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Sakura's Christmas Surprise

Chapter 1: Sakura's Special Present

By Lord Archive

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Sakura fidgeted in her seat, though she was hardly the only one. It was Christmas Eve and she just wanted the school day to end! Especially considering it was the last day before winter break. She felt sorry for the public school kids that still had class tomorrow. How evil was THAT?!

Sakura then frowned at her report card. Math had been fun with Mizuki-sensei, but her grade in that class had slipped a bit since she started junior high. Otherwise she was doing relatively average. Now being in seventh grade, concerns for the future were increased. If her grades stayed at that level, she'd never get into a good college, assuming she didn't become a housewife instead.

The last bell finally rang, and the teacher ended class as properly as he could with all the excited teens waiting to bolt. Sakura hardly paid attention, following along by school enforced habit.

"Thinking of Li-kun again?" Tomoyo questioned, gathering her things.

"Hoeh?!" Sakura emitted.

"You had that dreamy look in your eyes again," Tomoyo noted.

Sakura pouted. "Maybe a little..." 'Li Sakura' had such a nice ring to it. She then sighed. "It's been too long since I last saw him. And he doesn't think he'll be able to come here during the break."

"That is a shame," Tomoyo replied with more neutrality than sympathy.

"Though I can't wait for Naoko-chan's party tonight," Sakura cheered, but then frowned. "Too bad you're taking that trip and can't make it." The short, auburn haired girl then led her friend out of the classroom.

Tomoyo nodded curtly.

Sakura wondered why her friend seemed so distracted. She then brightened. "Tomoyo-chan, I brought your present with me. I can give it to you now." She then riffled through her school bag and pulled it out.

"Thank you, Sakura-chan." Tomoyo smiled sweetly, accepting the gift graciously. "I'll give you your present at the school gate," she informed, carefully opening the present in order to not rip the paper.

Sakura was more interested in her best friend's reaction to the gift she just gave, than what she would be receiving. She grinned at the stunned expression on Tomoyo's face. "Nice special effects, right?"

Tomoyo couldn't help but laugh. The picture frame of her gift was decorated with stars and moons, but the picture itself was something Sakura had made her do and certainly wasn't the result of any special effects. There she was, black hair streaming through the air while wearing one of her own fanciful dresses, and she was soaring like an angel thanks to her best friend using the Fly card on her. It would seem that full revenge for all those costumes had been done. "I love it, Sakura-chan."

"You're welcome!" Sakura chirped, her emerald eyes sparkling with smiles.

Studiously Tomoyo looked over the picture, more to distract herself than to truly examine it. She was quite relieved to hear her wonderfully cute friend emit the sweetest little squeak of surprise. There at the gate was both Sakura's bother and father waiting for her.

"Dad? Big brother? What are you doing here?" Sakura questioned.

"Actually it has to do with my present for you," Tomoyo announced. She smiled at the beautifully confused look she received. She pulled out an envelope and held it out. "This is for you."

"Wheeee?" Sakura took it. What she found inside left her blinking dumbly. "A plane ticket?"

Tomoyo nodded.

Sakura stared at the destination. "To Hong Kong?!" Her best friend just nodded. She couldn't believe it, but she couldn't just up and leave, could she? She turned to look at her father and brother. "Can I go?"

Fujitaka merely smiled at his daughter. "Yes, dear. Tomoyo-chan has managed all the details. But we had best hurry, the flight leaves in three hours."

Touya gave no reply.

Sakura let out a little screech knowing she didn't have a whole lot of time to pack. She bolted for her family's car, paused as she opened the door, and then lunged at Tomoyo, engulfing the girl in a hug. "THANK YOU!"

Tomoyo quickly returned the hug, patting the excited girl on the back. "You're welcome, Sakura-chan. But you have to hurry."

"Right!" Sakura leapt away. "I'll call you as soon as I get there."

Tomoyo nodded. "I'll be going with you to the airport. I need to take care of a few things."

"Then let's go!" Sakura dragged Tomoyo to the car.

Fujitaka smiled as he got into the car, while Touya growled. As Sakura's family and Tomoyo sped off, three girls were left watching the whole encounter.

"She completely forgot about my party." Naoko pouted.

"Can you blame her?" Rika questioned.

Naoko smirked slightly. "If _I_ was given a chance to go to Hong Kong, boyfriend waiting for me or no, I'd forget about my party too."

