Charmed Fan Fiction ❯ the chamed ones:the next generation ❯ The Beginning ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Phoebeís family getting ready for the reunion.

Miley:come on you guys we are going to be late for the family reunion.
Melinda:i'm coming miley.
Madison:me too.
Phoebe:Miley your sisters are going a fast as they can.
Miley:Sorry mom.
Coop:ok are we ready to go?
Phoebe:almost. the girls are still getting ready.

pipers family getting ready for the reunion.

piper:is every one ready?
Leo:almost wyatt is changeing.
piper:why is wyatt changeing?
leo:he got deamon blood on his clothes from this morning.
piper:what deamon blood???
leo:oh thats right i forgot to the you a demon attacked this morning.
piper:thank you for telling me.
leo:piper im sorry i forgot to tell you.
piper:well better now then when another deamon attacks.
wyatt and chris:we,re ready.

paiges family geting ready for the reunion.

Paige:little henry, penny, patty are you ready yet?
kids:almost mom.
henry:paige do you know where my watch is?
paige:on the desk where you left it.
henry:thank you.
pagie: your welcome.
henry:are the kids ready yet?
paige:just about.
henry:kids are you ready yet?
kids:yes dad.
paige:ok then lets go
penny:ican't wait to see my cousins.
patty.ME TOO.
little henry:can we go now?
paige and henry:YES.

At the reunion
Phoebe: wow looks like we are the first ones here.
Billie: donít be so sure.
Phoebe: Billie hi
Madison: Billie I missed you.
Billie: Maddie you just saw me yesterday.
Maddie: I know I just love you.
Billie: I love you to hunny.
Coop: maddie where are your sisters.
Miley/Melinda: right here.
Paige: Iím here.
Coop: thatís nice to know.
Paige: funny.
Henry: hey guys how long has it been?
Phoebe: 2 years!
Coop: wow!
Penny/patty: hi aunt phoebe uncle coop where are our cousins?
Coop: they are in the game room.
Penny/patty: thanks
Miley: do you want me to go watch them?
Paige: please.
Piper: hello my family.
Leo: hi guys.
Phoebe: hi guys thatís all you have to say to the people you havenít in 2 long years.
Everyone laughs
Coop: the kids are in the game room if you want to join them.
Wyatt: can we mom?
Piper: go right ahead.
Chris: thanks mom.
An hour later. They here a crash and maddie scream
They all run to the game room. There was a demon in there
He goís near maddie and miley sends him flying with her telekinesis and piper blows him up.
Piper: what the hell was that?
Melinda: I donít know.
Billie: lets go in the other room so they can talk.
Leo/coop/Henry: weíll come with you.

Piper: I knew something like this would happen when a demon attacked Wyatt this morning.
Paige: a demon attacked Wyatt this morning?
Phoebe: what are we going to do?
Piper: isnít it obvious weíre going to teach the kids to use theyíre magic
Paige: how are we go to do that? send them to magic school?
Piper: no we are going to teach them like we taught you Paige and Billie.
Phoebe: I donít know. What about regular school?
Piper: it is summer.
Phoebe :I know but when it starts again.
Piper: we will figure it out then.
Phoebe: ok.
Paige: ok.
They go to the other room and everyone is sitting at a table.
Piper: ok as you know we use to fight evil and we have decided to teach you kids how to use your powers properly.
Kids: we understand.
Paige: you do?
Leo: we were talking and if you did decided to do that we all would stand by you.
Billie: I a would help you teach them.
Phoebe: so you all understand?
Kids: yes.
Piper: ok we will start Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.
Kids: ok
Paige: we will meet at the manor in the attic.
Phoebe: ok now every one can go home and sleep!!

The next day

Piper: ok today we start on potion basics.
Wyatt: mom I thought we were suppose to learn to fight demons. He said confused.
Paige: you are but you have to start with the basics.
Phoebe: so letís start. She said worrying.
Later that day you hear an explosion.
Chris: I knew she would do something like this she always doing things like this.
Penny: she always causing explosions? She asked wondering.
Miley: No I donít. Iím so sorry. Iíll clean this up.
Paige: Thatís ok Iíll clean it up later but thatís why we learn the basics first so we donít almost blow up the house again.
Piper: yeah everyone makes mistakes.
Miley: Yeah but I bet no oneís almost blew up the manor before.
Billie: Donít be so sure. We all have so your not alone.
Piper: ok I think weíre done for the day so you kids can go outside and play.
Patty: hurry or Miley will make us explode.
Miley: stop it you guys!
They run as fast as they could out the door leaving Miley in the dust afraid she would kill them.
Paige: today was one of the longest days in my life.
Billie: tell me about it.
Phoebe: well whatís tomorrowís lesson?
Billie: I donít know.
Paige: what about spells.
Piper: no I think we should finish potion basics.
Phoebe: your only saying that because you the potions master. She said angrily.
Piper: what has gotten into you phoebe.
Phoebe: I just donít think theyíre ready yet.
Piper: why not?
Phoebe: because thereíre not even old enough to drive do you seriously think they can fend off demons.
Billie: so thatís why we are teaching them so they donít get killed.
Paige: what she said. (clearly not paying attention because she busy cleaning up the attic.)
Piper: see even Paige agrees with us. Piper said with rage.
Phoebe: sheís not even paying attention. thatís it I cant take this any more Iíll see you tomorrow. She said as she walk away mumbling angry word about piper.
Piper: hey donít you walk away from me. She said as she followed phoebe out the door.
Billie: what are we going to do with them. She asked Paige.
Paige: I donít weíll deal with it tomorrow.