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Chrono's Birthday
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Ranna was walking trough the village of Quseir; it was very busy this time of year because the traders had just arrived from the southern tip of the continent. (For anyone that is bad at geography and doesn't know that Quseir is in Egypt and Egypt is in Africa, this is a reminder) She was looking for a present she could give to Chrono for his birthday, but she didn't know what he liked. She couldn't give him one of her possessions, because all she had was what was on her when she was cast out. And that wasn't much, only the clothes on her back and a golden watch that Sabriel had given her for her birthday a few millennia ago. Humans had yet to invent such devises, but Sabriel had looked into the future and seen this wondrous time teller. But she had been out all afternoon and still hadn't found the right gift. Then there was always the issue of money, but Ranna had found a solution to this dilemma. There was a trader that made wigs and the sign above his cart said that he would buy hair by the inch. Ranna's beautiful hair reaching down to the ground would definitely fetch a nice amount. She had thought correctly, her hair was now only to her waist, but her purse was heavy with gold coins. She was searching trough weapons when she was grabbed from behind. Screaming she threw the vial of holy water at her attacker.
“Not again! Why do you always throw that stuff at me?” Chrono asked as he got a mouthful of the burning liquid, he had been about to say something to her when the holy water came flying.
“I'm so sorry!” Ranna exclaimed as she examined the burns around his face. She sighed and dragged him into an abandoned street. She kissed him lovingly and he healed instantly.
Chrono felt the pains subdue, but when Ranna was about to pull away he pulled her close and deepened the kiss. Ranna's eyes grew wide but she soon forgot about everything but the devil that held her in his arms. When Chrono finally pulled away they where both out of breath. “Why can you heal devils so easily? I've seen you heal Aion's injuries after a battle by simply blowing on them. Can all angels do this? Or just you?”
Ranna looked thoughtful for a few seconds then carefully worded her response. “Devils power source is Astral energy, well angels from being born and living in the astral lines are made almost completely of it, that's why we can strengthen devils and heal them with minimal effort. But that is why devil and angel relationships are forbidden by both sides, the angels can't have a devil growing more powerful than them, and the same goes for the devils. But devils will use any opportunity they can get to feed off of an angel's astral energy.
“Why are you in town any way? Aion was throwing a fit when you where suddenly missing,” he noticed Ranna's hair “what in the world have you done to your hair!”
“I was shopping, and I sold some of my hair for money.” She grinned shyly. “You birthday is coming up rapidly, so I thought I should start looking for something to get for you. What do you want for your birthday?”
Chrono thought for a while. “I keep losing track of time, so something so I can't lose the time, a sun dial or something like that.
Ranna smiled as she took his hand and pulled him along the streets.
(A/N Ranna can't hide her wings so she wears a cloak, but Aion and Chrono can both hide their wings, just thought I should tell you guys)
“Happy Birthday Chrono!” Ranna and Aion yelled combined. Chrono looked round the oasis, it was brightly decorated with flowers and colored stones. Ranna had probably done this. Aion gave his gift to Chrono first, it was a leather bound book that was wrapped in papyrus. Ranna's gift was wrapped in colorful silk, when he opened it his mouth dropped in awe. The first thing he saw was a bright shine as the sun's rays captured the golden watch's perfect form.
“Thank you so much, the both of you. I love my presents!” Chrono said as he gave Aion and Ranna each a hug in turn, although Ranna's lasted quite a bit longer.
Aion noticed this and turned the direction of town. “I'll go get us dinner, ok?”
“Alright, hurry back” Ranna said as she removed her cloak, the sun had risen into the center of the sky and it was far to hot for that much clothing. She was wearing shorts and a tube and a backless top that let her wings have room to move with out ripping anything.
When Aion disappeared out of eye distance Chrono turned to Ranna. “I really did love your gift.” He said while wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Ranna smiled, “I thought it was the perfect gift to not lose track of time.” She readily accepted the kiss that he placed upon her lips. The days they had spent in loving harmony where so few, because Chrono refused to hurt Aion by making any moves on Ranna in front of him. But both devils where maturing quickly, and Ranna knew it was but a short time before Chrono was filled with desire and bloodlust, and Ranna knew that as long as her angelic morals where dominant she could not satisfy a devil. They two lovers where still caught in a warm embrace when a fireball hit Chrono's side.
“Long time no see, Ranna.” Sabriel said as she readied another fireball.
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