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Sabriel's Curse
“What happened?” Ranna asked as she regained consciousness. “The last thing I remember, I was flying with Chrono…and then Sabriel! Oh no, Chrono!” she sat up with a start, the darkness around her was all to comforting but it disturbed her that she had been asleep since high noon until now.
“I'm fine, but… I can't say the same for your wings Ranna, they where burned by the fire…” Chrono trailed off, or maybe it was that Ranna had simply stopped listing. The only thing she could think of at the moment where her wings, her beautiful snow white wings. Her key to get back into heaven.
“No…no, ho could she!” Ranna exclaimed as her fingers grabbed charcoal black feathers, burnt to a crisp by Sabriel's attack.
“I'm so sorry, Ranna. I couldn't get to you in time, but at least you didn't die in the fire.” Chrono said trying to calm and comfort the weeping angel.
“You don't understand! I can't die, and wings where paralyzed by the fire and now I'll never be able to fly again or ever return to heaven! And even if my wings where still intact, Sabriel will not let me enter the gates until I rid myself of all my earthly attachments.”
“But that's not fair at all!” Chrono cried.
“Tell me about, my whole life has been unfair!” Ranna muttered. “Oh, Aion, you're finally here!”
“So, first they kick you out of heaven, and then they won't let you return? Who is this Sabriel, and why did she burn your wings?” Aion asked.
“Sabriel is…my elder sister.” Ranna admitted with a sigh.
“Why would your sister do this to you!” Chrono exclaimed.
“I don't know, but we shouldn't worry about it. I don't want to go back anyway, and I wasn't trying to. Hey, you guys want to go for a swim?”
“Is there no way for me to go back? I miss my home, my family… But I don't want to lose what I have gained here either…” Ranna sighed as she washed her hair, memories of the previous days with Chrono and Aion came flooding back to her, but somewhere in all that happiness she could feel something cold, something that made her want to hate them. “No, they're my friends! And they will always be there for me… Right?” Neither of them had visited her in a long time, and she was getting worried that something had happened to them. The usually visited her on a daily basis, but they had disappeared for nearly a week now. She had desperately tried to fly again with her burnt wings, but they where crippled beyond repair.
“Ranna, my dear, dear, sister…why? Why would you give up your heavenly home, your family, everything, for that abomination? Do you love and yet not know it? You are so naïve, playing down there with devilsas though they where your own kin…is this what you truly want? To be with devils? Not with me, or our mother and sisters? I can make you what you want to be but then you may never return to heaven until you have atoned for all the ins you will commit.” Sabriel muttered to herself as she sat on a fluffy white cloud that was drifting between Asia and Europe.
“Thou who loved a demon, may thou now be what loves, a devil who has disguised thou self as a holy being. Thou will remain like this until thou find peace.” Sabriel chanted as she bestowed the final curse upon Ranna.
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