"Well, at least Tomoyo-chan can come to the party, but she'll be a bit late," Chiharu commented, knowing the girl had lied about going on a trip to cover setting up Sakura's present.


Kero-chan had to fly through the air, dodging projectiles as Typhoon Sakura ripped through the room. The door was nearly wrenched off the wall, a suitcase flew onto the bed, and clothes were haphazardly tossed into it.

Tomoyo was the eye of the storm as she entered the room, her quiet tranquil presence undisturbed by the fierce action of the emerald-eyed girl. She merely sat down on the bed and started to arrange the items in the suitcase.

"What's going on?" Kero-chan demanded.

"Sakura-chan is going on a little trip," Tomoyo informed. "You can stay at my place until she gets back since the house will be empty."

Sakura paused her whirlwind of activity. "Empty?"

Tomoyo nodded. "Your father is going to a dig in Egypt. His flight leaves shortly after yours."

"That's great!" Sakura cheered, knowing how her father loved working in the field. There was no need mention her brother as he had moved in with Yukito.

"Where are you going, Sakura?" Kero-chan questioned.

"No need to concern yourself, Kero-chan," Tomoyo replied before Sakura could. "You know, I think I bought too many snacks for Naoko-chan's party. One tray of cupcakes would be more than enough, but I got a few cakes and puddings as well."

Sakura wondered for a second why Tomoyo didn't answer Kero-chan directly, but the answer was quite simple: her guardian would want to go to Hong Kong with her. Frankly, she'd rather not deal with him while trying to spend time with Syaoran.

"Why don't you go on ahead to my house, Kero-chan," Tomoyo suggested sweetly. "I left my window open a crack and there's an extra cake on my desk."

Kero-chan began to float on sugary-sweet dreams of delicious deserts. He then bolted straight for the window.

Sakura quickly opened her window to let him out least he flew straight through it. As soon as he was out of sight, she closed it. "Thanks for taking care of Kero-chan."

"He'll probably have more fun with me anyway," Tomoyo replied. "There is something you should know. Only Meiling-chan, Wei-san, and Li-kun's mother knows you're coming. Your visit is as much his present as it is yours."

Sakura smiled. "I'll be sure to make it the best Christmas he's ever had!"

"I'm sure you will." Tomoyo nodded. "There is another thing. I didn't mail your present for Syaoran. I thought you'd rather hand it to him in person." She then reached for a small package in her school bag, and placed it into the suitcase.

"Thank you!" Sakura cried out. "You've really thought this all out."

Tomoyo nodded. "Of course. I had to make sure it was perfect for you."

Sakura hugged her best friend since forever. "You are really too good for me."

Tomoyo merely smiled knowingly. "You deserve everything I can give you."


Sakura pouted at the airport sign. Her flight was delayed. She couldn't wait to get to Hong Kong!

Fujitaka frowned as his flight was announced for boarding. "That's me. Sorry I won't be able to see you off."

"It's okay, Daddy. I'll try to keep in touch," Sakura promised.

Fujitaka nodded with a joking smile. "Do try, though the middle of a desert doesn't do well for phones. Goodbye, everyone. See you in two weeks."

Sakura gave him a quick hug. "Goodbye, Daddy."

Touya gave a rare smile. "Good luck, Dad. See you soon."

"Goodbye," Tomoyo added.

Fujitaka waved as he walked off, quickly disappearing into the crowds.

"Now, Sakura," Touya almost growled when their dad was out of sight. "Mind yourself while you're with that brat."

"He's not a brat!" Sakura protested.

Touya bent down a little to look at her in the face. "Listen, Sakura, you're only thirteen. Don't rush into anything, and if you start doing something that feels uncomfortable then STOP! I may not like the kid much, but I'm not the one who gets to choose. Just... Sakura, please be careful."

Sakura wasn't entirely sure what he was warning her against, but promised anyway. "I'll be careful. You don't have to worry."

Touya gave her a sad smile, her words offering no comfort to him. He doubted anything would happen THIS trip, but he had the nagging feeling that sooner rather than later something would happen.

Sakura started blinking and then looked around frantically. She then bolted into a crowd of people.

"Sakura!" Touya cried out, but then moaned.

Tomoyo merely giggled as Sakura found what, or rather who, she was looking for.

"Meiling-chan!" Sakura cried out, latching her hands around a girl's arm.

