Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ Charmed ❯ Stuff is Really Mixin' Up ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Hey Phoebe! Come down here some guy down here says he wants to interview you for a job!” said Piper. “ I'm coming!” yelled Phoebe. “Were do I put the- wow…I mean hi!” explained Page secretly blushing. “ Hi! You must be Phoebe!” He said hopefully. “ No I'm Page, so uh-” Page got cut off by Phoebe. “Hi, I'm Phoebe.” “ Oh! We should get started Phoebe.” He said softly.
They left and went to an office were he interviewed her. It had blue walls, a desk facing the door with a sign on it saying “ Proof Reader”.
“Wow Page…. sounds like you like him.” Said Piper. “ Just a little-” She got cut off by Piper. “Whole lot.” She said. “ Ok fine I like him just a little bit.” Page exclaimed. “Well I have to tell Leo it's his turn to take Whyit.”
Hey Leo, its your-” She gets cut off by the white lighters. “Leo we need to talk about your military day." They all went up, besides Piper. “Why don't I know about his military day?” She asked.
“I'm home!” said Phoebe. “ So how was it?” asked Page. “ I ……got the job!” Exclaimed Phoebe. “ YES!” screamed Page. “ Thanks I was as shocked as you were!”
The doorbell rang. “ You forgot your……” said Josh the interviewer. “ I forgot…” Asked Phoebe. “ Oh…you forgot your uh…… mail for the `Ask Phoebe Column'” He left.
Meanwhile in The Underworld
“I know how I'll steal the book! I'll get a bag and shove it in the bag. And shimmer back here. Than I'll go back they'll be defenseless and I'll kill them. HaHaHaHa!
Meanwhile on Earth
“Hey Phoebe do you know about Leo's military day?” Asked Piper. “ No, sorry.” Responded Phoebe. “How about you Page?” asked Piper. “ No.” told Page. “ I wonder what it is.” Said Piper.