Case Closed Fan Fiction ❯ Chase to rescue ❯ Chase to rescue ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
CHAPTER 1 - Chase to rescue

Conan was riding down on skateboard, on the day when the sky isn't bright, for a moment he felt he was free of worries about his day in Kogoro's home as now he was riding, don't have to think about lies and deception as he wish it can stay this way. He then thought, what is like if I didn't lie to them and I go and stay with FBI? Wait a moment, it doesn't change anything, I end up lying to FBI anyway. That's bad idea. He inwardly groaned. At this moment of distraction, he looked up in time to swerve away from the pole, he felt with relief when realized he didn't crash. That's a close call, I nearly crash to it, he thought, I better concentrate. He sighed, looked at his surroundings to realize he was still in Beika street, and already plan to meet his friends in the park soon. He continued to roll down with skateboard.

Suddenly his glimpse caught himself to stop. From corner of his eye, a figure caught his attention, he looked further to see a girl was gagged, looking at him desperately for help. He opened his mouth with shock, at the moment a black person in suit appeared and open the car door before settling himself in.

Not good. This is not good. Conan thought, looked grim, swung his leg and hit the button behind, and the skateboard sprung to life; it vibrated when smoking out the gas while Conan wait. The car door closed at the moment Conan let a grim smile, a mental plan visited his mind as he formulate a rescue. It's a wild rescue, I will make it be. And he steered. His skateboard vroomed down as the car begun the trip to unknown destination, skateboard leapt forward with mighty strength Conan skate as if he was hot on ice.

'You're not getting away!' he snarled through gritted teeth, felt thankful the day is on his side as the sky was filled with clouds, blocking the sun but the rays emitted behind it from the burning light. He lurched forward, following the car as it turned around the block, as he knew it was matter of time he will be spotted by the kidnappers.

'Who the heck is that brat?' the kidnapper who was behind the wheel said, peering at the side mirror.

'Don't let the kid catch us up!' the second one shrilled, and the first felt compelled not to laugh as his partner's voice echoed in the air with resemblance of woman's voice screaming. And the second reason was it was not laughing matter when they have been spotted by a child.

'He's just a kid, let's shake him off,' he said, 'Besides, I don't have time to take part wild goose chase.'

'Yeah, for this part, you'll be the boss,' the partner said with a smile.

'Thank you very much. That's flattering you put trust on me,' the first one said sarcastically with a grin. 'Oh wow… you turn into apple after you throw money in the sea! Did I lose my mind or it's you lose your mind!'

'Woah, woah. Don't get mad… I already say sorry!' the partner looked guilt-stricken as he instinctively held his hat.

'It's million yen inside! It's not the apple you brought into my house, and you mistook the real money for the same looking stupid bag. Why you choose that bag in the first place? Now, I want you to fill in my sentence. You. Are,' the kidnapper held up three fingers as he steered the wheel to right side while he emotionlessly speak and fixed his eyes on street.

'Idiotic, stupid, senseless, moron of me when I throw money into sea, after I realizing you hate apples!' his partner said quickly.

'Yeah I do now after you throw that bag away; just after you make your act to make myself turn into petty man!'

I still don't understand why girl likes you. They say you look pretty and cute. I think you're ugly enough, the partner thought with sweat rolling down.

'I know what you're thinking. You better make yourself useful here. No more talking. No more jobs for me to be comedian for living,' the kidnapper said.

'Yes sir!' his partner said enthusiastically and pulled out his gun.

Why don't you shoot me, thought kidnapper, later he looked back to find his hostage looking at him with fear.

At that moment, his partner loading the gun before pointed it in the public where two man holding window glass pane, and starting to shoot. The glass pane shattered in pieces. Conan witnessed it when he steered at right side, was still following the car.

The kidnappers easily overtook the car at his right as the debris of glass pane spread across covering the road. Conan looked at the car's direction before making his decision; he steered and head on to incoming third car's tail. It following the same route as the second, he jumped and skateboard leapt forward. He rushed upwards, from the tail to front, continued jumping then skate with momentum. When he noticed kidnapper's car switch route to left, he leapt into the sky. He pressed his button on his belt. The ball burst and dropped down onto the road. He then land back and middle of skateboard on the ball, which burst by its force and tiny cement rock on the road. The force propelled him to touch ground with huge burst of power as the chase resumed.

'He's tough enough,' he muttered, looked annoyed. 'I thought he's just a kid.'

'Let's kill him,' his partner suggested, but received kidnapper's outburst.

'NO! If we kill him, the police will track to us. I'm going to shake him off and that's finalized plan,' the kidnapper frowned and shook his head.

'Fine,' his friend glared at him with sour look. 'What do you propose? Mr. Know-it-all.'

'Keep shooting at things to stop him from following us. That shall do it,' instructed kidnapper. 'I was driving. You can help because you're not distracted.'

'Good point,' his partner said pointedly.

He looked at his side mirror. Conan noticed him and contemplating his plan. Suddenly he realized in shock the moment he figured his belt can blow a soccer ball only. He look upward to see traffic light was about to turn red.

The car ran forward in time when red light appeared. He snatched the rope from a guy who was holding it nearby protesting about the rope being stolen. He charged into the group of incoming cars as they head to meet Conan. He jumped high when his sport shoe pressed the turbo button on board, he flew upwards as he held on to skateboard with right hand for his life.

He flew over when the cars are below him. He quickly unwrapping ropes one-handed and swung it to the opposite pole. Flew over the cars, his left hand felt the rope loosen, allowing it to guide down as left hand lax on his grip when skateboard touched down and the sight of driving car he chased appeared in front of him, it continued the trip of destination.

'What in the world how he ever do that? Who is that kid!' the kidnapper gawked at the side mirror when noticed Conan behind him pursuing.

'Since we lost money, we cannot keep this girl alive, Sam,' the partner said, looked grim.

'This is part of plan B we have left now, which has to be done,' Sam said, his fingers were tapping on the wheels.
The partner glanced outside, looked at Conan with idea formed in mind.

'We don't have to kill him, we can make him fall.'

'And you do have a plan?' Sam asked when noticed his best friend smirked. The kidnapped child who was behind them lying on the car seat, muffled in protest and squirmed against the bind.

'Oh? The girl has soft spot for cute child. What a shame to die young. They will be together if that kid didn't give up,' his partner said with smile curled, eyes glint with the idea formed in mind.

'That's plan C when it happens,' said Sam automatically, looked at the side mirror when he saw Conan gaining further before glancing at his best friend.

'Shoot the wheels out. He's up to something, I'll make him fly. And you do it. Prepare yourself when next flying incident happen. Don't hesitate anymore.'

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