"How did you know I was here?!" Meiling screeched out.

"You feel like Syaoran-kun, but with more... jasmine to it...," Sakura informed, uncertain with her own words. "Why are you here?"

"Because I don't want to be a third wheel," Meiling protested. "You'll have enough problems getting time alone with Syaoran with his sisters around."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Touya groused.

Sakura started to panic and patted her body. "Meiling-chan's present!"

Tomoyo shook her head while giggling. "I didn't give it back to you yet." She pulled the wrapped present out and handed it to her friend.

Sakura quickly gave it to Meiling.

Meiling smirked. "You still have that dumb look on your face." Her hand took a position not unlike a claw as she slashed the wrapping paper off with her nails. She smiled at was she saw, a stars and moon picture frame with a group picture that included Sakura, Tomoyo, Yue, Cerberus in his true form, Syaoran and herself. A picture she wished that had truly been taken as a group, and not pieced together from Tomoyo's photos.

Tomoyo pulled out the photo Sakura had given her. "Sakura-chan had fun getting me to do this one. I must say flying is fun!"

The airport intercom announced the boarding for the flight to Hong Kong.

"Finally!" Sakura chirped. "I'll see you all soon. Goodbye!"

"Yeah, sorry about that," Meiling commented sheepishly. A guy wanted to have 'fun' with her in the plane's washroom and she kind of dented the door with his face. "Be sure to wish Syaoran a great Christmas!"

"Have fun Sakura-chan," Tomoyo wished.

"Not too much fun," Touya muttered. "Don't blow up Hong Kong, monster."

"I'm not a monster and I couldn't blow up a city if I tried," Sakura huffed.

With one last round of goodbyes, Sakura ran off for her flight.

"Yes, Sakura, you could," Touya whispered.


"I was exiting the washroom and this fucking pervert tried pushing me back in, saying it was his turn to 'have some release,'" Meiling growled out.

"What happened?! Did someone stop him?!" Naoko questioned excitedly.

Meiling looked at the girl strangely. "Oh, a stewardess saw it and was going to call for help for me, but ended up needing the help for him. After I hit his crotch with a palm strike, I introduced his face to the washroom door about a dozen times. When I was pulled away from the creep, he slumped to the floor unconscious and it was impossible to shut the door."

"Wow! Meiling-chan, I wish I could protect myself like that. I would've been so screwed in that situation. Literally," Naoko commented in amazement.

Chiharu and Rika could only nod to the girl's assessment, while Tomoyo thought she'd feel sorry for the would-be attacker. If her bodyguards weren't there to stop the attack, then the retribution he would receive from her mother alone would be the stuff of nightmares. And she didn't even want to know what Sakura or Syaoran would or could do to the guy in their anger.

While Naoko missed having Sakura at her little slumber party, Meiling was certainly helping pick up what was missing. Though if her naive friend had been here, she doubted any talk of the Chinese girl's little adventure would've been given. She really didn't know how to explain it, but despite Sakura being the oldest of the girls by a couple months-- she had an innocence about her that you just didn't want to take away. It might be fun to spook her by mentioning ghosts, yet talking about sex around her just seemed to be a taboo.

"You know, I really hope my mother doesn't learn your parents aren't home, Naoko-chan," Rika mentioned.

"Unless she tries calling for them, there really shouldn't be a problem," Naoko replied. "After all, if anyone knows how to keep secrets, it's us. You especially. Now if Sakura-chan had been here, there might've been a problem."

Tomoyo and Meiling started laughing, causing the other three girls to look at them in confusion.

"Oh, Sakura-chan can be quite good at secrets," Tomoyo corrected. "There are a few secrets she has kept from you. She knows who Rika-chan's boyfriend is."

Rika blinked while blushing. "She does?! But she's so...."

"Stupidly blind?" Meiling offered. "Kinomoto does have her own means to see things." She then studied the nervous, shorthaired girl. "Who is he, Sasaki? Is he someone I know?"

Rika shook her head fiercely. "I can't say who he is. Just that he's older."

Meiling pouted. "Do you girls know?"

Naoko nodded slowly. "Yes, but I won't say who. I don't want him to go to jail."

Meiling blinked and then whistled. "He's THAT much older?! Sasaki, you devil!"

Rika's face was painted red with embarrassment, especially after the other girls started laughing. She was desperate to get the topic of conversation off herself. "Why aren't you with Li-kun? Wasn't he your fiance?"

