Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ Past Chris ❯ A Surprising Twist ( Chapter 8 )

[ A - All Readers ]

All of them orbed to Magic School in shock at seeing Melinda by herself, sobbing.
Melinda's father of her time hurried over to her.
"Mel, are you hurt?" He asked and she shook her head.
"No but Chris, dad he took Chris!"
"Who did?" The younger Leo asked sharply.
Melinda looked at him.
"Wyatt did!"
She broke out into fresh sobs.
"What would Wyatt want with Chris?" Paige asked Phoebe, stunned.
An equelly stunned Pheobe shook her head.
"I don't know."
The younger Leo looked at his future self.
"We have to go and save Chirs! If Wyatt killed Piper there's no telling what he'll do to his own brother!"
"Dad, both of you..." Melinda stood up, shaking. "I don't think Wyatt wants to hurt Chris."
That got them all to listen to her.
"He seemed so devasted when he realized he injured Chris. He kept on talking that he didn't mean for any of them to happen. I honestly don't think he meant to harm Chris. I mean Chris stepped in the way cause I came the room and startled Wyatt. I really don't think Wyatt truly meant to harm me. When he saw the pain he caused for Chris he almost started to loose it. I never seen Wyatt act more human while he was evil. Maybe killing mom was too much for him and he couldn't bare lose any other members of his family-especially his brother." She told them in a shaky voice.
The Aunts looked at each other.
"She might be right." Phoebe said softly. "Wounding Chris, even if it was on accident-just might have been the last straw for Wyatt."
"But we don't know that." The Future Leo snapped. "He could be using him as bait for all we know!"
"Agreed." Paige said. "We need to go back to the attic and figure out how to find him. Mel, you didn't find anything here did you?"
Mel shook her head.
"No." She whispered and Paige nodded at that.
"Let's go then." She pressed. "I don't want to leave Palmer alone. Even though he has his shield like Wyatt I still don't want him by himself."
"That's right, he's not with the other kids at the day care." Gasped Phoebe, thinking of her own children; Pam, Patty, and Patience.
"Paige is right, he's fine for now but he can't be alone too long, non of them can. And we still have Chris in the attic to take care of." Future Leo stated and his youngerself nodded in agreement.
Quickly the orbed back to the attic, where Chris layed still in pain.

Chris from this time layed on a large rock in the underground where a demon was looming over him.
"Can you heal him?" Wyatt snapped.
The healing demon shook his head.
"There's too much damage..." He began but couldn't finish. Wyatt threw his hands up in the air and had the demon quickly vanished before he could finish his sentence. He didn't even hear the anguished
"Noooo!" As the demon burst into flames. He's heard that so many times.
He stood over a moaning Chris who's eyes were closed.
"Don't worry little brother." He promised. "I'll save you...I won't let anything happen to you. That way when you are healed we can truly reunite and work together just as we were always meant to be. I have big plans for us little brother. Big plans."
Both Chris's moaned...