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Both Sides
Chapter 2
~by Shimegami-chan

Conan stood outside the doors of the Tezuka mansion with Hattori Heiji at his side. The Detective of the West gave a small sigh and glared at his small compainion, suppressing a yawn. "Well, Kudo, what are you gonna do now?"

"We need to investigate the crime scene. You keep Tezuka-san busy and I'll check for clues. Easy as that."

"If it's really Kid, he won't have left any clues."

"Hattori." Conan closed his eyes and sighed. "We don't know for sure that it's Kid! Anybody could dress up like me--hell, you dressed up like me once. It's just a theory." Conan rang the bell, staring defiantly at the other detective.

The door was opened by a servant, who eyed the two meitantei suspiciously. "Tezuka-sama isn't receiving any visitors right now."

Heiji spoke up. "If I may introduce myself, I am Hattori of Osaka. I'm a detective, and I'd appreciate it if I could take a look at the crime scene."

The servant glared. "The detectives won't leave us alone! At least you're younger than the last one." He shut the door in Heiji's face.

The latter glared at Conan. "You got me on the train from Osaka for this? We can't even get in!"

A second later, however, the door was opened again by a young boy of about thirteen or fourteen years old. He had dark hair and wore a black suit that looked rather like a school uniform.

"Eh?" Heiji blinked at the younger boy. "Aren't you Daiki Asuka?"

"That's me. And you're Hattori Heiji! It's an honor to meet you, sir. I've read about a lot of your cases."
Heiji bowed quickly, grinning. "Thanks! I've heard a lot about your work on the Saint Tail cases as well. Pleased to meet you!"

"You're who?" Conan looked back and forth between the other boys.

Heiji gestured at Asuka. "Daiki Asuka Jr--he's a detective as well, and mainly investigates a female theif named Saint Tail that has been seen a lot in this area of town. Come on, you must have heard of her."

"Not a thing."

"Well, I read up on a lot of other detective's work when I's-his-name, Kudo." Heiji grinned sheepishly and Conan had the stirring suspicion that his friend has almost let his identity slip out. Both Eastern and Western detectives sighed.

Asuka Jr. looked impressed. "You know quite a bit about me. Then again, I know about you too--and Kudo." His face was grim. "Actually, that's probably why you're here."

Heiji nodded.

Conan glanced at Asuka Jr. questioningly. "Are you investigating this case as well?"

Junior looked surprised as the wording Conan had chosen, bitterly reminding him how young he looked. "Well, yes. Tezuka-san wanted me to verify Hattori-san's identity before she let him into the house. And you are...?"

"Edogawa Conan." He stuck out his hand Western-style and Junior shook it. "I'm a detective as well."

Surprisingly, Junior accepted this without any difficulty. "Conan? As in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?"

"My parents were Sherlock Holmes fans."

"Well then, Conan-kun, Hattori-san, come in and take a look."

The two detectives entered the house and followed Junior to an office, introducing themselves briefly to the lady of the house as the went. The office was tidy and everything looked fairly in place. In the corner, however, was an open safe containing several velvet and glass boxes.

"The jewel was the only item taken," Conan observed.

"Right. It was called the Indigo Eye--it was worth millions and millions of yen. It was violet and shaped in somewhat of a diamond, and resembled an eye. This," Junior took a box from his pocket, "is a fake that was manufactured to prevent it being stolen. The fake was on display in the house, but somehow the theif cracked the safe and found the real one."

Conan was already inspecting the safe. "It looks like Kid's work all right--there's no scarring on the safe door; the lock had to have been picked. But I don't understand why he didn't notify Inspector Nagamouri like he usually would."

"It might not have been Kid after all," Heiji mused, checking the carpeted floor for clues. "But then, who would it be? There's aren't any immediate markings that I can find in the room."

"Who else could it have been? And masquerading as Kudo Shinichi, no doubt!" Conan's face grew red. "It has to have been Kid--but why?"

"Wait a minute here." Junior drew both teenage detectives' attention to him. "Are you saying that the criminal wasn't Kudo Shinichi at all?"

"That's exactly what we're saying," Heiji stated gravely. "Kudo Shinichi is dead."

"Dead? Asuka Jr. looked horrified. "You're kidding me." Conan's expression mirrored the newcomer's. Nice one, how are we going to explain this!?

"It's true!" Heiji stared at Junior. "And the circumstances behind his death are still under investigation--nobody can be told about this, you understand? But from one detective to another, I can assure you that it was most definitely not Kudo who's behind this."

Conan finished inspecting the safe and crossed the room. "We have suspicions that the thief is Kaito Kid. Have you heard of him?"

"Kid? Most definitely. He's almost as famous as Saint Tail, although I've never helped out on one of his cases myself."

"Saint Tail," Conan mused. "Her name keeps coming up. We should probably keep her on our suspect's list as well."

"Oh, no, no." Junior put his hands behind his head. "I've followed her long enough to know how she operates--and she always leaves a tip for the detective force when she's about to pull off a caper."

"So does Kid. Usually." Conan stated.

The three detectives stood in silence for a few moments before Conan met Heiji's eyes. "I still think it's Kid who's behind this--and I'm gonna find out why. I'm going straight to the source."

Heiji's mouth dropped open in shock. "K--Conan..."

The youngest boy turned to Junior. "Asuka-san, would it be all right if I borrowed that fake Indigo Eye of yours?"

Junior handed over the box without complaint. "If it'll help the case and clear Kudo Shinichi's name, then sure. But don't get yourself into trouble, kid."

Conan ignored the comment, turning back to Heiji. "I'm going after him, Hattori. If I'm not back by ten o'clock tonight, come after me."

"But we don't know what Kid's thinking here." Heiji looked extremely troubled.

Conan's eyes narrowed. "I know who he is, and so do you. If anything happens to me he knows you could turn him in--and if he's framing Kudo, I'm going to find out why. Kid doesn't pull idle pranks.

"Be careful." Junior warned.

"I'll be fine." Conan exited the room, leaving the other detectives terribly confused.

Junior looked worried. "Now what? He's got three hours before he said to come after him...and are you sure he'll be all right? He's just a child."

"You're pretty short too, Junior," Heiji grinned. "We don't need to worry about Conan. Why don't you explain to me why you seem to be handling this case alone, and tell me a bit about Saint Tail--she still might have a hand in this case yet, if magic is involved."

~to be continued...

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