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Ballad of Fallen Angels

Prologue: Renegade

They had all fallen one by one. Now she was the only one standing in the gory battlefield before her. Fools. They were all fools. If they’d only listened then maybe she’d allowed them to live.It was truly a gruesome sight to behold. Dead bodies littered the space where she stood. The demons had come without a warning and this was the result.

This was not the first time she’d been sent on such an formidable mission. She hated dealing with humans, even if she was once human herself. The organization used her as they pleased. She was just a tool; once her usefulness dissipated they would simply cast her away.

A sharp cry caused her to turn her head quickly, her hand already on the hilt of her large blade upon her back.

“Monster! Give me back my comrades! I’ll kill you! I‘ll kill you!!” It was only a boy, he clutched his right shoulder, his other hand clamped feebly around his sword.

Seeing such a pitiful sight, she turned to leave.

Monster? How precise.

“Don’t think you can escape! I swear on the blood of my comrades that I will kill you!” With that said, the boy charged and with one quick sweep of her blade, his arm was gone.

“Kill me? Feh. I’ll take pity on you and let you live, if that injury doesn’t kill you first. Revenge is such a fragile thing, so why not go on and live a peaceful human life?” She said coldly, jealousy edging her voice.

If she hadn’t become what she was, would she still be bent on revenge like the boy?

Nonsense, I’m thinking to much.

Flicking her large sword, she sheathed it for the last time. His pain filled screams echoing through the chilly night.


“Are you aware of the price for failure?”

Five Clothed figures sat around a large oak table in a dimly lit room, there eyes trained on the amour-clad woman before them. She stood casually before them, toying with the silver ornament around her neck.

“You failed to complete the task before hand. If you weren’t such an valuable piece, you’d be paying with your life.”

“Hmm. Is that a warning?” She said menacingly. “You all seemed pretty reluctant letting me take on such an easy task and here I am. I never get any fresh air around this place, so you can’t blame me.”

“Remember your place! You monster!” One of them stood angrily, only making her eyes light up in contempt.

It wasn’t my choice to become this. I-

She clenched her fist, screwing her mouth shut.

“Joel, calm down, we will handle this like civil men. Number 1, we have a new mission, just for you.” He regarded her with hateful eyes.

Throwing her a card, she caught it with ease, not evening having to look at it to know what it was.

A suicide mission, eh? In that case I don’t have to hold back. I’ve wanted to do this for centuries. What happened to all that crap about me being a valuable piece.

“Just for me huh? How generous. Let me show you how grateful I am.”

They all felt the ominous aura rapidly filling the room. Their eyes dilated with fear, before they could utter a word to try to stop her it was already to late. In what seemed like a fraction of a second…

She slaughtered them all.

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