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Qin'Ai Epilogue: Qin'Ai
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

A Week Later...

Meilin, dressed in a black chinese outfit embroidered with two dragons forming a ying-yang symbol, rang the bell to Tomoyo's house. Tomoyo's bodyguard opened the door. "Come in, please." The woman smiled. "Miss Daidouji will be down shortly."

"Thank-you." Meilin bowed. Her face and neck still had faded bruised from her battle with Wei, but they didn't hurt anymore, and her voice was not scratchy as it had been the first few days after the fight. The woman bowed in return before exiting. Meilin paced the living room, adjusting the gold sash around her waist and the gold bows in her hair.

"I'm ready." Tomoyo stated from behind her. Meilin turned to see Tomoyo was dressed in a dark Maroon evening gown. A sleeveless faux turtleneck with a high slit in the skirt and chiffon sleevecaps.

"You look breath-taking." Meilin told her.

"Xie-xie." Tomoyo smiled. "So do you."

"Xie-xie." Meilin held up a lily magnolia. "For you."

"How beautiful!" She sniffed the flowers light scent. "And this is for you." She gave her a small box tied with a bow.


"Homemade." Tomoyo replied. Meilin leaned down and kissed her lips gently.

"Shall we?" She offered her her arm. Tomoyo took it and they headed out the door.

Li and Sakura stood outside a restaurant dressed in matching green chinese outfits. Li held a box of chocolates, which they were munching on as they waited. "Are we late?" Meilin asked as she and Tomoyo walked up.

"No, just on time." Sakura replied, taking Li's hand as they entered the retaurant.

"Reservations for four under Li." Li told the person at the entrance.

"Follow me please." The man led them to a table at the back. "Here are your menus, your waiter will be along shortly." He left.

"This is lovely." Tomoyo removed her cape.

"Glad you like it." Meilin told her, reaching under the table to take Tomoyo's hand in her own.

"This is my favorite place." Sakura stated, smiling when Li kissed her hand. "You two have any plans after dinner?"

"Dancing." Tomoyo answered. "You?"

"Syaoran and I were going to tour the museum."

"Asked her to the dance yet?" Meilin leaned over slightly to whisper to Li.

"No." Li whispered back.

She sighed in exasperation. "Li..." She lectured quietly.

"Have you?" Li shot back.

"" Meilin admitted blushing.

Li smiled, seeing it. "Are you going to ask her tonight?"

"Are you?"

"May I take your order?" Their waitress came up.

The moon was low in the sky as Meilin and Tomoyo walked home. Tomoyo glanced up, watching the stars shine above them. "I think this is the first evening we've spent out together you can see anything but clouds up there." Meilin mentioned, noticing.

Tomoyo smiled, running a few steps ahead, and turning back to face her. "Nothing like our first night out." She stated.

"Nothing like it." Meilin smiled.

"Think Li asked Sakura to the dance?"

"No." Meilin shook her head. Tomoyo giggled. "...You really look beautiful tonight, Qin'Ai..."

"Just tonight?" Tomoyo teased.

"Every night...but especially tonight..." Catching up with her, Meiling took ahold of her hand and Tomoyo turned to walk side by side with her, leaning her head on her shoulder. They walked in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying eachother's company. "Wo ai ni."

Tomoyo smiled, breathing in deeply. "Wo ai ni."

Meilin smiled as well, looking up. "This is your street."

Tomoyo stepped back with a sigh. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Tomoyo...will you go to the dance with me?" Meilin asked her.

Tomoyo laughed. "Who else would I go with?" Then her eyes grew serious, and she held out her hand. "Stay with me tonight?"

"Just tonight?" Meilin echoed her earlier question, though the mood was no longer playful.

"Every night..." Tomoyo whispered.

Meilin took her hand, pulling her into her arms again. "For life, then..." She told her, brushing her lips against her forehead gently. "That's a promise, Qin'Ai." Tomoyo wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling her down into a kiss.