Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6
By Shirrlly
Karita, 10 a.m.
“ What happened?” - Touya worrily asked the manager.
“Mr.Kinomoto with his two colleagues were going into that shrine yesterday morning. They brought handie-talkie but when he was relating with me three hours after that, the signal lost. We have lost contact with them. We detached somebody to find them but we couldn't find anything. We dared not penetrate deep into that shrine and called the police. You can talk to them.
“Okay. Thanks you very much.”
“I'm so sorry for what happened. Please accept my sincere apology.” He looked really sad.
“I understand. We have nothing to blame you about what happened.” Touya said.
“Touya, what are we doing now?” Sakura asked.
“Yukito and I are going to meet the chief of police, you and Tomoyo have to come back the hotel now. The brat (Syaoran, all you know! ) rented rooms for us. Wait for me.” Touya said.
“OK.” Sakura replied obediently. She knew that she'd better take her brother's demand.
Sya's group was impatient, too. They were waiting for Sakura's information. Syaoran was opening the door as soon as the doorbell rang.
“Sakura! What happened?”
“They said that my father disappeared when he was in the shrine with two other colleagues. They detached somebody to find them but not find any clue. The police took part in and Touya was going to meet the chief of the police.”
“I thought he has been safe.” Syaoran relieved her.
“I hope that.”
“Hey, let's try to go into that shrine.” Sya suggested.
“I disagree with you. It's so risk.” Syaoran protested.
“Sya! I feel that the Feature is in somewhere arround here!” - Mokona suddenly said.
“Is it true?” Sya hastily asked Mokona.
“Yes! I think it's in that direction.” - Mokona pointed towards the shrine
“We must go into that shrine.” Sya affirmed.
“Ok. But we should prepare carefully, we can't rush blindly into that mysterious shrine.” Syaoran said.
“You're right. At least we must know something about that shrine.” Fye said.
“Let's go to the library and ask local people for information.” Tomoyo suggested.
“OK. We'll split into two groups. Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo ask about that historic monument. We go to the library. We meet each other here. OK? - Kurogane assigned tasks.
“Alright. Good bye, See you again.” - Syaoran agreed with him.
“ Do you find anything?”
“ Tomoyo called for us to tell that the shrine's name is Kishimata. We looked up and found that the shrine is more than 400 years.” Sya said.
“ 400 years?” Tomoyo asked.
“ Uh, 400 years!! That shrine is used to worship a shaman whose name is Himeraki Susayo.” Sya continued.
“ Legend tells the shaman had a super power and ability to defeat all enemies.” Fye added.
“ We also asked something about that shaman.” Sakura told.
“All right. It is rumoured that he was very powerful because he had a precious thing which the God sent people. Many of his enemies had tried usurping it but all they were unsuccessful,” said Syaoran.
“ And after his death, that precious thing disappeared in a mysterious way.” Sakura went on again.
“ Could that precious thing be The Feather?” Sak asked.
“Maybe.” Kurogane cleared his throat with a cough.
“And I found something useful.” Sya raised his voice.
“What?” Syaoran quickly asked.
“ It's an old map of the shrine. It shows us that the shrine was built like a maze as if it was used to protect something.” Sya replied.
“Ah, I understand. I believe that we head the right direction. Do you remember? Windy told us to go to wind way, Earthy means under the earth. The shrine on the ground but it goes deep into the earth.” Kero acclaimed.
“Maze. The shrine was built like a maze.” Sakura said.
“Shield means it has protected one precious thing.” Tomoyo went on.
“ How about Light and Dark?” Syaoran asked.
“ It's a secret. But I believe that we will find it soon.” Kero replied.
“Uh! But how can we go into it? Have the policeman blockaded it?” Tomoyo asked.
“Uhm! What should we do?” Sakura became woozy.
“No problem! We can make some strange phenomenons to put them off the shrine and go into it. Tomoyo should be outside.” Kero said.
“ Why?” Tomoyo asked him.
“ At first, we know nothing about what can happen in it so that it will be pretty dangerous for you!” Kurogane said.
“ Secondly, we must have someone's outside to support us whenever we need.” Kero explained.
“ I understand. I'll wait outside. Be careful.” Tomoyo told them. “But... Touya? How can we hide him?”
“ He has known about my existence so we can begged Yue for help us. If anything wrong happen, you should find them.” Kero warned her.
“ Ok. Decide that.” Syaoran said.
“ You should go to bed early for tomorrow.” Kurogane said.
“ All right. We'll go to sleep immediately.” All they stood up at the same time.
“ Good night!!”
* * *
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