human... (Footsteps coming towards her) I wonder if he's an alien... And he's first target is me... Creepy... I better not stick around with the weirdo... "

[All of a sudden, someone got Sakura's paper from her hands.]

"Hey!!!" Sakura said, looking up to see her proctor holding her test paper, "Uh... Oops... oh dear" "Testing time's over..." the proctor said waving Sakura's paper over her head as she started to walk back to the teacher's desk.

[Sakura gloomily stood up from her seat and headed out the room. Once out side, she looked around to find the hallways empty. She then looked at her watch to find out that it was 12 o'clock.]

"Strange... There should be a lot of people by now..." Sakura said to herself as she headed towards the cafeteria, "Maybe they're just eating..."

[Sakura entered the cafeteria, expecting a lot of people talking, laughing, eating and studying. But all she saw was empty chairs and tables. Sakura looked around the food stalls. "Where did everyone go? Even the cafeteria ladies aren't here…" Sakura thought. She went over to the cafeteria's main office and opened the door, revealing an empty room.]

"Darn it!!! Where's everyone?!" Sakura exclaimed as her voice echoed in the empty canteen.

"Give… me… the key…" someone from behind Sakura said. "Huh?" she said as a hooded person appeared before her. (Sakura screams, running away from the hooded person) "What are you doing!!! Get away from me!!!"

[The hooded person grabbed Sakura by the wrist and lifted her off the ground. She screamed as the hooded person reached for the key. Suddenly, a guy from behind her kicked the hooded person in the chest. Sakura then fell into his arms. She looked at the guy who rescued her then gasped.]

"Makoto?!" she said as he set her down on the floor. "Wait here… and don't move…" he said as he attacked the hidden person. "What's Happening? This weird guy just saved me!"

Makoto came back to her, gasping and panting. He sat down beside her and asked if she was okay. "I'm fine… thanks for saving me from whatever that was…" "That was a dark scout…" he replied, getting a small blue bottle from his pocket. "A what?!" "A dark scout…its purpose is to look for you…" he replied as he held Sakura's hand. Sakura quickly took her hand away from his and moved away from him. "What are you talking about?! Are you insane?! Why would they want to look for me?!" Sakura stood up and started to walk away from him. "Wait!" he said, reaching for her hand, "Listen to me…" "Why should I?! You might be one of those weird maniacs anyway," she replied, pulling her hand from his grasp, "And I don't even know where everyone is right now!"

Makoto sat down on the chair, saying "They're not here" "How come? Is this a trick?!" she asked sitting beside him. "No it isn't, and we won't be seeing them unless you let me treat your arm" Sakura looked at her arm and gasped. A long metallic chord was wrapping itself on the arm where the hooded man grabbed her. "What is this?!" "Zynox," he answered as he got a small black bottle from his pocket. He placed a drop of the black liquid on the chord and said, "You're lucky I'm here or you'd never have taken that off…I can't imagine what would happen to you if that thing completely ate you up…". As the Zynox melted away, Sakura snapped back at him, "Well… I can imagine what would happen I if never met you!"

Sakura stood up and started to walk away from him. Slowly, she saw people appear before her out of no where until she finally bumped into one of her friends.

"Hey Sakura! Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you!" Chiharu said, grabbing her hand, "C'mon, you look sick, we need to get you some food…" "Uh… I…" Suddenly, Sakura fell to the ground unconscious. "Sakura!"

*Sakura… Sakura…*

*What? Where… am I?*

*You need to reach the light…*

*What? Where are you?*

*You need to reach the light…*

*The light?*

*Reach the light, Sakura… Reach the light…*

*The light…*

"Sakura… Are you alright?!" "Where am I?" Sakura mumbled slowly opening her eyes. "In the school clinic…" a boy's voice said. Sakura squinted at the person beside her and gasped. She tried to sit up as the person quickly stopped her from going on further. "Makoto?! What are you doing here?!" She asked as he laid her down the bed. "I'm here to watch you while the nurse gets you some medicine…" he answered, looking at Sakura's scared face, "Don't worry, I`m not gong to do you any harm…" "Yeah right, you pervert!" "Please… let me explain…" "Explain what?! That you've raped me while I was asleep?!" Sakura snapped angrily. "No… I wanted to explain the weird things you've seen… you know… like the Zynox…" Makoto said blushing a bit. "No way… Since the time I met you, I've been seeing to much weird stuff going on… so no thank you…"She angrly said as she put the bed covers over herself. "Uh… but…" "Leave me will you?! Leave me alone!!!" "As you wish… your highness…" "What did he say?"

Sakura removed the sheet of cloth that covered her ad looked around finding nothing but an empty room. "Did he say… `your highness'?"