Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3
Sakura woke up the next morning. She had been continuing dream about which she dreamt the past few days. This time she realized there are some other people was stayed there besides her. She reminisced about her dream of Yue and Eriol - Clow Reed's incarnation. This dream has iterated as same as that one. She turned toward her desk which has a drawer - Kero's bedroom.
“ Kero-chan, I had continued to have that dream.”
And she suddenly remembered that Kero was staying in Yue's house.
`Morning which hasn't both Onii-chan and Kero-chan is quiet.' she thought.
The teddy bear Syaoran in the desk remind her about him. `Syaoran. When will you come back? I miss you so much.'
She ate her breakfast and cleaned the house. After that, she would go shopping with Tomoyo. She was strolling leisurely to the supermarket and enjoy the quiet and pure air of the early morning. She happened to remember when she was a primary school girl. She used to skate followed Touya's bicycle to go to school and met Yukito. She whispered. `Yukito-san!' She smiled every time she recalled herself about that.
`Well, all is begones. Yukoto-san is a good man. He will be happy with Oni-chan. Now I love Syaoran most.'
In the flight Hong Kong - Japan, a middle-aged man was reading a newpaper, the boy sitting by him had brown hair and amber eyes. In his hand was a teddy bear, he whispered : `Sakura-chan, I'm come back.' He was surely Syaoran.
The day before
“ Mother, I had completed all of your demand. I have studied seriously and completed 100 mission. Can I return Japan now?”
“ You want to meet that girl again so much, do you?” Yelan asked with a sly smiles.
“ I... I...”
“ Why do you stammer?” She continued.
“ Auntie, let Syaoran go!” A black-haired girl with red eyes appeared. She is Meilin - Syaoran's cousin and his ex-fianceÌe.
“ They haven't meet the other for 4 years. He misses her so much. (Syaoran's face went crimson o_o) He also has already completed all of your demand. You allow him to come back Japan, please.
“ But does her feelings to you still keep as same as before? 4 years have elapsed since you and she last met.”
“ I believe in Sakura. She isn't a kind of changeable person.”
“ Okay. You can go. But if you are disappointed or want to come back, this house always welcome you.”
“ Mother... I... I thank you, mum!” He ran out of the room.
She smiled and turned to Meilin. Tears silently had spilled out of her eyes. Yelan wiped her tears away “Don't sad. You'll find a person who is really love you.”
“ I have known Syaoran not for me, he loves Sakura. They are a good couple. But... my feeling...” she choked with emotion.
“ I understand. I also believe Syaoran will be happy with that girl. The girl whom Clow Reed had chosen isn't a trivial girl. Well, let's drink tea and we will smile to see Syaoran off tomorrow. OKay?”
“Yes, auntie!!”
Sak waked up. She leaved her room and came to kitchen. All were having breakfast. She said:
“ I'm sorry. I got up late again.”
“ No problem. Are you tired?” Fye asked.
“ Nope. I'm Okay but I overslept.”
“ Good morning! Do you hungry?” Mokona came bounding to ask Sak “I have bread and milk.”
“ Good morning, Mokona-chan. Thank you, I will eat now,” Sak smiled.
“ We should buy more food,” Kurogane told.
“ I will go with you, Kurogane-san,” Sya said.
“No, I will go. I want to see the views of this World. You would rather stay at home with Fye-san. His leg isn't completely recovered.”
“Okay! How about you, Mokona?” Fye asked.
“ Mokona stay at home. Mokona am too sleepy!”
Two hours later
Kurogane and Sak got out of the shop.
“ Kurogane-san, this World is peaceful. I like this World !!”
“ Yes, this is the most peaceful World I have come.”
“ Look! Those flowered tree is beautiful. What're those name?”
“ They call them Cherry Blossom or Sakura in my hometown.”
“ Is this my name?”
“ Yes.”
“ Great! Let's approach those. I want to see them nearer.”
She held Kurogane's hand while they were crossing the street. Someone caught sight of them. He had seen her and intended to call her but she suddenly held a man's hand and pulled him. That made him shock. He reminisced about his mother's words: “But does her feelings to you still keep as same as before?”
`No. Sakura-chan isn't a kind of changeable person. Maybe I misundertand she?' He thought and crossed the road. He called out “Sakura-chan, what are you doing?”
Sak turned round and astonished. The person who called her name is Syaoran but he isn't her Syaoran. She felt embarrassed and before she could regain her composure, he continued in dissatisfied voice “Sakura-chan, who is he? Why are you accompanying with him? You are not only go with him but also hand-in-hand with him.” (Yoh, Syaoran is jealous of Kurogane!Veryyyyyyy kaaaawaiiiiiiiii! Do you think so? ^ ^)
“Oh, but... I... I...”
“ Why do you not reply?”
“ Hey, boy. You make her afraid,” Kurogane said.
“ It doesn't matter with you!” Syaoran spoke rudely
“ What?? You...”
“Calm down, Kurogane-san.” Sak hastily talked Kurogane out of.
Sak was so confused that she forgot Sya's story about Sakura and Tomoyo's mistaken. Kurogane wasn't. He wanted to explain but this boy hadn't let him a chance. `If I tell him the truth, will he believe?'. When he landed in an embarrassing situation, two saviours appeared. They were Sakura and Tomoyo.
Syaoran turned his back on Sakura so she did't recognize only had seen Sak and Kurogane then she came near to them and called out:
“ Sak-chan, Kurogane-san, what are you doing?”
Recognizing a familiar voice, Syaoran turned round and flabbergasted as he looked at another Sakura and the girl standed next to her was Tomoyo. `What? Two Sakura? How weird is happen? Have Sakura used Mirror?' He thought that.
“Syaoran-kun, when did you come back?” Sakura joyfully asked him.
“ I... I...”
“ What's the matter?” Sakura worried.
“ No, I'm fine. But what is happening? Why are two Sakura?” He glaced at Sak with an unintelligible look.
“ Take it easy! She is similar me. Is that true? Her's name is Sakura, too but she isn't me. I am your Sakura. It is a long story.” Sakura figured out and said.
“ Let's find somewhere to tell.” Tomoyo smiled.
They came into a coffee bar. After Sakura had said all facts, Syaoran was embrrassed. He stammered “I'm sorry.I... I was thoughtless.”
“ No problem. It is my fault not to tell you from the beginning. Don't feel uneasy.” Sak smiled pleasant.
“ Thank you very much,Sak-san.” Syaoran still felt awkward.
“ Yoh. It's too late. We should come back home now.” Tomoyo reminded.
“ Alright!” - Kurogane agreed.
“ Good bye, two you!” Sak said good-bye and went on with Kurogane.
“ My bodyguard will arrive now. Would you go with Sakura, Syaoran-kun?” <Tomoyo always is a clever and cute friend!: ) Love her>
“ Uhm. I know, Tomoyo-chan.” Syaoran looked at Tomoyo with thankful in his eyes.
“ You're really... so thoughtless.” Sakura frowned.
“ I'm sorry... really sorry,” Syaoran blushed and mumbled.
“ Why hadn'd you announce me that you came back?”
“ I wanted to make you surprise. But...”
“ Um, it's unpredicable, right?” Sakura smiled mischievous. “Let's go!”
“ Uhm.”
Syaoran gentlely held Sakura's hand and went with her in the street was covered by cherry blossom petals flying down the wind.
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