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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
"Which is... by your side... therefore..."

She had never seen his eyes so sad, so full of fragile emotions. The Chrono who had been with her four years with his serious, calm face and small gentle smile was somewhere far away where she know she could never reach again. He was tired, she knew it, tired of fighting and crying. When she looked at him she felt the urge to do something, anything to make him happy, stop his suffering and pain.

He was hurt... She had to do something... She had to...

He was going to leave her.

A panic rose inside her. No, he couldn't do this to her, she wanted to fight with him! Couldn't he understand that the death was nothing as long he was with her?

His sad eyes started to fade or then she was just hallucinating, after all she had just been dead a while ago. But when she felt his hands move away too, she cried out, "No!"

He stopped, his melancholy smile disappearing when he saw her desperation. Her nose was a bit red by now because of the tears which rolled freely over her cheeks.

'Why are you leaving me? If you're going to die, I want to die with you!' There was many things she wanted to say, to put words to her anger. But she just stood and stared, feeling like a child again who was helpless against this dangerous world.

He touched her cheek again, his eyes trying to say something to her too. He pressed his clawed finger against her chapped lips.

"Rosette..." he whispered just before his mouth pressed against hers. Her eyes stayed wide open, staring at his closed eye lids as his lips moved just slightly against her upper one. It all lasted only few seconds then he pulled away, gasping softly. Their noses pumped together when he stroked her neck and pulled her more close, kissing her again.

'That stupid is kissing me! Chrono's kissing me... and I can't even touch him', she thought somehow lovingly and opened her mouth for his more passionate kiss. The pure feeling, emotion was so strong as he touched her gently. When they tasted each others, she understood everything what he had always wanted to say to her and why had he decided to leave her behind now. She understood and kept her eyes open all the time, eating the picture of him with her gaze.

His warm mouth left hers, this time not meeting up with her again. The smile appeared again and this time there was light in his dark expression. Hope?

"This is my gift to you, Rosette Christopher", he almost chuckled.

Chrono, it made her almost smile too. His fingers touched her hair, her eye brows so tenderly like she could break at that moment. Then he touched her eyes, shut them closed.

"Shh", he whispered as he felt more wet on corners of her eyes. "I will definitely come back..."

Then she couldn't feel his hands, his presence anymore. She suddenly felt that she could move her legs a bit now. But she decided not to growl after him. They had promised. Goodbye kiss didn't feel like that. This was not a goodbye.

'I want to give this gift to you.'

The next time she opened her eyes was when she heard Azmaria's yell. She would smile again.


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