Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2

The bell of clock went off noisily as a loud voice shouted,"Sakura-chan, you must get up immediately. You are late!"

"OK! OK! Kero-chan. I get up," Sakura rubed the sleep out of her eyes.

"You should tidy yourself up and dress your uniform now. Otou-san and Touya are waiting you for a moment."

"Um. I will finish immediately."

"Hey, monster! Why do you sleep in bed late despite 15 years old as you are?" Touya winced.

"Sakura do not the monster! I'm not monster!( a famous sentence!^ ^ )

'Oni-chan alway teases me but he loves me most.' Sakura thought.

"Hey, monster. What are you thinking?" Touya asked.

"No. Not at all, if we don't eat breakfast now, Oto-san and you will late for work."

"Yes, we are in hurry now," Fujitaka spoke in a gentle voice.

All said in unison,"Itadakimasu!" <Japanese always say that when they start eating or something like that>

Touya graduated from medical university and then he worked as a apprentice doctor in Tomoeda Hospital with Yukito. They were still best friend of each other.


A black car parked in front of school entrance and a group of women who wore black vest standed in front of car-door. A long violet hair girl steped out as Sakura went into. She called out,"Sakura-chan!"

"Oh, Tomoyo-chan. I nearly get up late."

"You really..."

"OK. OK. We will late for lesson unless we hurry up."

"Did you call for Eriol-kun yesterday?"

"Yes, I did. I will tell you in lunchtime."



At noon, in the shade of big tree, Sakura and Tomoyo had eaten their lunch. Tomoyo said, "What did he say?"

"Uhm, Eriol-kun told that there were many Worlds apart from our World. And in those World, some people were same as our about appearance as if twin but they are not us."

"Two people whom we met yesterday come from another World, don't they? But how did they come here?"

"He said a few people master secret of moving between the Worlds. And he knows a person whose name is Yuuko Hajiwara also known as the Dimensional Witch or Space-Time Witch. When he was Clow, he had related with her."

"You don't know. Yesterday Kero-chan reminded me of my recently dream." Sakura mildly spoke.

"What thing did you dream?" Tomoyo anxiously asked.

"I dreamed of standing in an ancient shrine, light and dark was unclear. I saw a transpicuous crystal ball and a something in that. I want to approach to see it. But dark was falling and I woke up."

"What did Kero-chan think about this matter?"

"This dream may relate our meeting with someone who come from another World." Kero unexpectedly jumped from Sakura's school bag.

"Why do you here, Kero-chan?" Tomoyo asked.

"I don't set my mind at rest when two you meet stranger." Kero said with a serious voice.

"I feel they aren't bad but I think we should be cautious. We don't know anything about them," Tomoyo said.

"Uhm. I think you true, Tomoyo-chan."

At the same time, in Tomoeda Hotel, Sya was relating yesterday story to Fye and Sak because Sak recently

had woken up in morning. Sak seemed to feel pleased and eager for seeing two girl whom Sya talked about. Fye did, too.

Afternoon, two girls went to Tomoeda Hotel and requested for meeting four them. The hotel staff led the girls to their room and politely withdraw. Sya opened the door and helped them up. A guy who have cheerful smile with blonde hair and blue eyes was sitting in armchair. A girl was sitting next to him as same as Sakura. Althought they knew in advance, Sakura and Tomoyo surprised at identicalness. That girl smiled friendly. But they could differentiate between two girls. Sakura was brimful of vitality, Sak was beautiful but she seem like sad and worried about something. She standed up and said:

"I had been narrated about two you by Sya but I have't thought you are the spit of me. And you similar with one of my old friend."

"I think so too." Tomoyo said that.

" And I think all of you should sit down. My name's Fye." He smiled and poured tea into cups, invited two girls.

" Arigato! (thank you!)" The two said in unison.

" Did you come from another World?" Sakura hesitated to ask them.

" Yes, we come from some different world and have different aim, too. But now we are staying together," Mokona raise her voice.

" Do you relate to a enchantress's name is Yuuko?" Kero sticked his head out of Sakura's bag.
Sya's group was unexpected by Kero's appearance. But this is not first time they had seen an odd creature so they don't ask.

" He's Kero, a Guardian Beast and my friend,too." Sakura explained.

" My guess is correct. You are a person who have supernatural power, aren't you? I felt it. You easily recognized Sya not to your boyfriend because you noticed their different nature. You have magic power," Kurogane spoke deliberately.

" You are right. I have power and when I entered this room, I have felt two sources of power from Fye and Sak. But your power is unfamilily with me and I haven't felt about type of power like this."

" Your feeling is precise. Fye is a wizard and Sak have magic power."

" Yuuko is person who give us to be able to move from a World to another World," Fye said.

" Why have you moved among Worlds?" Tomoyo asked.

" Because of me," Sak told." My memory divided into many parts and mislaid to many Worlds. They have found it for me."

" If we don' find all piece of her memory, she won't keep alive," Sya went on.

" Really? And now, you went to this World. Is this World have piece of Sak's memory?" Sakura paniced.

" I don's know. When approaching pieces of memory, Mokona have body's reaction. From yesterday to now, we haven't discovered anything," Sya said.

" Don't worry. We will help you" Sakura smiled.

" Thank you. Would we make friend?" Sak asked.

" Of course! We are very pleased to become your friend. But what are pieces of your memory look

Sakura asked.

"They look like a feather," Sya replied.

" Um, we know that but now we just go home. This is my telephone number, you will communicate with me if you need us. Don't be rather afraid, we promised to help you." Tomoyo smiled.

Then they lelf. Sya asked:

" How do you think?"

" They aren't bad but the girl's name is Sakura have strange power?" Fye said.

" Do you think that?" Kurogane asked.

" They know Yuuko and her ability of moving in space. It proved their unusualness. Moreover Mokona think magic power isn't widespread in this. This World not as same as Hanshin Republic. She is a special occasion." Mokona said with stern tone.

" I think they aren't bad. My intuition tells me that." Sak said.

" Sak's intuition usually correct. We should believe what she says." Fye smiled.

Meanwhile, Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero talked nonstop.

" Do you think about them, Kero-chan?" Sakura asked.

" I am not sure. It's too early to judge them." Kero replied.

" I think they are honest." Tomoyo commented.

" Do you think that?" Sakura asked.

" Uh, I observed them and I felt their glint wasn't sham. I believe them."

" I think so, especially Sak and Sya. I am sympathize with them." Sakura said.

" Uhm, you're too trusting of people!" Kero grumbled.

" Kero-chan, don't be in doubt. But does it relate with my dream?" Sakura smiled.

"I don't know. I should consult with Yue."

" Depending on you," Sakura softened her tone.

" It is late. I come back home, Sakura-chan."

" Ok, be careful!" Sakura warned.

" Uh, bye bye!"

" Do you want to go, Otou-san?" Sakura entered her house and saw her father was bringing his suitcase.

" I am going to Karita moutainous region. My colleagues had communicated with me. They discovered a ancient shrine. They want me to go to support them."

" When will you come back?"

" I don't know. I will strive for coming back early. You docilely stay at home ."

" Yes, alright. Good luck, otou-san."

" Uhm, good bye! Today Touya-chan is on night duty so you stay at home lonely. Remember to lock
the door."

" Alright, Otou-san!"


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