Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ Tomoeda_chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 7
They went straight to the shrine after making careful recommendations to Yue and Tomoyo for preventing Touya from finding the truth. Sakura used The Illusion and The Thunder with a view to creating some kind of illusions and thunders to attract the police officers' attention standing in front of the gate of shrine. They were attracted and went toward where all of these things happened as plan. They seized this opportunity to come in as Sakura took The Illusion and The Thunder back.
“ We can smoothly go into here. What will we do?” Fye asked.
“ We need light first, it's too dark in here. Do anyone bring a flashlight?” Syaoran asked.
“ Hoe? I forgot.” Sakura was in stunning.
“ Oh my God!” Kurogane yelled. “ Are you kidding?”
“ No problem. Using The Glow, Sakura!” Kero told.
“ Yeah. Why can't I think about it?” Sakura smiled shyly and took out a card.
The space lightened immediately. Sakura said. “ The Glow! Go ahead and lighten where we go, after that you can take light off.”
“ Good job! Let's go!” Kero said.
Sakura took out The Windy and did some magic. “ The Windy! Go ahead and spy out the way.”
The Windy quickly flew forward.
“ Your Cards are so amazing, Sakura!” Fye complimented.
“ Thank you.” Sakura flushed.
The group went forward. They slowly and carefully penetrated deep into the monument. Sakura called out all of a sudden. “Hurry up! The Windy have just found something.”
They ran forward where had the signal. They saw The Windy grinded to a standstill above something like a shrine but it was so cold and deserted. It seemed that no one had worshiped here for a long time.
“ This place haven't had anyone to go for a long time.” Fye commented.
“ That's exactly what I think. Noone have gone there for a long time.” Sya agreed with him.
“ Hey! Look!” Kero yelled. “ A handie-talkie.”
“ It is my father's, isn't it !??” Sakura said.
“ Maybe,” Syaoran picked it up and took a look. “ It is not work. It have been out of order.”
“ The handie-talkie here means Sakura's father had been here. But where did he go after that? There is the end of the way.” Sak raised a question.
“ He couldn't go back this way, we had known if he would have come back. He must go deeper into the cave. This means...” Kurogane told.
“ There is a hiding path around here.” Syaoran said.
“ We need to find out that way.” Said Kero.
Everyone split out for searching, everyone except Sak. Her eyes closed and it seemed that she felt something strange. Sya saw that so he asked. “ Princess? What happened?”
“Shhhh!!” Sak whispered. “ I'm about to find out something.”
She suddenly opened her eyes and went straight to the right of the shrine. There was a stone stele here. She called out. “ Hey guys! It's here!”
They quickly ran there. Sak told. “ Push it aside!”
Four man tried to pust it away. It was not too hard and a stone door appeared. But it had been locked by a large lock.
“ Someone put it here in purpose to conceal the door from being found. It has just happened recently since there is no proof that it has been here for four hundred years.” Fye said.
“ Yeah. If princess did not feel it, it would be hard for us to find.” Sya continued. “ the lock is new, too.”
“ But how can we unlock it?” Sak nervous asked.
“ No problem. Please get away, Sak!” Sakura smiled and took The Sword out. There was no lock in this world which can make any difficulties for The Sword so the lock broke immediately. Kurogane and Fye instantly pushed the door.
A long way appeared in front of them. They glanced at each other with the questions in their eyes. When Kurogane jerked his head up signing to go toward, they careful groped the way with the lead of The Glow and The Windy. At the end of the path, there was a deep abyss with a fragile rope bridge across it. All of group confused looked at each other.
“ I'll go ahead.” Kurogane said and went toward at once.
“ Be careful, Kurogane-san!” Sak called out to him.
Kurogane went step by step. He was in the middle of bridge as it broke into two and a invisible force pulled him down. Everyone were frightened but they were slow to react immediately. Syaoran was the one who came down sooner than others and he called Wind God to pull Kurogane up. However, he had no idea about that kind of invisible force. The Wind God was able to keep Kurogane for a short time. He called out. “ The strange kind of force pulled him down. I can keep him no longer. Support me!”
“ I can fly but the force can pulled me down, too.” Kero heritated.
“ I have an idea.” Sakura acclaimed and took The Wood out. She demanded. “ The Wood! Hang onto cliffs and pulled him up.”
The Wood obeyed the order. She clung onto the cliffs and lengthened her branches to reach the body was kept by Wind God and pulled him up. Kurogane was out of breath but talked.
“ Thank you two!”
“ You're welcome, Kurogane-san!”
The rope bridge restored itself as if nothing serious had happened. Sya nervous asked. “How can we go through that one?”
“ Why don't we flying with the support of The Wood?” Kero suggested.
“ Flying?” Sak asked in astonishment.
“ Yeah! Sakura and Kero are able to fly.” Syaoran replied instead of Kero.
“ OK. Let Sakura and Kero with the support of The Wood bring us through this abyss in turn.” Mokona said.
“ Alright. Back to you original form, Kero!” Sakura ordered.
Kero regained his true form as a big beast. Sakura and he brought everyone through the bridge safety in turn. Of course, they flew as slowly and carefully as posible. After getting over, they had to rest for a while to regain their health. Thence, they went towards.
There was a long path in this side of the bridge which was longer than the one before. The cold gusts of wind beat themselves, so Sakura was numbly and clung to Syaoran. Knowing that his lovely girlfriend hated being in places which was dim, dumb and horrible, he held her hand and whispered.
“Don't be afraid, Sakura. I'm here.”
Besides her, Sak seemed bad, too. She shivered and Sya, of course, found out that. He calmed her down. “It's okay, Princess!” and told Mokona. “ Go with her.”
Mokona jumped on her shoulder and Sya went next to her making her feel more confident than before. They slowly went toward. Suddenly, to appear in front of them...