"WAS being the operative word." Meiling sighed. "When I asked him to be my fiance, it wasn't 'marry me' but 'until you find someone you love more than me, I'll be your fiancee.' And, well, he found someone, so I'm out on the curb. All I can do now is be happy for him and Kinomoto."

"Any new romantic prospects?" Naoko questioned.

Meiling let out a small laugh. "Hardly. Syaoran is not exactly an easy act to follow. And the boys I know in Hong Kong are like how I used to be: selfish. All they want from me would be a cheap fling. While I may want my virginity to be a distant memory before I'm sixteen and my parents start getting ideas of marrying me off to some rich brat, I'm not about to whore myself off to some guy I don't care about."

"What does virginity have to do with forced engagements?" Chiharu questioned, her tone more subdued than normal.

Meiling blinked. "Don't guys want virgin brides in Japan?"

"Hardly," Naoko countered. "Sure, there's something about being the first, but most guys prefer a girl who knows what she's doing."

"Been around much?" Meiling shot back.

Naoko blushed slightly. "I almost wish. But I'm like you in that respect. I want to like the guy first. I haven't found a guy that I'm really interested in getting to know, let alone one that's truly interested in knowing me. Guess we can't all be lucky like Rika-chan and Chiharu-chan, having their boyfriends since forever."

"Naoko-chan, do you hope you'll be getting a new sibling from your parents' little vacation?" Tomoyo questioned.

"Hell no!" Naoko cried out. "If Mom were to have a baby, _I_ would be the one to raise him. If I'm going to spend my days changing diapers, the baby had better be mine."


Syaoran fidgeted nervously. He could almost feel something was up, but couldn't place his finger on it. He didn't feel any danger or anything, but his mother was paying a bit too much attention to him. He certainly loved her, but you can't help but be unnerved under the gaze of a woman whom you could never hide anything from. To her, a person's past and future were an open book to be flipped through. Which didn't help him being her only son on top of him having the most magical power of his generation. She was always gazing into his life.

"So... when is Meiling coming over?" Syaoran questioned to cover the thick air of silence.

"Your answer to that is arriving now," Yelan replied simply.

Syaoran walked to the front of the door, and started to wonder why his mother was following him and had directed his sisters to do the same. He suddenly realized something was definitely wrong when he saw Wei get out of the family limousine. His senses weren't detecting the man's aura. Not to mention Meiling would never wait for Wei to open the car door. The first thing he saw of the passenger was her lower leg, and knew that she wasn't his cousin. The shade of skin, thicker calves, and a bow on the shoe told him enough to make his heart race. She couldn't be....

"Syaoran-kun!" Sakura burst from the car and tackled him with a hug that sent both of them to the ground.

"Sakura...?" Syaoran couldn't believe his eyes. The fog over his mystical senses eased and he could feel her powerful aura washing over his.

Sakura giggled. "Merry Christmas, Syaoran-kun!"

"How...?" Syaoran wanted to desperately know this wasn't a dream.

"This is a little present from Meiling and Daidouji," Yelan informed her son.

'Little?' Syaoran couldn't think of a bigger or better gift that he could've ever received.

The four sisters shared confused looks. Was this why Meiling stopped talking about being their little brother's fiancee? Was this girl really going to be allowed to stay here with Syaoran? Did Syaoran ever look that happy before?


Feimei was the youngest of the four sisters. She tended to get ignored in favor of Fuutie, the eldest child, and Syaoran, her only brother. At times it hurt being neglected when extra attention was paid to those two for important days like Christmas, but it did come with advantages. While not nearly as powerful in magic as her brother, she found she had a definite affinity with subtle spells, particularly those of concealment.

Sakura chatted away as she sat on a couch, while Syaoran seemed to be mesmerized by the girl. Though it surprised Feimei how much her little brother did talk. If she asked how his day at school went, she'd at best get a grunt or 'it was okay.' She certainly never got him to talk about how he scored a goal in a soccer game.

The whole situation still amazed Feimei. Her little brother had a girlfriend, and she didn't even have a boyfriend yet herself. She had certainly flirted, but no guy had yet noticed her charms. Sometimes she seemed to be a little TOO good at concealment.

"Was there something you wanted?" Sakura questioned.

