Chrono Crusade Fan Fiction ❯ A Charmed Life ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]

This is the story about an angel. An angel named Chrono. An angel who became a sinner and thus was marked for all eternity.
“Get him!”
Long hair trailed behind him as he ran. Behind him was an angry mob of humans, torches and pitchforks in hand.
'Lovely mess you've gotten yourself into this time, Chrono,' he berated himself. 'Should have known better. Stupid, stupid, stupid!'
The self-recrimination continued as he ran on. Of course, the humans that chased him had no idea as to what he really was. All they knew was that he was some strange-looking, poor beggar that had become a thief. In order to sustain himself, Chrono had stolen a loaf of bread from a woman's windowsill. He hadn't expected to get caught, though.
'If I just keep running, they'll stop,' he reasoned. 'That's what they've done before.'
Sure enough, after he'd managed to keep outrunning the villagers, they soon stopped chasing and began to head back to their homes. Chrono paused for a moment to watch them go. When it didn't appear they'd continue to follow him or that they were watching him, he quickly ducked into the forest. Weaving around trees and sometimes jumping into them, Chrono continued this just to be on the safe side. He never knew when a curious human would happen upon him. Once he felt safe enough, deep within the heart of the forest, Chrono stopped. Glancing around quickly, he then sat down and pulled out the loaf of bread he had snitched from the village. Smiling and quite pleased with what he had managed to accomplish, he began to devour the bread until there was nothing left.
As soon as the bread was gone, Chrono leaned back against the tree, his hands behind his head and his fingers intertwined. A heavy sigh escaped him as he gazed at the sky.
It was always the same. Each village he came across always offered something delightful in the way of food for him. However, he never had any money with him. Because of his pointed ears, which he'd never been able to hide, no one wanted to hire him for any kind of work. He'd skulk around for a bit, steal some food here and there, and make sure he never got caught. After the first several thieving attempts, he'd get confident . . . and sloppy. There was also an underlying guilt when it came to his thieving. He was stealing food from someone, taking away from a family, and he hated himself for it. This time was no exception.
'There has to be something out there for me,' he sighed. 'There just has to be.'
He reached into his vest pocket and pulled a round, golden object. Rolling it around in his hand, Chrono gazed at it. He knew what it was, knew what it could do for him . . . and he despised it.
'No . . . I won't resort to this,' he told himself resolutely. 'I won't.'
Quickly, Chrono shoved it back into his vest pocket and went back to gazing at the sky. Something better was out there. He just knew it.
'And I'll find it. I know I will. And I won't have to that damned object. I'll be free. I won't have to drain someone's life away . . .'
Heaving another sigh, Chrono closed his eyes and allowed sleep to claim him, unaware of the fate that would be calling out to him . . .