Chrono Crusade Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of an Angel ❯ Banishment ( Chapter 2 )

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“Good morning Ranna!” Chrono yelled as he came running towards Ranna's oasis that the villagers had began to call Heaven's Islet.
“Oh, good morning Chrono, how are you?” Ranna yelled back from where she was sitting in the sand. Chrono and Aion had been visiting her frequently and they where always overjoyed to see each other. Neither Chrono nor Ranna had mentioned the “kiss” they had shared. The two devils had matured quite a bit since they had met Ranna, both Chrono and Ion had grown taller. Furthermore, neither of Ranna's predictions had come to pass. Her wings had stayed a vibrant white, but carefully tucked in grey feathers could be distinguished; they looked like children tucked into bed. And her singing, much to her protest, was still beautiful.
“Look, I have wings now too!” Chrono yelled as he ran to where she was sitting. A good-sized pair of leathery black wings where sprouting from his back.
“Oh, they're beautiful Chrono! Can you fly with them yet?” Ranna smiled brightly as she spread her wings and took off into the sky with joyous delight.
Chrono watched in awe as hundreds of years of flying experience where shown before him in mere seconds.
He was small from Ranna's sky viewpoint, a tiny figure that was trying to catch up with the upward bound angel. This all seems so familiar, oh! That's the cloud used to sit on, and over there is the winds I used to ride. I wonder where the gate is, I've never been this far out of it.
A small figure came towards her at amazing speeds, nothing should be able to travel that fast except if it was a…no, it couldn't b. None of the other angels even came out of the gates.
The smell of burning flesh snapped Ranna out of her thoughts, a cloud of smoke came from her wings and she painfully glided to the closest cloud to look at the damage.
“I thought you banished, never to return to the skies. What are you doing this close to the gateway to heaven? Tell me Ranna! Do you still love that devil, or did he already break your soul?” The angel who spoke was a tall elegant woman with long brown curls, her normally joy filled hazel eyes where narrow slits forming a glare to the dumbfounded Ranna.
“Sabriel? But why!” Ranna exclaimed.
“You may not be permitted as long as you claim to love a devil, the gates of heaven will forever be closed to you until you atone for your sins. I put chains on you that bound you to earth for a reason.” Sabriel explained her expression not softening in the least.
“What? But why?” Ranna asked tears sprouting to her eyes. “Kyyyyyya!” she screamed as another ball of fire hit her wings and she plummeted to earth.
Sabriel looked at Chrono, who had just reached their level. “That is what happens to traitors.” She called after him as he raced to catch the falling Ranna. When he was out of her sight line her eyes filled with tears as she began to cry, the clouds releasing their heavy rain droplets as she wept. “I'm so sorry Ranna, but it is what was commanded! I can not ignore orders, please forgive me! Forgive me, little sister…”
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