Feimei blinked at Sakura's probing eyes. A quick check confirmed her spell was still active. How did the girl know she was here? Only her mother and great-uncle had ever seen through her spells before.

Syaoran took a moment to look around before growling out, "Feimei...."

The young woman giggled nervously, letting her spell drop. "Sorry, couldn't help eavesdropping. Syaoran's NEVER had a friend over, let alone a girl."

Sakura turned and pouted at the boy. "You haven't been trying to make friends?"

Syaoran scratched the back of his head. "Well, there are a few guys I hang out with. They're part of the soccer team. Just with my extra studies, I don't have a lot of time to do much more."

"Make time!" Sakura retorted. "Friends are important! Before I go back to Japan, I want to meet them. We'll go to the movies or a park or something!"

Syaoran edged back. "Ah, sure... I guess."

Feimei giggled at her brother's reaction, before slipping away.

"See you later!" Sakura called out, not even looking in the young woman's direction.

Feimei quickly found her other sisters waiting for her in the hallway.

"Well, what's going on?" Fuutie questioned.

"She's definitely his girlfriend. She's got him wrapped around her finger," Feimei joked.

Shiefa smirked. "I knew something was up with lil' bro when she was here two years ago."

"How far have they gotten?" Fanren wondered.

Feimei shrugged. "Doubt more than a kiss. But I couldn't find out anything."

"Why not?" Fanren pressed. "They were 'alone.'"

"I was spotted," Feimei replied.

Fuutie blinked. "Syaoran's gotten that good?"

Feimei shook her head. "No. She spotted me. Even with her looking at me, Syaoran couldn't see me."

"I see." Fuutie nodded in thought. "She's the heir of Clow."

The other three sister squeaked in surprise.

"She beat Syaoran for the Clow Cards?" Shiefa questioned. "Then how did he fall for her if she was his rival?"

Fanren smirked. "If anyone can figure it out, Shiefa, we can."

Feimei pouted. "Why didn't mother tell us she was the heir?"

Fuutie look down at her youngest sister. "You know mother with her 'need to know' philosophy. She probably knew before Syaoran left to hunt for the cards that he'd fail, but also knew that he had to go."

Shiefa smirked. "Yeah, so he could fall for his future wife. Doesn't explain why she didn't object to Meiling's engagement."

"What better way to slow down a romance than allow a doomed one to interfere?" Fanren returned. "Besides, would Meiling have even listened to mother?"

Fuutie shook her head. "Probably not."


The party had run its course, and most of the girls had fallen asleep. Tomoyo was not surprised to find Chiharu still wide-awake and in the kitchen. "Something on your mind, Chiharu-chan?"

"Yeah," was the only reply.

"Does it have to do with your trip tomorrow?" Tomoyo questioned.

"Kind of," Chiharu muttered.

"Also your father and Yamazaki-kun?" Tomoyo added.

Chiharu pouted. "You're going to keep poking until you have the full story, won't you?"

Tomoyo nodded slowly. "You're hurting, Chiharu-chan, and I want to know why. You haven't been yourself lately."

"Has anyone told you that you're too damned observant?" Chiharu growled out in fake anger.

"Not in those words, but in sentiment," Tomoyo replied, slightly joking.

"You know my father is dying," Chiharu stated flatly.

Tomoyo nodded. "And that you've been engaged to Yamazaki-kun."

Chiharu just stared at the girl. "How do you know that?"

"Last June, when you were in the girl's bathroom, you kept saying 'Yamazaki Chiharu' and how you were never going to get used to it. I was using one of the stalls," Tomoyo informed.

Chiharu scowled. "It's not nice to eavesdrop like that."

"I didn't really have much choice at the time," Tomoyo retorted. "But you didn't seem as troubled about all of that then as you do now. Is your marriage soon?"

Chiharu shook her head. "Still some legal crap to deal with. The trip tomorrow is to help smooth some of it out. I'm going to Izumo to see Takashi's family and be formally introduced as his future bride."

"That's certainly reason to be nervous, but there's more to this," Tomoyo noted.

Chiharu nodded. "Let's just say I'm not expected to come home a virgin. When the rooms were booked, Takashi and I were given one to share alone."

Tomoyo frowned. "And what do you think about that?"

"I don't know. That's why I can't get any sleep," Chiharu's frustration dripping into her words. "I mean I love Takashi dearly, but do I love him THAT way? We've been friends longer than I can remember, but I'm afraid he's too much like a brother to me to be my lover."

Tomoyo closed her eyes. "I guess I can see your problem. But you have to remember Yamazaki-kun would never hurt you. Take things slowly. After all, they may not expect you to be virgin after your trip, but that doesn't mean you can't still be one. Just start with kissing, and if things naturally go from there, let it. If not, let it rest and try again later."

Chiharu rested her head against her hand. "You make it sound so simple."

"I wish it were that simple, but you don't have to make it more complicated than it already is," Tomoyo returned.

Chiharu roared out a yawn, and then laughed a little. "Thanks for giving me LESS to think about. Maybe now I can get some sleep. Good night."

"Good night," Tomoyo wished. She then sighed at her own troubled thoughts. She wondered how Sakura was doing in Hong Kong. She almost dreaded the idea that her beautiful friend was sleeping WITH Syaoran, that she would be the first of their friends to lose their virginity. Daidouji tried to kick away the thought, but even as she tried to cover it-- jealousy still lurked deep within her. Truthfully, Tomoyo couldn't understand Chiharu's problem with Takashi completely. Sakura had been her closest friend since forever as well, but if the opportunity had presented itself, she would make wonderful love to her.


Yelan entered the living room at a little past midnight. As she had expected, Sakura had fallen asleep on Syaoran's shoulder, then he too fell asleep. The day's excitement had finally worn the girl out. The youthful-looking mother unfolded the blanket she brought with her and covered the sleeping couple with it. She allowed herself a rare smile before kissing both of them on the forehead.

Fuutie had watched her mother and was still left to wonder at the events of the day. "She's the heir of Clow, isn't she?"

Yelan merely nodded.

"Any particularly reason you're letting her sleep with him?" Fuutie almost demanded.

"There are many answers, you know," Yelan replied cryptically.

"You want the Clow Cards back into the family," Fuutie stated flatly.

"The Clow Cards no longer exist, but have evolved into Sakura Cards," Yelan corrected. "And if all there was to her was the strength of her magic, I would endorse Meiling over her."

"Then why are you giving them parental consent?" Fuutie pressed.

"THAT I am not giving. She will return home before temptation presents itself. I do not want her to be the first to make me a grandmother, but either Shiefa or you," Yelan returned. "Sakura is here to give Syaoran something he has been missing since your father died: happiness."

Fuutie frowned. Being the eldest, she remembered the days before her father's death best. On that day, at the age of three, Syaoran promised he would train to be the next clan leader and her mother's heart had frozen. Since then both mother and son rarely let emotion speak for them, only letting cold logic dictate action. At least it seemed that someone finally managed to find the boy's lost heart. Now if only someone could do that for their mother. She then smirked; maybe a few grandkids WERE in order.

Yelan seemingly gazed through her daughter. "Are you trying to make your sisters hate you?"

Fuutie blinked, shaking free of her thoughts. "What?"

"Those bridesmaid dresses you picked, your sisters will not be pleased with them," Yelan stated evenly.

"It's a tradition, mother. Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to find dresses like those that look good on twenty-year-olds?" Fuutie retorted.

Yelan frowned as something itched at her mind.

Fuutie glanced back toward the family room, where her brother was sleeping with his girlfriend. "Should I make her a bridesmaid too? She'd at least look cute in the dress."

The image of the wedding in Yelan's mind abruptly shifted. Suddenly Sakura was amongst the bridesmaids and the dresses were much improved. She wondered at the changes, but then noted the girl's black-haired friend sitting with the guests. "Yes, I think that would be wise. Also, cancel the bridesmaid dresses. Send Meiling a picture of your gown and your sisters' measurements."

Fuutie blinked in confusion. "Why?"

"Meiling can then give that to Sakura's friend, Daidouji, who will do a much better job for the bridesmaid dresses given the chance," Yelan informed.

Fuutie's gaze flattened. "Couldn't you have told me that before?"

Yelan shook her head. "Dealing with Sakura is difficult for me. No longer does fate dictate her; she now dictates her own fate. If she truly wills for something to happen, there is little that could be done to stop it."

"So, if Sakura wanted to be the mother of Syaoran's children soon...?" Fuutie pressed.

Yelan glared. "There's nothing I could do to prevent it."


Author's Notes:

For those of you who have been reading my Shadow of the Dragon, this story is within the same continuity.

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